Broker Comparison

Securities account comparison

If you want to trade cheap securities, you should neither give away money nor rely on a supposedly cheap broker with many indirect and hidden fees. Instead, it is advisable to rely on a cheap depot with excellent performance. When comparing securities accounts, not only favorable conditions for one-time purchases and savings plans are decisive. Because many brokers... Read more

Securities Loan Comparison & Advisor (< 1.5 % Interest)

Securities loan comparison

In the securities loan comparison, we take a look at the securities loan conditions of different providers. In addition to a favorable interest rate, important criteria when comparing the conditions of securities loans are the question of whether the loan is earmarked, whether a report is made to the Schufa and, in particular, whether the loan is free of charge. I have numerous... Read more

Smartbroker securities loan: What you should consider!

Smartbroker Securities Loan

Like several alternative custody account providers, Smartbroker offers a securities loan. Which conditions are offered with the Smartbroker securities loan and what you should pay attention to with the Smartbroker Lombard loan, as the securities loan is also called. The short version: With the Smartbroker securities loan, you can lend on all tradable securities with a maximum of 80 % for 2.25 % interest. An exception are papers that ... Read more

Depot for children: papers, taxes & pitfalls

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Taxes can be saved with a deposit for children. When equipping the depot, attention should be paid to long-term stable securities in promising sectors. The custody account for children is an ideal vehicle for building up assets for the offspring. Pitfalls with health insurance and BAföG should be avoided at all costs. Because these can, if approached incorrectly, cause any ... Read more

Free savings plan at ING

While the DKB is turning up the cost screw in 2021, the ING is using its profits to offer offers such as a free savings plan! In the depot comparison, there are now some brokers who offer a savings plan for 0 euros in fees. The ING already has over 150 savings plans available free of charge. However, due to a good financial year, the bank is now... Read more

Shares transferred to child tax-free

Shares transferred to child tax-free

With a deposit that runs on your child, the first €9744 (basic allowance) are tax-free in 2021. In addition, there is the savings allowance of €801. This means that €10,545 in share profits are tax-free in 2021. If the basic allowance has not been exhausted, securities can be sold at a profit and immediately bought again. Thus, the acquisition costs increase, which later becomes ... Read more

Trade Republic alternative

Trade Republic alternative

According to our ranking in the portfolio comparison, Trade Republic is one of the best portfolios for small investors. Nevertheless, there are other providers that you can use as an alternative to Trade Republic. I present two good alternatives here. The Smartbroker* or JustTRADE* depots may be more suitable for you. After all, both could in the objective comparisons Smartbroker ... Read more

JustTRADE vs Trade Republic

JustTRADE vs Trade Republic

Investing on the capital markets has become a little easier with the discount brokers JustTRADE and Trade Republic. Two of the recently introduced first mobile commission-free app and web services in Germany. In the article Smartbroker vs Trade Republic (test & experiences) we have already compared 2 newcomers. Here it goes in a similar style. Because mobile brokers… Read more

Smartbroker vs Trade Republic (ultimate comparison)

Smartbroker vs trade republic

Smartbroker is the clear winner in the Smartbroker vs Trade Republic comparison. The provider wins 7:2. Finally, Smartbroker has a very good offer for ETF savers as well as traders. Trading in derivatives is also possible. Smartbroker also offers wikifolios that can be traded for as little as one euro on the Lang & Schwarz trading platform. In addition, it can be traded on many stock exchanges. Even a securities loan is available. Behind Smartbroker is a depot at the long-established DAB BNP Paribas (e.g. also Consors Bank), which gives Smartbroker an additional serious and trustworthy impression.

Free broker with desktop interface

Loan collateral RSV

Here we go: Trading for free is now also possible with Smartbroker! As announced at the end of 2019, the provider will reduce its fees on May 18, 2020. All securities at Gettex and all derivatives at Morgan Stanley, HSBC and Vontobel can be traded for EUR 0.00 per order. As a result, for the first time, a free broker is available in Germany that offers a full ... Read more

Stock market crash 2020: Depot wiped out?

Börsencrash 2020

After 6 weeks of coronavirus we are now in full blown economic panic that led to the 2020 stock market crash. The crash due to the corona virus marks the beginning of one of the most sudden recessions of all time. The pace of the stock market crash is frantic. Der Spiegel has compiled this in a clear graphic. The high speed of the stock market crash has to do with... Read more

Junior depot comparison 🥇 The best children's depots & guides

Junior Depot Comparison

With a junior custody account, your child benefits from the asset growth of securities with the help of the tax authorities. Therefore, with such a children's depot, you offer your child the best possible start into adult life. As soon as you have the financial means to do so, you should think about saving for your child. Due to the lack of interest, it is also advisable to think about securities... Read more

Change of deposit – Onvista, Flatex, Comdirect, DKB, Targobank

Meine Erfahrungen mit dem Depotwechsel. Onvista, Flatex, Comdirect, DKB, Targobank. Es lohnt sich in die Brokerwahl Zeit zu investieren!

Today, in the midst of the ongoing corona crisis, I would like to share my experiences with the depot change that I initiated at the end of 2019. After all, even in these times it is important to think long-term. A cheap depot is perhaps not the most important building block for this, but it is still worth investing some time in choosing a broker, since you can invest many hundreds of euros here. Read more

The best depots for your ETFs

This article is out of date. You can find the updated depot comparison here. In January and February 2020, a lot has changed in the free securities accounts. That's why I've analyzed the offers for you again in the past few weeks. Two well-known custody account providers have worsened their conditions in 2020: ING and the broker Flatex. Two newcomers are bidding for it... Read more

Which depot for whom

Which depot is suitable for whom? A brief summary in key points The onvista* bank offers a very good and inexpensive deposit. The onvista depot is particularly suitable for people who want to make individual purchases of securities with a volume of more than 2,000 euros. Especially for higher one-off investments, the onvista depot at 7 euros is simply unbeatable ... Read more

Collect the premium for switching securities accounts

Custody fees are subject to constant change and should therefore be checked regularly. Because the costs can sometimes be significantly lower at another bank. A change may then be worthwhile. In addition, the banks entice you to switch accounts with an attractive premium. Account-credit comparison explains what needs to be considered when transferring a securities account. For you as an investor... Read more

The highest deposit switching premiums

Die Onlinebroker hauen zum Jahreswechsel diverse gute Aktionen raus. hat überprüft welcher Anbieter die höchsten Depotwechsel Prämien anbietet. Aktualisiert im Mai 2020. Du möchtest lieber einen Depotvergleich (>>Klick<<), Eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung zum Aktienkauf (>>Klick<<) oder einen Überblick über das Aktiendepot an sich (>>Klick<<)? Depotwechsel zur TARGOBANK – Prämien bis zu 5.000 € … Read more

7 tips for securities accounts + overview

A "securities account" is often simply referred to as a "depot" or "stock account". The terms are used synonymously here. But what is a depot? How do I find the best for me? And how can I open a securities account? This article answers these questions. But before we get started, a brief history for classification. stock trading… Read more