Withholding tax overview countries: Completely all 95 DTAs on interest and dividends

Withholding tax overview countries

While in Germany the final withholding tax is smoothly deducted from interest income and dividends above the saver's lump sum and directly paid to the tax office, a complex maze of withholding taxes and double taxation agreements opens up for foreign investments. In 2023, Germany has concluded double taxation agreements (DTAs) with 95 countries. Unproblematic are dividend payments from countries without withholding tax such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, ... Read more

Invest money with autopilot – the slipper portfolio

Staying in lane. It's easier with autopilot.

Do you already know one of the simplest investment strategies? Stiftung Warentest calls it the slipper portfolio. Others speak of a broadly diversified passive investment strategy. The video summarizes the key facts in just under 3 minutes: Getting started: selecting a depot Before implementing the slipper portfolio strategy, you need a depot that is as cheap as possible. Find the best depots here (note: Flatex is in … Read more

How to protect assets from inflation and state intervention?

Protect assets from inflation

At present, crises of international proportions are taking place all over the world. The effects can be seen in the currently very high inflation, which is reducing consumers' purchasing power and melting away assets. On top of that, it is to be expected that the government could soon take measures to decide whether to access the assets of citizens ... Read more

Actively or passively managed funds?

Active or passive funds: What makes the money flow into your portfolio?

This article deals with the question of which investment strategy is more successful in the long term. Are actively or passively managed funds better? Beating the market The core promise of actively managed equity funds: Outperform the market, get more returns in a bull market, lose money in a bear market. Is that possible? An attempt at scientific enlightenment The SPIVA study The SPIVA study … Read more

Behavior in a financial crash - How do I behave correctly?

Behavior in the financial crash - How to do it right

The past financial crash in 2020 during the corona pandemic was a scary situation for many. At that time, hoarding purchases in supermarkets, especially of canned goods, spaghetti, rice & co. made clear how scared many were. Also relevant for many investors was the question of whether the corona virus would bring the next major financial crash. After all, the stock markets at the end of April 2020 ... Read more

Investing in Index Funds (ETFs) – Pros & Cons

Investment Index Funds (ETFs) - Pros & Cons Source: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/marketing-frau-kreativ-entwurf-6289065/

More and more investors are now switching to other investments than they were a few years ago because classic savings models simply no longer yield interest. Index funds, also known as ETFs, are particularly popular. But where does this great popularity come from? And are there any disadvantages that potential ETF investors should be aware of? What is an ETF anyway? ETF is short... Read more

Depot for children: papers, taxes & pitfalls

Mother daughter sunset at_sea

Taxes can be saved with a deposit for children. When equipping the depot, attention should be paid to long-term stable securities in promising sectors. The custody account for children is an ideal vehicle for building up assets for the offspring. Pitfalls with health insurance and BAföG should be avoided at all costs. Because these can, if approached incorrectly, cause any ... Read more

ADA Cardano hangs out other new cryptocurrencies

Cardano is a decentralized, public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. It is fully open source and lays the foundation for a very powerful smart contract platform. Cardano offers many advantages over other cryptocurrencies, one of its strongest competitors being IOTA. IOTA, on the other hand, is a new open source distributed ledger that is scalable, lightweight, and allows value to be transferred without fees. ... Read more

Shares transferred to child tax-free

Shares transferred to child tax-free

With a deposit that runs on your child, the first €9744 (basic allowance) are tax-free in 2021. In addition, there is the savings allowance of €801. This means that €10,545 in share profits are tax-free in 2021. If the basic allowance has not been exhausted, securities can be sold at a profit and immediately bought again. Thus, the acquisition costs increase, which later becomes ... Read more

Interesting facts about trading

Learn trading

Digitization has revolutionized securities trading. Whereas stock exchange traders on the trading floor used to be regarded as a privileged species of people who gained or burned entire fortunes within a short space of time, securities trading is now freely accessible to every adult. Traders trade with the appropriate software directly on their notebook or PC with values worth millions. However, trading still surrounds ... Read more

What returns stocks promise after the crisis


If you don't want to run % pa with an enormous risk, I will present you some new research in the following article. In this way, even as an average consumer, you can benefit as best as possible from high returns on shares with little risk. For 24 years, JP Morgan Chase has published a long-term capital markets outlook on the markets. This year the bank... Read more

Investing in Real Estate: What Beginners Need to Know

Investing in real estate

The real estate market is huge and there are numerous investment strategies for beginners to choose from. Long-term real estate investments are traditional investment strategies where investment properties are purchased and leased to long-term tenants. The most common long-term investment strategies are "buy and hold" and "rent and own." Many real estate investors pursue these investment strategies because of the steady cash flow and ... Read more

Stock portfolio basics you need to know now to turn every stock crisis into an opportunity

A share depot or securities account can create wealth in the long term

If you have a long investment horizon of ten or better 15 years, you can take advantage of these price reductions. If you entered the market during the corona crisis in 2020 or the financial crisis in 2008, you would have made a substantial profit shortly afterwards. Even if the markets collapsed even further in the short term. In 5, 10 or 15 years, the ... Read more

Stock market crash: The best time to buy stocks. 2 simple rules!

Stock Market Crash: The Best Time to Buy Stocks

Whether on YouTube, in the relevant financial blogs or in the mirror. Many are reasonable and advise: to use the stock market crash to buy shares. It's the best time in a long time! After all, everything is much cheaper now! The S&P500 crashed from 3,394 to 2,192 points. Price losses of a third. The Dax is even wilder. ... Read more

When will the next stock market crash come? - Advantages of decimation

When will the next stock market crash come - Advantages of decimation

Investors follow the news before a stock market crash with a sinking feeling in their stomachs. The question "When will the next stock market crash come?" is on the table. After all, no one wants to see numerous leading indices plummet by more than 30 percent or more within a few days. In addition, stock market corrections are also becoming increasingly rapid due to the faster flow of information. With a loss of 32 percent ... Read more

Important details on the corona virus for investors

Influence coronavirus on capital markets

This article is from the spring of 2020. It is a republication. Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause disease in animals and humans. In humans, the virus causes an infection of the respiratory tract. The disease is initially similar to a cold or flu. However, rarer forms of coronavirus, such as SARS and MERS, can be much more deadly ... Read more

A call to save for low earners


At the turn of the year did the costs increase again? The dispo is already back on the attack? With this reality, unfortunately, a large number of Germans are affected every month. The bottom half of German citizens own just one percent of national wealth. According to surveys, every third person is concerned about whether they will have enough money in old age... Read more

Avoid these investing mistakes

Error investment

Managing finances yourself is perceived by many people as too difficult, which is why they leave this topic to bank advisors. Under no circumstances should you give this important topic to others. Making a simple investment isn't difficult as long as you avoid the major mistakes. In the following it is determined which ones they are! “It is remarkable how much long-term advantage people like … Read more

Invest in ETFs without prior knowledge

Invest in ETFs without prior knowledge? This is the promise of numerous robo advisors

Is it possible to invest in ETFs without any prior knowledge? Yes, say numerous robo advisors, i.e. fully digitized investment helpers. To make this possible, numerous start-ups in the financial sector, so-called FinTechs, have been founded since 2013 and written some clever software. This should make it available to a wide range of people - even without knowledge of ... Read more

Yield tuning with the Robo Advisor comparison

The Robo Advisor comparison allows you to quickly and easily compare the performance of different Robo Advisors and carry out yield tuning! With a 7.74 % return over 24 months, Ginmon performed 2.44 % above that of the robo advisors growney. With an investment sum of 10,000 euros, this already corresponds to 244 euros in additional profit. She … Read more

How to pay less than 25% tax on dividends

Tax return Is it worth filling in the KAP annex?

If the taxable income in 2020 is a maximum of 17,000 euros for a single person and no more than 34,000 euros for spouses filing jointly, the more favorable test will save taxes in any case. You can find out how to do it here. What is the discount test? If you receive interest or dividend payments, the bank automatically retains the withholding tax amount... Read more

How do I buy shares (as a beginner)? - with step by step example onvista

How to buy shares (as a beginner)

This is about buying a share with an online deposit. If you are a stock market beginner and are just starting to trade, the question "How do I buy shares?" arises. Therefore, I explain step by step how you can buy a share using the example of onvista Depot*. The procedure is the same with other brokers but ... Read more

What house I can afford?

How much house can I afford?

"How much house can I afford?" Based on the net income, the table gives a rough indication of the amount up to which a property can be reasonably financed. As can be seen in the table, the real estate price is 100 times the monthly net income. How much house can I afford? The monthly net income multiplied by 110 gives the ... Read more

Simply create your own ETF portfolio

People woman coffee meeting. Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Do you already know one of the simplest investment strategies? It is an ETF portfolio that you can easily create yourself in just a few steps. Stiftung Warentest calls it the slipper portfolio. Others speak of a broadly diversified passive investment strategy. The video summarizes the key facts in just under 3 minutes: Getting started: portfolio selection Before implementing the slipper portfolio strategy... Read more

Stock market crash 2020: Depot wiped out?

Stock market crash 2020

After 6 weeks of coronavirus we are now in full blown economic panic that led to the 2020 stock market crash. The crash due to the corona virus marks the beginning of one of the most sudden recessions of all time. The pace of the stock market crash is frantic. Der Spiegel has compiled this in a clear graphic. The high speed of the stock market crash has to do with... Read more

Behavior in the 2020 financial crisis

The 2020 financial crisis unsettles many. If you are also wondering how to behave in the 2020 financial crisis, this article will help you. Here you will find an explanation in simple words of what the Corona crash is all about. I also give some easy-to-implement recommendations to get out of the financial crisis despite the difficult situation... Read more