Which depot for whom


Which depot is suitable for whom? A brief summary in key points

  • A very good and favorable depot offers the onvista* Bank. The onvista securities account is particularly suitable for people who want to make individual purchases of securities with a volume greater than 2,000 euros. Especially for higher one-time investments, the onvista depot has simply unbeatable low fees with 7 euros. In addition, it has no negative interest and you trade directly via the stock exchange. Savings plans are available for 155 ETFs and with 1 euro also cheap in execution. A small drawback is that savings plans are limited to 500 euros.
  • Those who like to save via savings plans may be better served with the DKB securities account. Although the savings plan is slightly more expensive at 1.50 euros, you have almost five times more choice. Although the popular Vanguard ETFs are available at onvista* and DKB are available. DKB also impresses with features such as Junior Depot, checking account with free cash availability worldwide, a long reputation as a fair bank without bait-and-switch offers, and the landlord package. If you want everything from a single source, DKB is the right choice.
  • Also the young providers TradeRepublic * and smart broker* convince with a clear price structure and fair conditions. In terms of price, they leave all the other providers behind. If you don't have desktop access and are satisfied with a smartphone app and only trade during XETRA opening hours, you'll get a TradeRepublic *an unbeatably cheap depot. If you want to completely avoid the disadvantages of overpriced spreads, you should smart broker* correctly lifted.
  • For people who only trade a little or even maintain a second securities account, the switching premium of the targo bank* is extremely attractive. Here, you receive a whopping 700 euros in cash for 100,000 euros in securities account volume! As a not so active trader, you can easily overlook the slightly higher trading fee. Especially if you have a second securities account to execute the trades.

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