P-Konto Increase allowance - How long does it take?

P-Konto Increase allowance - How long does it take?

If you have a P-Konto, it is worth checking if you can increase the allowance. While by law the conversion of the account must be done within four business days, such a deadline does not exist for increasing the allowance. Therefore, many corrected rightly ask "How long does it take to increase the P-Konto allowance?". Normally, it is done ... Read more

Tips for your pension

Why you should think about tomorrow today and how you can protect yourself in the best possible way when it comes to retirement provision. I'll share my four tips for retirement. What mistakes are commonly made when planning retirement? The article also provides answers to this. A common misconception in our society is that many people believe for the... Read more

A look at marriage from a financial perspective


The number of marriages in Germany has been on the rise again since 2003: What this means in terms of tax and legal consequences. Are married people given preference in Germany? We take a look at marriage from a financial perspective in this post. Number of marriagesWhat you can learn here1 Number of marriages2 Income tax payable by unmarried couples3 How do joint ... Read more

What returns stocks promise after the crisis


If you don't want to run % pa with an enormous risk, I will present you some new research in the following article. In this way, even as an average consumer, you can benefit as best as possible from high returns on shares with little risk. For 24 years, JP Morgan Chase has published a long-term capital markets outlook on the markets. This year the bank... Read more

Free broker with desktop interface

Loan collateral RSV

Here we go: Trading for free is now also possible with Smartbroker! As announced at the end of 2019, the provider will reduce its fees on May 18, 2020. All securities at Gettex and all derivatives at Morgan Stanley, HSBC and Vontobel can be traded for EUR 0.00 per order. As a result, for the first time, a free broker is available in Germany that offers a full ... Read more

Lower credit rates: four options

Save credit installments

In recent weeks, many people have had to make do with significantly less money than they are used to due to the corona crisis. If you have to pay off loans in such an exceptional financial situation, you have four options for reducing your monthly loan installment burden. Find out what they are and how you can permanently pay less interest on your loan... Read more

Junior depot comparison 🥇 The best children's depots & guides

Junior Depot Comparison

With a junior custody account, your child benefits from the asset growth of securities with the help of the tax authorities. Therefore, with such a children's depot, you offer your child the best possible start into adult life. As soon as you have the financial means to do so, you should think about saving for your child. Due to the lack of interest, it is also advisable to think about securities... Read more

Stock portfolio basics you need to know now to turn every stock crisis into an opportunity

A share depot or securities account can create wealth in the long term

If you have a long investment horizon of ten or better 15 years, you can take advantage of these price reductions. If you entered the market during the corona crisis in 2020 or the financial crisis in 2008, you would have made a substantial profit shortly afterwards. Even if the markets collapsed even further in the short term. In 5, 10 or 15 years, the ... Read more

Home loan comparison online calculator

Successful house construction with favorable construction financing thanks to comparison

Construction financing comparisonWhat you can learn hereConstruction financing comparisonCompare real estate loans: Find your construction financingConstruction financing comparison: Differences to an installment loanDurationUseBasic debtWhen comparing construction financing, ancillary costs should not be neglectedTilgungssatzwechselTips for comparing construction financing Many Germans cherish the desire to live in their own four walls. The desire is particularly strong among the over 35s. At the same time, the home ownership rate in ... Read more

Electricity comparison: what you should consider as a consumer

current comparison

What you should pay attention to as a consumer when comparing electricityWhat you can learn hereWhat you should pay attention to as a consumer when comparing electricity suppliersWhat you should pay attention to when comparing electricity suppliersLooking for the best electricity tariff with the electricity comparisonShort term and notice periodMax. 12 months contract durationPrice guaranteeSmaller service at discountersBonus offers when comparing electricityDoes a comparison of electricity pay off?Electricity prices of the basic supplierAre you still with your ... Read more

Stock market crash: The best time to buy stocks. 2 simple rules!

Stock Market Crash: The Best Time to Buy Stocks

Whether on YouTube, in the relevant financial blogs or in the mirror. Many are reasonable and advise: to use the stock market crash to buy shares. It's the best time in a long time! After all, everything is much cheaper now! The S&P500 crashed from 3,394 to 2,192 points. Price losses of a third. The Dax is even wilder. ... Read more

Passive Income: The 8 Best Strategies! (Ranking)

The Corona crisis in 2020 showed how panic and greed dominate the markets. While in the spring of 2020 the market collapsed by almost 50 % as many seem to be selling without their heads and minds, many opportunities have presented themselves for long-term investors. Because the rebound lasted just 9 months. For opportunities like this... Read more

When will the next stock market crash come? - Advantages of decimation

When will the next stock market crash come - Advantages of decimation

Investors follow the news before a stock market crash with a sinking feeling in their stomachs. The question "When will the next stock market crash come?" is on the table. After all, no one wants to see numerous leading indices plummet by more than 30 percent or more within a few days. In addition, stock market corrections are also becoming increasingly rapid due to the faster flow of information. With a loss of 32 percent ... Read more

Important details on the corona virus for investors

Influence coronavirus on capital markets

This article is from the spring of 2020. It is a republication. Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause disease in animals and humans. In humans, the virus causes an infection of the respiratory tract. The disease is initially similar to a cold or flu. However, rarer forms of coronavirus, such as SARS and MERS, can be much more deadly ... Read more

ETF savings plan – long-term illusion?

ETF Savings Plan Illusion

I often read about how you can set up an ETF savings plan and then just let it run for 30 years. But is that really possible? I'll do a quick fact check. The illusionWhat you can learn hereThe illusionLook in the rearview mirror ⏮️Situation of ETFs today ⏭️Weiterentwicklung of the ETF concept in the futureShould I still have an ETF savings plan today then ... Read more

Digital investment through software

Digital investment

Robo advisors invest customer money in a broad range of funds after a risk assessment. I explain how they work and what investors should consider when it comes to digital investments. Expensive help with investing is a thing of the past thanks to digitization: robo advisors use algorithms to find the right portfolio for an investor. I explain what to look out for and... Read more

A call to save for low earners


At the turn of the year did the costs increase again? The dispo is already back on the attack? With this reality, unfortunately, a large number of Germans are affected every month. The bottom half of German citizens own just one percent of national wealth. According to surveys, every third person is concerned about whether they will have enough money in old age... Read more

Which depot for whom

Which custody account is suitable for whom? A brief summary in bullet points This is just a short teaser. If you would like to find out more about custody accounts, click on the button below. Read more: Electricity comparison: What you should consider as a consumer Car insurance Things to know about trading Double garnishment Account and salary: What you need to do now

Avoid these investing mistakes

Error investment

Managing finances yourself is perceived by many people as too difficult, which is why they leave this topic to bank advisors. Under no circumstances should you give this important topic to others. Making a simple investment isn't difficult as long as you avoid the major mistakes. In the following it is determined which ones they are! “It is remarkable how much long-term advantage people like … Read more

Credit line without Schufa: These 13 facts protect your savings

Credit line without Schufa

A line of credit without Schufa is a call credit that is granted without checking the Schufa file. A line of credit is similar to the usually somewhat more expensive overdraft facility with Girokonto. This is because a line of credit and an overdraft facility are credit lines that you only draw on when necessary. In addition, unlike an overdraft facility, a line of credit is not tied to the Girokonto and can be used independently of ... Read more

Invest in ETFs without prior knowledge

Invest in ETFs without prior knowledge? This is the promise of numerous robo advisors

Is it possible to invest in ETFs without any prior knowledge? Yes, say numerous robo advisors, i.e. fully digitized investment helpers. To make this possible, numerous start-ups in the financial sector, so-called FinTechs, have been founded since 2013 and written some clever software. This should make it available to a wide range of people - even without knowledge of ... Read more

Credit in 30 min. on the account (without Schufa)

Credit in 30 min on the account

The providers presented here have fully digital processes and use express transfers to enable a loan disbursement in the account in 30 min. However, you should allow a few hours for the money to post to the account. Quick loans in the comparison calculatorWhat you can learn here1 Quick loans in the comparison calculator2 Summary: Everything you need to know about the loan in 30 ... Read more

Barriers to entry for robo advisors are falling

The providers of robo advisors are increasingly targeting a younger clientele. Generation Y has far less wealth than baby boomers. Consequently, providers must lower the barriers to entry for robo advisors in order to convince younger customers of their offer. The article shows 3 reasons how robo advisors apply the discount principle to the ... Read more

Yield tuning with the Robo Advisor comparison

The Robo Advisor comparison allows you to quickly and easily compare the performance of different Robo Advisors and carry out yield tuning! With a 7.74 % return over 24 months, Ginmon performed 2.44 % above that of the robo advisors growney. With an investment sum of 10,000 euros, this already corresponds to 244 euros in additional profit. She … Read more

How Harvard and Yale invest

Investing through robo advisors like Harvard University | © Harvard University

What do the pros do differently? The advantage of the Harvard investment fund is not so much in profit maximization as in sophisticated risk management, so that the university lost significantly less value than the S&P 500 during the 2007-2009 bear market. The foundation assets were also able to recover quickly after the crisis . We take a look... Read more

The pension is safe?

Loan collateral car real estate

Is the pension secure? What is the pension gap in the future? By what percentage does the last monthly net income before retirement exceed the pension? This figure is regularly recalculated by statisticians at the German Institute for Retirement Provision. The figure is also called the pension gap. Retirement income: 3-pillar modelWhat you can learn hereRetirement income: 3-pillar modelWhat income do I need in old age, ... Read more

How to pay less than 25% tax on dividends

Tax return Is it worth filling in the KAP annex?

If the taxable income in 2020 is no more than 17,000 euros for a single person and no more than 34,000 euros for a married couple filing jointly, the favorable tax treatment test will save taxes in any case. You can find out how to do this here. What is the favorable tax treatment test? What you can learn here1 What is the favorable tax treatment test?1.1 Why filling out the ... Read more

Loan without SCHUFA experience (SMAVA)

smava experiences

Credit without SCHUFA? Get a loan despite negative SCHUFA entry! After submitting the form, a loan is possible despite a negative SCHUFA entry. On this page you will learn what experiences others have collected with a loan without SCHUFA. We look at the provider SMAVA. Credit without SCHUFA experiences with SMAVA as a financial service provider?what you learn here ... Read more

How does spousal splitting work?

Person hand reaching body of water. Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Marital splitting and other consequences of marriage: inheritance, will, alimony, hospitalization. Are the advantages of marriage obvious? After all, the number of marriages in Germany has been on the rise again since 2003: Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de sheds light on which advantages a marriage offers from a tax and legal point of view. Are married people given preferential treatment in Germany? And how does the marital splitting actually work? How does the marriage splitting work? What ... Read more

Why a loan comparison is worthwhile

Broker comparison

Despite the historically low interest rates, it is important to compare loans with each other. In any case, it is a mistake to accept the offer from the nearest branch bank without having carried out a loan comparison. This is often worthwhile due to the favorable conditions, which are available online in particular. The advancing digitization in connection with the Internet have ... Read more

How do I buy shares (as a beginner)? - with step by step example onvista

How to buy shares (as a beginner)

This is about buying a share with an online deposit. If you are a stock market beginner and are just starting to trade, the question "How do I buy shares?" arises. Therefore, I explain step by step how you can buy a share using the example of onvista Depot*. The procedure is the same with other brokers but ... Read more

Deposit change premium (brand-new comparison)

Deposit change premium

Just as important as the right share is the right securities account. Smart investors compare regularly and get by a comparison of the deposit change premium regularly cash on the account. Depotwechsel: Die Prämie im VergleichWhat you can learn here1 Depotwechsel: Die Prämie im Vergleich2 Depotwechsel Prämie Vergleich: Bargeld auf dein Konto!3 5 simple steps to benefit from a premium when switching ... Read more

What is a deposit?

What is a depot

A "securities account" is often simply referred to as a "depot" or "stock account". The terms are used synonymously here. But what is a depot? How do I find the best for me? And how can I open a securities account? This article answers these questions. But before we get started, a brief history for classification. stock trading… Read more

Instant loan despite Schufa

Borrow money and pay out today

Through our financing partner, it is possible to obtain an instant loan despite Schufa information. Thus, even people with moderate creditworthiness or self-employed with highly fluctuating income can get a loan "without SCHUFA query". Requirements for conventional loansWhat you can learn here1 Requirements for conventional loans2 Instant loan despite bad SCHUFA score get3 Instant loan despite SCHUFA entry: What advantages ... Read more

Used car loan comparison

Finance used car

Finance a cheap loan for your used car with the current overview of interest rates. With the car loan calculator you can compare car financing without obligation. Furthermore, the used car loan comparison on this page is: ✅ non-binding ✅ free of charge. By the way: There are also used car loans without depositing the vehicle registration document. You can also finance your used vehicle with a negative SCHUFA entry via a credit professional... Read more

Compare checking accounts – save 100 euros

Compare Girokonto - Save 100 Euro

A large part of the fees can often be saved by a low interest rate. Some banks that offer a free checking account only charge a relatively low interest rate. As a rule, these are direct banks that do not have their own branch network. They pass this cost advantage on to their customers. Furthermore, many providers also offer a free… Read more

Loan comparison – offer check

Credit Comparison - Offer Review

Check offers in detail and make a loan request The comparison calculator shows a selection of available loans. The loans are sorted by interest in ascending order. All essential information is available in the product details tab. In the tab you will find out: What loan amounts the bank grants What credit terms the bank offers The range of interest rates The monthly ... Read more

GirokontoWhat does it matter?

Girokonto - What matters

The most important things in a nutshellWhat you can learn here1 The most important things in a nutshell2 What to do A Girokonto at a branch bank is often expensive: account maintenance fees, transfer fees, withdrawal fees, ... the list could go on. Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg has a list of prices and services for private customers with 83 items. In contrast, various direct banks often offer free accounts at good conditions. ... Read more

The best account for travelers in the test: Santander vs. DKB vs. Comdirect

VW Camper in Spain

Compared to the Santander account, the DKB scores with a cheaper overdraft facility and lower minimum payment. In return, Santander will also reimburse you for fees charged by vending machine operators against receipt ("surcharges") and offers attractive bonus payments of up to €108 per year. Read more here about the DKB account in the DKB test report and here about the test winner account in the category ... Read more

Free credit card: 6 best banks

The Best Free Credit Cards

A free credit card has almost no disadvantages compared to a paid credit card. You also benefit with a free credit card from the monthly debit at the end of the month, can put down deposits for rental cars and receive a short-term loan to stay liquid when things get tight. Credit cards as a means of payment are widely used in the USA. We carry ... Read more

Which car bank finances despite Schufa - Top 15!

Which car bank finances despite negative Schufa

When buying a car, financing is often necessary. But a bad credit rating can shatter the dream of owning a car. For this reason, many car buyers ask themselves which car bank will finance the dream car despite Schufa. There are several car banks that offer financing despite a negative Schufa under certain circumstances. Here are the Mazda ... Read more

Test winning accounts – What do I recommend?

Successful account change :)

Best Girokonto for youWhat you can learn hereBest Girokonto for youBest free GirokontoCriteria for Best free GirokontoBest Girokonto with highest bonusCriteria for Best free Girokonto with maximum bonusBest Girokonto for young people: trainees & studentsCriteria for Best young people accountBest Girokonto for travelers and holidaymakersCriteria for Best account for ... Read more

Switching accounts – how complicated is it?

Account change piggy bank

"Small animals also make crap" - this sentence also applies to choosing the right current account. Small fees that are incurred regularly are often greatly underestimated. With a current account, for example, you can quickly add up to more than 100 euros in fees per year. Nevertheless, this amount - often because the effort for a change is avoided - often ... Read more

Opening a P-Konto - Which bank? - Top 6 best P-accounts

P-Konto - Which bank?

If you're wondering which bank you can open a P-account with and you might have one or the other negative Schufa entry, you've come to the right place. Because here you will receive recommendations at which bank you can open a P-account with a bad credit rating or negative Schufa. These are Schufa-free accounts, which can also be used with ... Read more

Loan for trainees: guide for trainees

credit for trainees

The trainee salary is usually not sufficient for larger purchases. In this phase of life, however, there are often larger blocks of costs. If you move into your own apartment because of your job, you have to pay for moving and furnishing costs. If parents and relatives cannot help here, a loan for trainees can help. Getting this isn't always... Read more

What house I can afford?

How much house can I afford?

"How much house can I afford?" Based on the net income, the table gives a rough indication of the amount up to which a property can be reasonably financed. As can be seen in the table, the real estate price is 100 times the monthly net income. How much house can I afford? The monthly net income multiplied by 110 gives the ... Read more

Which bank cooperates with Sparda-Bank?

Which bank cooperates with Sparda-Bank - Cash Pool and all Sparda-Bank partner banks at a glance

Sparda-Bank is part of the cash pool and cooperates with the banks from this association. Therefore, the question: "Which bank cooperates with the Sparda-Bank?" can be answered with the short answer "all cash pool banks". The cash pool is an association of various banks, which you as a Sparda-Bank customer can also use to withdraw money from ATMs. Read more

[Solved] Klarna installment purchase does not work: Check these 3 causes now

Klarna installment purchase does not work

The Klarna installment purchase does not work and it is unclear why? There are several reasons why the Klarna installment purchase may not work. In this article, I will tell you the 10 most common blockers of a Klarna installment purchase and show you solutions on how to make the Klarna installment payment work. I will explain solutions for: Whether ... Read more

PayPal installment does not work: how to fix these 14 blockers directly

PayPal installment payment does not work

The Paypal installment payment does not work and it is unclear why? There are several reasons why the PayPal installment payment can not work. In this article I will tell you the 11 most common blockers of a PayPal installment payment and show you solutions how it still works with the PayPal installment payment. Common reasons why the PayPal installment payment does not work ... Read more

6 Ways: Buy on installments as a new customer despite Schufa

Buy on installments as a new customer despite Schufa

Buying on installments as a new customer despite Schufa is usually not possible at the mail order company directly. This we have in the article Where can I buy on installments despite negative SCHUFA? - 4 creative possibilities already noted. This is especially true for new customers. However, even as a new customer, you still have options to buy on installments despite Schufa. Allen ... Read more

Simply create your own ETF portfolio

People woman coffee meeting. Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Do you already know one of the simplest investment strategies? It is an ETF portfolio that you can easily create yourself in just a few steps. Stiftung Warentest calls it the slipper portfolio. Others speak of a broadly diversified passive investment strategy. The video summarizes the essential facts in just 3 minutes: Getting started: Portfolio selectionWhat you can learn here1 Getting started: ... Read more

Where can I buy on installments despite negative SCHUFA? - 4 creative possibilities (also for new customers)

Where can I buy on installments despite negative SCHUFA

With a negative Schufa information an installment purchase in the online store is directly no longer possible. If there is still a need for technology, furniture or a car, alternative ways must be found via loans despite negative Schufa. Here you can find out everything you need to know about buying in installments despite negative Schufa. The focus is on the question "Where can I ... Read more

Overnight money comparison: Secure interest and bonus.

The compound interest effect can contribute greatly to wealth accumulation - If you understand it, you can use it

A call money account is suitable for flexible parking of money. Compared to a checking account, you are rewarded with an attractive interest rate. As a result, the savings multiply without further action. In order for this project to succeed, one thing is essential: the right call money account. You can find this in the daily allowance comparison. Here you will find overnight money from the most important providers in Germany and Europe... Read more

Guide: Robo Advisor Germany in comparison & test

Robo advisor comparison

A robo advisor is suitable for people who want to invest their money cheaply with a minimal investment of time. The robo advisors in Germany offer their investment service for small minimum investments. In this guide you will learn what distinguishes a "robo", when a robo advisor is worthwhile for you and what you should look for in the robo advisor comparison and test... Read more

4 ways to buy a high-efficiency washing machine on installments despite SCHUFA entry

Washing machine on installments despite SCHUFA

The purchase of washing machines is associated with high costs. By buying in installments, you can spread the cost of your new washing machine over several months. If you buy a washing machine on installments despite Schufa entry, the financing will be easier for you. So you can afford a high-quality washing machine today, and do not have to wait for cheap ... Read more

Installment purchase without Klarna: 14+ suitable mail order companies

Installment purchase without Klarna

Klarna has come under fire from consumer advocates and regulators. The British advertising regulator has already banned Klarna advertising in 2020 because the provider encourages customers to use credit irresponsibly. Since electronic items are often only affordable for many via installment payments, but Klarna has a bad reputation, the focus today is on alternatives. Here you will therefore find ways to ... Read more

4 ways to buy a TV in installments despite SCHUFA (Also for new customers)

TV on installments despite SCHUFA

The purchase of TV sets is associated with high costs. By buying in installments, you can spread the cost of your new TV over several months. This way, you can afford a high-quality smart TV or a brilliantly sharp 4K TV today, and don't have to resort to low-quality TVs with blurry picture or poor sound. ... Read more

When does the Sigma Kreditbank reject? - All 10 causes + explanation / Best alternatives

When rejects the Sigma Kreditbank cover image

When does Sigma Kreditbank reject? In fact, Sigma Kreditbank refuses a large number of credit applications due to insufficient income and negative debt record. But there are countless more reasons for Sigma Kreditbank credit needs rejection. In this post, you'll find all the reasons why Sigma Kreditbank might reject your credit application. Summary of the ... Read more

Withholding tax overview countries: Completely all 95 DTAs on interest and dividends

Withholding tax overview countries

While in Germany the final withholding tax is smoothly deducted from interest income and dividends above the saver's lump sum and directly paid to the tax office, a complex maze of withholding taxes and double taxation agreements opens up for foreign investments. In 2023, Germany has concluded double taxation agreements (DTAs) with 95 countries. Unproblematic are dividend payments from countries without withholding tax such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, ... Read more

Loan for pensioners (also possible with basic security)

Credit for pensioners

A loan for pensioners can make many wishes come true. In principle, pensioners can apply for a regular installment loan. For a loan as a pensioner, the principle is: the older you are, the more collateral is required. Collateral are, for example, guarantors or second applicants. If, in addition, the Schufa is without negative entries and the monthly income above ... Read more

Invest money with autopilot – the slipper portfolio

Staying in lane. It's easier with autopilot.

Do you already know one of the simplest investment strategies? Stiftung Warentest calls it the slipper portfolio. Others speak of a broadly diversified passive investment strategy. This video summarizes the essential facts in just 3 minutes: Getting started: portfolio selectionWhat you can learn hereGetting started: portfolio selectionThe simple basic slipper portfolioPantoffel-Portfolio: What are the variants?What is the investment horizon for the slipper portfolio?What proportion ... Read more

Robo-Advisor Growney in test

Robo Advisor

The robo-advisor growney was founded in 2014 by Gerald Klein and has been active on the German market as a financial investment broker since 2016. The Berlin-Wedding-based company relies on a passive investment strategy with regular rebalancing. Read more about the superiority of passive investment strategies here The provider's five different portfolios are ETF-based and build on equities and ... Read more

Retirement provision: 2 mistakes, 4 tips

Retirement planning mistake: Not having an overview

Why you should think about tomorrow today and how you can protect yourself in the best possible way when it comes to retirement provision. I'll share my four tips for retirement planning. What mistakes are commonly made when planning retirement? The article also provides answers to this. A common misconception in our society is that many people believe for the... Read more

Assignment of land charge: 81 % cheaper than new entry and everything else you need to know!

Assignment of land charge. An explanation in the credit lexicon

An assignment of a land charge is an important step in home financing. When a land charge is assigned, the land charge is transferred from one bank to another. This usually happens when the existing real estate loan is moved to another bank, for example, because a more favorable financing offer was found. The assignment of the land charge takes place in ... Read more

How big is your pension gap? - Mind the gap!

Pension gap mind the gap

By what percentage does the last monthly net income before retirement exceed the retirement pension? This figure is regularly recalculated by statisticians at the German Institute for Retirement Provision. The figure is also called the pension gap. Retirement income: 3-pillar modelWhat you can learn here1 Retirement income: 3-pillar model2 What income do I need in old age?3 Why is the pension gap growing in Germany?4 Pension gap ... Read more

900 Euro Loan: 3 Best Providers!

900 Euro credit - instant credit - possible without SCHUFA

Would you like to take out a 900 euro loan immediately? With a 900 euro instant loan, you get more financial leeway and can quickly bridge bottlenecks. In addition, 900 euros can also be helpful to fulfill a spontaneous wish. With a 900 euro loan without SCHUFA, bills can also be paid quickly, which prevents further reminder fees... Read more

Earn money at 13: 13 mini-jobs from 13 to get started!

Earn money with 13 1

Earning money is legally permitted for the first time at the age of 13 according to the Youth Protection Act and the Child Labor Protection Ordinance. At the age of 12 or younger, however, you are only allowed to do favors for parents, relatives and acquaintances to earn some extra money. So we'll show you the 13 best ways for 13-year-olds to supplement their pocket money after school or on weekends.... Read more

Car loan comparison: 10+ best loans for vehicles

Car loan comparison

Car loans are usually cheaper than installment loans for free use. In the case of a car loan, the vehicle title serves as collateral for the loan. Banks honor this by offering borrowers more favorable interest rates, which can even come into the low-interest region of construction financing. In the car loan comparison, you can check available interest rates, and secure the interest rate online, if you are looking for a ... Read more

Marriage vs. unmarried cohabitation


A look at marriage from a financial point of viewWhat you can learn hereA look at marriage from a financial point of viewIncome tax payable by unmarried couplesHow do joint children affect unmarried couplesFamily benefit equalization: no advantage in marriageDeducting childcare costs: no advantage in marriage, but...What about alimony payments for unmarried & married couplesHealth insurance and hospitalization: differences ... Read more

Earning money at the age of 12: Your first steps to a part-time job

Earn money with 12

Would you like to earn your own money as a 12-year-old and are interested in possible job opportunities? Then you've come to the right place. Our article looks at the opportunities for earning money from the age of 12 and explains the legal framework in accordance with the Youth Protection Act and the Child Labor Protection Ordinance. This is because the Youth Protection Act in particular places a clear limit on earning money at the age of 12. In the ... Read more

Is a loan without Schufa serious? - 14 dubious features + super simple checklist

Credit without Schufa - Serious cover image

Many loan providers lure you with false promises of a loan without Credit Bureau. Often - especially in social media - perfidious scams are used to rip you off. Loans with preliminary costs, notary or cash on delivery fees are not legal in Germany. Nevertheless, these and similar fees are required for loans without Credit Bureau. Because by no means all providers without Schufa ... Read more

Test report: free Girokonto 1|2|3 from Santander Bank

Spain souvenir

Find out in the following test report, which experiences I have made with the 1|2|3 Girokonto of Santander Bank. How reputable is the bank and what does it offer? The unique selling point of Santander Bank's 1|2|3 account is the multi-level bonus model, where you can receive up to €9 monthly, or €108 annually as an individual. If the ... Read more

VisualVest Experience- Robo-Advisor VisualVest in Test

VisualVest Experience- Robo-Advisor VisualVest in Test

In this article I describe my experiences with the provider VisualVest. VisualVest is a robo advisor founded in 2015 by the Union Investment Group. The company thus combines the speed and flexibility of a start-up with the expertise, security and financial strength of one of the leading fund companies in Germany. Founded in early 2015, VisualVest offers a fully automated... Read more

Securities Loan Comparison & Advisor (< 4.9 % Interest)

Securities loan comparison

In the securities loan comparison, we take a look at the securities loan conditions of different providers. Important criteria when comparing the conditions of securities loans is, in addition to a favorable interest rate, whether the loan is earmarked, whether there is a report to the Schufa and, in particular, whether the provision of the loan is free of charge. I have compared numerous deposit providers ... Read more

The classic fixed-term deposit account has not had its day: attractive options for savers

Fixed deposit attractive

Anyone looking for a way to invest their money often inevitably comes across the fixed-term deposit account. This is a classic that is offered by numerous banks and still offers extensive advantages. It is characteristic that it is unfortunately not possible to dispose of one's money spontaneously. But ... Read more

Apple Pay in Germany

Apple smartphone

Apple Pay was launched in Germany on December 11, 2018, and will be accepted and used nationwide in 2022. In the United States, the contactless payment method with the iPhone and Apple Watch has been available since 2014. Since 2018, the payment service with NFC technology can also be used in this country. Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de shows which banks offer the payment service ... Read more

How to protect assets from inflation and state intervention?

Protect assets from inflation

At present, crises of international proportions are taking place all over the world. The effects can be seen in the currently very high inflation, which is reducing consumers' purchasing power and melting away assets. On top of that, it is to be expected that the government could soon take measures to decide whether to access the assets of citizens ... Read more

Better to keep your hands off Smava? - These 4 reasons put Smava in a bad light

Hands off Smava

"Philipp, you credit rocket!" - The endless Smava ads on YouTube can sometimes trigger a gag reflex and the short-circuit reaction "Hands off Smava". We therefore examine today, whether one can trust the provider Smava, or whether one leaves nevertheless better the fingers away from Smava. If you want to take out a loan, the provider ... Read more

O2 Banking Test: What does the O2 current account offer?

o2 Banking Girokonto Test

On April 30, 2022, the cooperation between Telefónica (o2) and Comdirect Bank on o2 banking came to an end. With comdirect as a financially strong partner, things are looking up this time. Existing customers keep their account. Nothing will change in terms of account number and cards either. However, new customers can no longer open the o2 Girokonto. It is the account ... Read more

Which bank cooperates with Postbank? All 11 partner banks.

Which bank cooperates with Postbank

Commerzbank is part of the Cash Group and cooperates with the banks in this group. Therefore, the question: "Which bank cooperates with Commerzbank?", can be answered with the short answer "all Cash-Group banks". The Cash-Group is an association of various banks, which you as a Commerzbank customer can also use to withdraw money from ATMs. Read more