The best account for travelers in the test: Santander vs. DKB vs. Comdirect

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Compared to the Santander account, the DKB scores with a cheaper overdraft facility and lower minimum payment. In return, Santander will also reimburse you for fees charged by vending machine operators against receipt ("surcharges") and offers attractive bonus payments of up to €108 per year. Read more here about the DKB account in the DKB test report and here about the test winner account in the category ... Read more

Test winning accounts – What do I recommend?

Successful account change :)

The best current account for you in this article I will introduce you to the best current account for your requirements and wishes. I have defined the following clusters: In which of them do you most likely find yourself? Click on it and find the best checking account for you! Best free current account To the offer: Criteria for the best free … Read more

Overnight money comparison: Secure interest and bonus.

The compound interest effect can contribute greatly to wealth accumulation - If you understand it, you can use it

A call money account is suitable for flexible parking of money. Compared to a checking account, you are rewarded with an attractive interest rate. As a result, the savings multiply without further action. In order for this project to succeed, one thing is essential: the right call money account. You can find this in the daily allowance comparison. Here you will find overnight money from the most important providers in Germany and Europe... Read more

Test winner account – Which accounts are test winners in 8 categories?

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There is news at The test winner accounts have been awarded! I have created 8 categories. There are the following categories: The best Girokonto for you In this article, I will introduce you to the best Girokonto for your requirements and wishes. I have defined the following clusters: Which of these are you most likely to find yourself in? ... Read more

Free checking account with no minimum input 🥇

Free checking account with no minimum deposit

Would you like a free checking account even without receiving wages, salary, pension or BAföG? In 2021 providers of fee-free accounts will become increasingly rare. Because since September 2019, banks have had to pay 0.5 percent penalty interest to the European Central Bank. Many banks get this money back from their customers. Customers who do not have a minimum payment are particularly unpopular with banks. Read more

Student account comparison: The best bank for students

Study efficiently and save money by comparing student accounts

Going to college is usually a big change. Because it is often associated with moving to the place of study. Students who now receive income from part-time jobs, parental allowances or state subsidies must also systematically manage expenses – including rent, electricity, telephone and internet. The "control center" for all financial matters is nowadays the checking account. Above … Read more