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When rejects the Sigma Kreditbank? In fact, Sigma Kreditbank rejects a lot of credit applications due to insufficient income and negative records in the debtors' register. But there are countless more reasons for Sigma Kreditbank credit need rejection. In this post you will find all the reasons why Sigma Kreditbank might reject your credit application.

Summary of the article "When does the Sigma Kreditbank reject?"

Here are all 10 reasons when the Sigma Kreditbank rejects summarized:

Alternatives if the Sigma Kreditbank rejects

If you are talking about bon credit* or Smava* request, they will offer the appropriate alternatives if the Sigma-Kredit Bank refuses. Both have many years of experience in credit brokering. You can find more providers in the article: "Which bank gives credit despite negative credit bureau?"

bon credit

  • Specialized in customers with bad credit rating and negative Schufa records
  • More than 50 years experience
  • Offers sometimes a little more expensive
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  • Loans at the best interest rate including a guarantee that the loan is not available anywhere cheaper
  • Best-known credit broker in Germany
  • An offer is not always made in the case of poor creditworthiness.
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When does the Sigma Kreditbank reject? - 10 Causes and explanations

1. if the income is not sufficient, the Sigma Kreditbank rejects

When does the Sigma Kreditbank refuse? With income < 1,600 euros, there is hardly any chance of getting a loan.

A too low income is the most common reason for rejection of the Sigma loan. If your net salary is not significantly higher than the garnishment exemption limit lies, there is no chance of credit. The Sigma Kreditbank does not perform furtherby which amount the income must exceed the garnishment limit. It can be assumed that the bank will refuse credit requests if the garnishment limit is not reached after deduction of the credit installments.

Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de therefore calculated the following minimum incomes for the Sigma-Kreditbank loans. Since the garnishment exemption limits depend on the maintenance obligations, this was also taken into account here.

Maintenance obligations→ maintenance obligations
Credit amount ↓
3.500 €1.514 €2.042 €2.336 €2.630 €2.925 €3.219 €
5.000 €1.562 €2.090 €2.384 €2.678 €2.973 €3.267 €
7.500 €1.641 €2.169 €2.463 €2.757 €3.052 €3.346 €
When does the Sigma Kreditbank refuse? If you don't have any maintenance obligations, you need an income of more than 1,514 euros in order to be rejected for the 3rd time.500 € credit to avoid. If you have 5 or more maintenance obligations, you need an income of at least € 3,219.

This is the absolute lower limit of minimum income for the loans of Sigma Kreditbank. Depending on creditworthiness, the required minimum income of Sigma Kreditbank is probably 200-300 euros above the listed values. At least are therefore rather 1.600 - 1800 Euro net required, to obtain the 3,500 euro loan.

Sigma Kreditbank increases the required minimum income for the loan regularly

On the Internet you can find many other minimum income for the loan of Sigma-Kreditbank. More often you can find details of minimum income above 1250 euros or 1350 euros or even lower values. These are outdated values due to the regular increase in the minimum income required.

The minimum income for the Sigma loan is linked to the garnishment exemption limit which is increased annually and will be 1410 euros for singles in 2023. In addition, there are the loan installments, which may not be paid from unattachable income. Unfortunately, people with lower minimum incomes are now rejected. The Sigma Kreditbank even says so itself on its website.


2. negative budgetary accounts

Sigma Kreditbank uses the budget calculation to check whether you have enough money available to pay the loan installments. The freely available amount should be higher than the monthly installment of the loan.

You need the following freely available amounts for the Sigma Bank loan:

LoanAt least freely available
3.500 Euro credit150 euro
5.000 Euro credit200 euros
7.500 Euro credit280 Euro
When does the Sigma Kreditbank reject? If you have less than 150 euros for the 3,500 euro loan, 200 euros for the 5,000 euro loan or 280 euros for the 7,500 euro loan left at the end of the month, the rejection will follow.
positive budgetary accounts
Positive budget calculation: 550 euros remain for the loan installments. This is also sufficient for the 7,500 euro loan.

3. rejection, as no employee

Sigma Kreditbank grants loans exclusively to Employees. Self-employed, freelancers, students, unemployed, housewives, etc. do not receive a loan from Sigma Kreditbank.

4. employment too short

If you have been with your employer for less than 12 months, Sigma Kreditbank will reject the loan

Permanent permanent employment that has been continuous for at least twelve months is another requirement you must meet for the Sigma Kreditbank loan. This reports the Sigma Kreditbank in the Frankfurter Rundschau.

The Sigma Kreditbank also closely checks the credit rating

In the Sigma credit bank you can get a loan without Schufa. What is often hidden about loans without Schufa, however, is that it is by no means a loan without a credit check for everyone. Sigma-Kreditbank also checks your income and the entries in debtor lists. bon credit* has credit alternatives in difficult cases.


5. temporary employment

Employees with a fixed-term employment contract usually do not receive a loan from Sigma Bank. However, there are some exceptions. If your employment relationship has existed for more than 12 months and the fixed term is longer than 40 months, the credit chances are good. However, since most fixed-term contracts are shorter than 40 months, it can be said that a fixed-term employment contract is usually a reason for rejection.

6. too old or too young: 70+ or U18

Older people also go empty with Sigma Kreditbank. Loans are possible for pensioners up to 70 years. Employees, on the other hand, only receive a loan from Sigma Bank up to the age of 65. Even in early retirement, however, a loan through Sigma Bank is still possible. Corresponding applications of these are individually reviewed by Sigma Kreditbank. Loans for pensioners you can find in this post.

Of course, for the Sigma-Kreditbank loan you must also be of legal age. The bank does not lend money to minors.

7. rejection due to wage garnishment

The Sigma Kreditbank will ask if you have a wage garnishment. If you already have a wage garnishment going on, they will reject you. If you're thinking about misstating: don't. Because a wage garnishment is usually entered in the debtor's record as a negative entry. So the Sigma-Kreditbank will find out quickly anyway. Set up instead P account and have a look at these P-Konto Tricks at.

8. assignment of wages or salaries

Sigma Kreditbank rejects the loan application in the case of a wage assignment, because the bank in the case of a Assignment would hardly stand a chance of successfully collecting loan installments that had fallen into arrears. This risk is too great for the Sigma-Kreditbank.

If you have already assigned your garnishable salary portion to another bank, Sigma Kreditbank will decline another loan request
When does Sigma Kreditbank refuse? - If you have already assigned your attachable salary share to another bank, Sigma Kreditbank will refuse another request for credit

What is a wage assignment?

In a wage or salary assignment, an employee assigns the attachable portion of his or her income to a lender. By doing so, the employee transfers the right for a lender to access his or her income if he or she defaults on an installment. Unlike garnishment, no enforceable title is required for wage or salary assignment.

What is the purpose of a wage assignment?

Thus, an assignment of wages serves as collateral for a loan. If the borrower fails to meet his debts, the bank claims the money from the employer without having to go to court.


9. ongoing insolvency proceedings

The loan from Sigma Bank is only after discharge of residual debt forgiven. During an ongoing insolvency procedure, you will not receive a loan from Sigma Kreditbank.

10. negative entries in the debtor register

Sigma Kreditbank queries public debtor lists at the local courts. If there is an entry for you in the debtor directory, you will receive a rejection from Sigma Kreditbank.

When is there an entry in the debtor's register?

The debtors' register is a register at each district court where debtors are recorded,

  • who have not submitted a statement of assets,
  • for which enforcement would not be promising, or
  • who cannot demonstrate full satisfaction of creditors.

Sigma Kreditbank and other creditors may consult the debtors' register in order to check the creditworthiness of debtors and thus protect their interests.

Entries in the debtor directory are deleted again after 3 years. Schufa also uses the debtor directory to calculate your score. If the data has been transferred to Schufa, longer deletion periods apply for this.


Irrelevant today: More than 10 sick days

Sigma Kreditbank used to have rules that no more than 10 sick days (80 hours) could be listed on the current pay stub. Sigma Kreditbank also stopped granting credit for more than 32 hours of short-time pay. However, these rules no longer exist in 2023. If your income is sufficiently high, you can get a loan from Sigma Bank even if you have more than 10 sick days or even if you have Receiving sick pay a credit apply for.

Sigma Bank loan agreement received and then you still get a rejection?

Most loan applications at Sigma Kreditbank are processed via credit brokers such as bon credit* or Maxda* on.

The providers carry out an internal preliminary check and then forward the loan agreement to Sigma Bank for final review. You will receive a loan agreement from Sigma Bank to sign in advance. However, as this contract has not yet been countersigned by Sigma Bank, it may still be rejected. See also the article, Loan agreement signed can anything still go wrong?by declaring a refusal despite the credit agreement.

Conclusion: When does the Sigma Kreditbank reject?

Even though Sigma Kreditbank gives a loan without a Schufa check, it doesn't mean that the bank doesn't do a credit check. You need not only a Income of at least 1,600 euros net out of permanent jobbut also have to go through a positive budgetary accounts Be able to prove that you can afford the loan.

In addition, your Employment relationship is at least 12 months already exist and the probationary period must be over.

If you Temporarily employed If you are a temporary employee, the term must be longer than the credit period. Since this is 40 months, people with fixed-term employment are usually rejected.

People over the age of 70 (and of course under the age of 18) are also denied credit with Sigma Kreditbank. Other reasons for rejection of the Sigma Kreditbank are Wage garnishments, Assignment of wages, ongoing insolvency proceedings or a negative entry in the Debtor register at the district court.

When rejects the Sigma Kreditbank
When does the Sigma Kreditbank reject? All 10 reasons summarized.

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