Credit in 30 min. on the account (without Schufa)


The providers presented here have fully digital processes and use Urgent transfersto enable a loan disbursement in 30 min. on the account. However, you should allow a few hours for the money to be posted to the account.

lightning credit with immediate payment: Whether with or without proof of income

Get an express loan to your account | Immediate payout - Even without proof of income

With an express credit between €100 and €3,000 borrow ✓

With a lightning loan Money in the account today receive! ✓

Instant payout even without evidence: 24 hours Loan without proof of income

Still cash today despite entry: credit in your account in a few hours, without having to negative credit bureau is observed ✓

The express credits can be used in one, two, three or four installments be repaid ✓

Lightning fast loans in the comparison calculator

What you can learn here

Summary: Everything you need to know about the credit in 30 min. on the account without SCHUFA

  • The fastest lightning loans are on the account in the afternoon if you b them in the morning.eantantrag hast. The fact that the loan is in the account in 30 minutes, however, works only in exceptional cases.
  • All banks that have a branch or head office in Germany work with credit agencies such as Schufa,Crif, Creditreform Boniversum or Arvato Infoscore when granting credit - A Credit without Schufa is therefore not available in Germany.
  • The only exception are Swiss loanswhich can be applied for from abroad or via a German intermediary
  • However, for small sums up to €3,000 it is usually not a problem, despite some negative SCHUFA entries a credit to obtain.

Recommendation for flash loans which are on the account on the same day despite negative Schufa

  • Vexcash*: This provider is particularly fast in the payout and meets the desire for a 30 min. credit closest
  • cashper*: Cashper has the fairest prices among the mini loan providers. If you can wait about a week for the payout, the loan is even completely free (no interest is charged)
    ferratum*: Sole provider, which has a Loan without proof of income offers. This makes Ferratum suitable even for marginalized groups otherwise excluded from lending, such as citizens' allowance or Hartz IV recipients.


Alternatives to the lightning loan are:

  1. Loans despite Schufa from banks: There are only a few fully digital Loans granted despite negative Schufa in fast and unbureaucratic be awarded. Recommendable is the provider bon credit*, which pays to people with bad credit rating within 48 hours.
  2. Loans from private individualsLoans from private individuals are a good opportunity to obtain a loan, especially for the self-employed. As a provider come Smava* and Auxiliary* are eligible. Loans from private individuals are available at the earliest in 3 - 4 days on the account.
  3. Instant loans from abroad: Here is suitable the Swiss credit without Schufa from Sigma Bank. An application can be made credit neutral via bon credit* can be made. The credit is granted here without taking your Schufa score into account.
  4. There is therefore no SCHUFA query. There is also no SCHUFA entry. The minimum income is 1,300 € net per month and should come from permanent employment.
    1. Bon-Kredit was one of the providers with the highest probability of disbursement in the test: "Where can you really get a loan despite negative Schufa?"
    2. Immediate commitment after data entry in a few minutes
    3. Within 3 - 4 days on the account

Providers can be requested in parallel to increase the chances of obtaining credit. This will not negatively affect your Schufa score.

What is the credit in 30 minutes on the account without SCHUFA all about?

Sometimes you need to make an important investment without having the money to do it. While the next paycheck can wait another 2 or 3 weeks, important investments often cannot. A quick Credit that in 30 min on the account without SCHUFA is helps you bridge financial bottlenecks today.

It is possible that these instant loans either installment loans with immediate disbursement or a Mini loan with amounts up to € 3,000 act.

With the help of the Immediate approval you will find out in a few seconds whether your loan has been approved and at what conditions you will receive the money on your account.

In the best case, the loan is in the account in 30 minutes. However, the duration of the payment depends on the provider and your credit rating.

In this article you will learn whether the loan is paid out in 30 minutes without SCHUFA. In addition, there is the question of whether the fast instant loan can really be in 30 minutes on the account. Here I have once checked.

Here you will learn what is important to get the loan on the account as fast as lightning, despite negative SCHUFA. I'll show you what you can expect from the credit industry's advertising promise of "credit in 30 minutes on the account without SCHUFA" - and what is fake news.

With a lightning loan with immediate payment ...

A Lightning credit with immediate payment is a express credit, which under optimal conditions is on the account in 30 min. In doing so, a Mini loan with immediate payment or a Microcredit with immediate payment used. This is a credit of no long and complicated credit assessment process is available.

... Can you borrow up to 3,000 euros despite negative Schufa ...

Because with a You can get a mini loan up to 3000 euros Rent. are there Lightning Credits in the Application particularly easy. Eventually that will be dropped paperwork Completely. provider like Vexcash* make it possible for the express credit already from 30 min. on the account is. These lightning-fast providers thus enable a Credit in less than 1 hour on the account without negative SCHUFA Entries to consider.

✔️ Vexcash Xpress Credit: In only 30 minutes the money is often already in the account

✔️ The credit will without taking into account negative SCHUFA Entries paid

✔️ 600 € for 30 days for about 7 euros Rent

✔️ Cheap Immediate payment on the same day (weekdays) at extra charge

✔️up to €1,000 and 4 installments for new customers, €3,000 and 4 installments for existing customers

✔️ yes from 500 euros income accessible

To the provider:

Lightning credit - money there in 30 minutes
Lightning credit - money there in 30 minutes

... Even without proof of income is a loan possible!

But even without proof of income, it's quick: in 24 hours is the Loan with immediate payment without proof of income from ferratum* already in your account.

If you ask yourself "Where can I still get cash today?" and no proof of income can show, you can probably save yourself the request at your house bank. The 24-hour credit without proof of income with immediate payment is only available online at ferratum*.

From experience, the instant payout takes a little longer than with Vexcash, but in 24 - 48 hours you have the money (even with high demand from the provider) on the account. The credit will despite negative credit bureau paid out to your account.

✔️ Ferratum Xpress credit: Credit without proof of income and immediate payment in 24 hours

✔️ Only provider of the no proof of income required

✔️ Borrow €600 for 30 days for around €5

✔️ Immediate payment in 24 hours possible for an extra charge

✔️up to €1000 and 4 installments for new customers, €2000 and 4 installments for existing customers

To the provider:

24-hour credit without proof of income
24-hour credit without proof of income

With the Loan without proof of income can you as New customer up to €1,000 by Immediate payment in 24 hours request. As an existing customer you can even up to 3.000 € requested immediately will.

Of the 24-hour credit without proof of income of Ferratum is after a short digital account check without any proof of income like Salary wage, BAföG or pension paid out immediately. Even negative Schufa entries are not a blanket reason for rejection.

The Ferratum loan is thus suitable as a loan despite Schufa and Hartz IV or Bürgergeld.

For the Payout in 24 hours must the Xpress option to get voted. For the Xpress option there are additional fees, which unfortunately are not exactly low. Because Ferratum demands for the Lightning payout at least 29 euros, more depending on the loan amount. I have the costs for the immediate payment of the most well-known mini loans listed here. That's why he comes 24-hour credit without proof of income from Ferratum without any paperwork out of. In addition, the loan amount can one, two, three or four installments be repaid. If you Cash quickly without proof need, you probably can't get past Ferratum. Because the provider is the only one in Germany that has one 24-hour credit without proof of income with immediate payment offers.

none Proof of income over 500 euros for the lightning loan with immediate payment?

The catch on the Vexcash small loan from 100 to 3000 euros? Proof of income is required for the Vexcash Blitzkredit 500 euros to prove. This is the Vexcash Blitzkredit for many Self-employed, students, pensioners with basic security, or Hartz 4 recipients not suitable. If there is no proof of income over 500 euros, there is still one another alternative still get a loan.

Self-employed, students, pensioners with basic income support and citizens' benefits or Hartz 4 recipients: A loan without proof of income can be paid out with immediate payment in 24 hours!

If you are sure that you can pay back the loan (create a household bill!) you can use one in this situation lightning fast 24h loan without proof of income from the Ferratum Bench* record, tape. Ferratum is the only bank that has one in 24 hours Credit without evidence can pay off. If you don't have income, you'll need a watertight plan for how you'll come up with the money to repay.

Reality check: is there a loan that is in the account in 30 min without Schufa?

How realistic is the loan in 30 min on the account?

The loan, which in 30 min. on the account is today in the credit scene on everyone's lips. The loan payment in 30 minutes goes back to a commercial by Vexcash from 2013, in which the following was advertised:

As a rule, the credit is issued in 30 minutes. Prerequisite: You have sent us the required documents and the signed contracts online.

Vexcash advertisement from 2013 - Here the 30 min credit was lifted from the eaves

Even then, the advertised 30 minutes until the money is in the account, so were not included the time needed to print, read through and sign the contracts.

Credit in 30 min on the account Vexcash 2013
Credit in 30 min on the account. Clip from the Vexcash TV commercial from 2013

Today, things have improved and accelerated compared to the status at that time: Loan agreements no longer need to be printed out and signed be. Today, this can be done completely digitally. Nevertheless, the advertising for the loan, which is in the account in 30 min. disappeared.

This is also due to the fact that the transfer process (even when booking the Smart Package with Express option) takes longer than 30 minutes. With Express Transfer, the money does arrive on the same day if it was instructed before 16:00. However, the processing of the transfer can also take last one or two hours.

How long it really takes with the 30 min loan until the money is in the account

If you still need 15 minutes for the credit application and the legitimation until all data are entered at the provider, a processing time until the money is on the account of about 2.5 hours realistic. The providers guarantee for the instant loan meanwhile also only a disbursement in 24 hours.

Loan disbursement is fastest under the following optimal circumstances:

  1. Online instant verification at application works smoothly
  2. Direct Online legitimation Subsequently
  3. You use the digital account check
  4. The credit application is submitted on Morning on a bank working day posed
  5. You use the Express payment

If everything applies, the credit can actually already in 30 min on the account be. In most cases, however, you should expect a few hours of processing time, so that you will receive the money in the afternoon if you submitted the application in the morning. If you apply after 15:00, the payment is usually made on the next banking day. This is especially important to know if you are going to need money very urgently.

The beginnings of the 30 min credit, go back to this commercial clip

After we have established that the loan in 30 min on the account is only an advertising promise that can be met only under optimal conditions, here still the full clip "Express loan - within 30 min money on the account" from Vexcash from 2013.

The video is embedded by Youtube and only loaded when the play button is clicked. The apply Google Privacy Policy.

Loan in 30 min on the account without Schufa - How realistic is that the payout without Schufa query?

It is, in short, not realistic. The fastest credits all have a Schufa query. However, a loan disbursement is still possible even with strongly negative Schufa information. Thus pay providers such as Vexcash*, ferratum* or cashier* the loan even despite negative Schufa entries. In the following you will find out when a loan disbursement is still possible despite negative Schufa and when it is no longer possible.

The following Schufa entries are usually problem-free with the mini credit providers and result in not lead to rejection at the "Credit in 30 min. on the account":

  • Ongoing and completed commercial dunning procedures
  • Ongoing and completed judicial dunning proceedings
  • Use of a current or credit card account after prohibition of use
  • Demands for judicial decision 

In addition, mini loan providers often accept you even if you already have existing installment loans. But of course there are limits somewhere. If you already have a lot of installment credits, the providers assume that you do not have your finances under control, and reject the credit request.

It is difficult to give an exact number of how many installment loans are still within the framework, as this is always related to income. However, with less than two existing installment loans, there are usually no problems in getting the loan approved.

For these negative Schufa entries, on the other hand, a rejection at "Credit in 30 min. on the account". probably:

This mainly includes confirmed defaults and data that, in addition to the Schufa, is also included in the Debtors' lists of the district courts can be found. In detail, these are:

  • Payment defaultswhich are reported as open, sufficiently dunned and undisputed receivables from partner companies 
  • Data from the debtor lists of the central enforcement courts such as "Failure to provide property information", "Creditor satisfaction excluded" or "Creditor satisfaction not proven after one month."
  • Information on (consumer or regular) insolvency proceedings or residual debt discharge proceedings

If you have many installment loans, your request will also be rejected. It is difficult to give an exact number of how many installment loans are still within the framework, as this is always related to income. With three or more already existing installment loans, an approval of the loan, but often already very difficult.

In case of rejection due to negative Schufa, a loan from Sigma Bank from Liechtenstein is yet another straw to cover credit needs. The Sigma-Kreditbank from Liechtenstein works with bon credit*, Maxda*, Creditolo* and credimaxx*They will take your loan application for you and forward it to the bank at no extra cost.

Conclusion: How realistic is the disbursement of express credit without Schufa query?

In summary, a payout without a query of the Schufa is not possible with the mini loans presented here. However, even with many negative features in the Schufa, the providers still grant a loan. As long as it is not confirmed defaults or data from the debtor lists of the district courts, a loan is usually possible.

How to secure a fast "credit in 30 min. on the account" even with negative Schufa

With a Lightning loan despite poor credit rating you can change amounts from 50 to 3.000 Euro on same day to your account obtained. Suitable for this purpose Vexcash*, ferratum* or cashier*. Larger amounts can be transferred via a Credit despite negative credit bureau from bon credit* or similar providers. However, the processing time is then 2-3 days. In addition, the lightning fast express loan is paid out despite poor credit rating due to negative Schufa entries. Also a Allocation to unemployed is at ferratum* is possible. The repayment of the lightning loan is flexible: you can use the mini loan repay in one, two, three or four installments. So let's summarize once again:

  • You need maximum 3.000 € on the same day on the account? - The provider Vexcash* transfers the cash to you on the same day. Up to 1.000 € for new customers and up to 3.000 € for existing customers.
  • Larger sums or "real" credits without Schufa you best ask about bon credit* to. The provider sends you an email within a few hours after your request about what is possible and what is not. I received the credit offer from Bon-Kredit at 16:02, after I sent my request at 15:20. So just 42 minutes later.
  • if you a have low income, or unemployed are, you can use ferratum* apply for a loan up to € 1,000 without proof of income.
BonKredit confirmation - 1 hour later
Bon-Kredit: The confirmation about allocation of the loan came 42 minutes after I sent my request to the provider.

Inquiry with several providers to increase chances

If you want to have a loan in your account in 30 min, you should ask several providers at the same time. After all, you are in a hurry, aren't you?

Making multiple requests at once is easy thanks to instant mini loan checking. As you work your way through the application section of Vexcash*, ferratum* or cashier*, an immediate check (which you have to agree to by ticking it) is already performed in the background.

In the Vexcash loan application, the instant check is already completed in step 4 of the loan application.
In the Vexcash loan application, the instant check is already completed in step 4 of the loan application.

Submitting multiple applications is especially worthwhile if the instant review fails

However, the instant check sometimes fails. For example, if you've just moved, or never had a loan before, checking account or cell phone contract, the provider cannot match your data with the Schufa. You will then receive a message that they will contact you. Since the process is manual, the application will only be processed during business hours. At Vexcash it looks like this, if the instant verification did not work:

Vexcash credit application instant check failed
Vexcash credit application instant check failed - Now is waiting announced

If you need money urgently, there is a risk, which should not be underestimated, that discrepancies will come to light during the manual review of your credit application. The provider then rejects the loan application directly, without asking any further questions.

The desire "credit in 30 minutes on account without SCHUFA" can be met with only one request only insufficiently. Because especially if you have to wait due to a manual check until you are contacted, it is advisable not to let the interim period simply pass by.

A request is not yet a signed contract - Therefore, take heart!

It's better if instead you stick to the Vexcash*Alternatives ferratum* and cashier* turn. After all, an inquiry does not mean that a signed loan agreement will actually be signed. Many people think that and wonder why the signed loan agreement rejected by the bank was: Because it was only one credit application! You can make an infinite number of credit applications, and since the Schufa reform, this no longer has a negative impact on your Schufa score.

Only when the request is checked by the credit provider, you will receive a concrete credit offer, which you also have to check and sign again.. This then states which loan amount is offered to you at which interest rate. For example, a credit offer from Bon-Kredit says: "3,500 euros are reserved for you as a loan without Schufa information and without Schufa entry. We have received a corresponding pre-approval from our banking partner. Debit interest: x.xx %."

The simultaneous multiple request - Best chances to get a loan

By approaching several providers one after the other, you have the highest chance of meeting your credit needs. If you do everything in one day, you can get the right loan on your account within 24 hours. If there are no problems with the instant verification, you can even apply for the loan on the same day. You need to go directly online for authentication (use smartphone camera) and send copies of your income documents to the provider.

For what purpose can a "loan in 30 min on the account" be used?

For some loans, the conditions vary from the Intended use dependent. For example, there are special car loans with favorable conditions for vehicle financing. But there are also Loan for house construction or special loans for modernization of an apartment or loans for debt restructuring.

With an express loan, on the other hand, there is no such earmarking. You can therefore spend the money as you wish. None of the providers require proof of what the money was spent on. Here you can find some examples of how the fast loan can be used and which providers are predestined for it.

1. lightning loan in 30 min with instant bank transfer

If you want to have the mini loan in your account immediately, you should Vexcash* walk. This is the fastest and often cheapest provider! For the Vexcash* Blitzkredit you need proof of income of at least 500 euros. Here is the Credit despite negative SCHUFA and without SCHUFA Message already in the request in under a few hours on the account. Under optimal conditions (instant verification works smoothly, time: weekday mornings, little rush at the provider), the payout at Vexcash Blitzkredit already takes place within 30 minutes.

2. lightning loan as a loan without proof of income

The Ferratum Bank is currently the only bank the one 24-hour credit without proof of income offers. At Ferratum you can without proof of income a credit up to €1,000 With Instant payout apply for. The credit will without a Proof of Income how BAföGsalary, salary or pension in 24 hours paid out. For the Payout in 24 hours do you have to Xpress option Select. This is where the Ferratum credit comes in without any paperwork out of. Just a short one digital account check is necessary.

3. lightning loan as a loan despite SCHUFA

For a lightning fast  Credit despite negative credit bureau over 1,000 euros it is best from the credit experts bon credit* turn on. The provider has specialists working on the subject Lending despite negative credit bureau entry are specialized. A Minimum income of 500 euros is a prerequisite for Smava. for small sums up to 1,000 euros are the small loans of cashper*, Vexcash* or ferratum* even with a poor credit rating. Vexcash is the only provider that offers the loan in a few hours. despite negative SCHUFA and without SCHUFA Influencing can pay off.

4. also available in a flash: Credit for pensioners

Also people who Your working life can already be behind you from a lightning-fast loan benefit. A guide to the Credit for pensioners and seniors is linked here. The lightning-fast loan is paid out both to pensioners with basic security and to pensioners with a low pension.

5. lightning loan to restructure the car loan

That Auto loan rescheduling can be useful in several cases. By releasing the KFZ letter, the car can be sold although the bank has the KFZ letter. For this purpose, an existing car loan is rescheduled with an installment loan with free use. A lightning loan can be used temporarily for this, albeit a installment loan is more suitable for this due to the better conditions.

6. small loan from 100 - 3000 euro

A small loan is a lightning fast loan with amounts of 100 euros until 3000 euros. These mini loans can not only be taken out in a flash, but also despite a Schufa entry!

7. lightning loan for loans greater than 3000 euros

If you need more than 3,000 euros, you have to switch to an installment loan. The terms of these loans start at 12 months or longer. The credit check is also more complex for these loans, as the sums are higher. You can find the cheapest installment loans via the Installment loan comparison.

How to get a loan in 30 min on the account without SCHUFA?
which requirements you have to fulfill for a 30 min Express Credit

For a lightning loan, like for any other loan, you have to meet certain requirements:

  • Of legal age ✔️
  • Current account in Germany ✔️
  • Residence in Germany ✔️
  • Minimum income of €500 net (exception: Ferratum Bank's Xpresscredit* without proof of income) ✔️
  • No serious negative entries in SCHUFA (arrest warrant, creditor satisfaction excluded) ✔️

Possible amounts on the loan in 30 min. on the account

The amount of the loan can be freely chosen. With the providers Vexcash and Cashper, small amounts starting at 100 euros are already possible. At Ferratum, it is even possible to borrow from 50 euros.

In order to receive the loan in 30 minutes on the account - or at least on the same day - the amount must be 1,000 euros or less. For regular customers, amounts of 3,000 euros are also possible. For higher sums, banks have stricter requirements for creditworthiness and payment. Therefore, for amounts up to 10,000 euros, processing times of 48 hours and more occur. In summary, the following amounts are possible with an express loan that is still on the account on the same day:

Max. PayoutCustomer statusdurationProvider recommendation
1.000 €New customerPayment on the same day, at best the loan is on the account in 30 min.Vexcash*
3.000 €Existing customerPayment on the same day, at best the loan is on the account in 30 min.Vexcash*
10.000 €allPayout in 48 - 72 hoursbon credit*
Possible amounts for express credit

Cost table! - What is the cost of an express loan with payment in 30 min?

When it comes to a quick payment, you have to distinguish between two types of costs for loans:

  • the interest
  • the fees for express payout.

Only with the paid express option there is a chance that the loan can be on the account in 30 min. Depending on the provider, the express option is also called Super deal package, Smart package or Acceleration fee.

The interest rates are favorable for express loans

The interest rates are usually very favorable for loans up to € 3,000 and a few months term. Whether the interest rate is 8 % or 10 % is also usually of minor importance due to the short term. The following table gives you an overview of the costs incurred for the interest on export loans.

Interest chargesInterest costs
for 30 days and 1.000 €
5 %4,17 €
8 %6,67 €
10 %8,33 €
14 %11,66 €
Interest rates are usually favorable for express loans due to the short term

In contrast to the express fees

The situation is different for the express fees off. This is where the providers ask for payment. The following table provides an overview of the express fees and shows how long the loan takes without the express payout.

OffererInstant credit surchargeMore informationDuration until money on account

Credit amount: 100 - 3.000 € also for new customers
Term: 15, 30 or 60 days term
600 Euro minimum income
Express payout in 24 hours
Simplified Video-Ident procedure
Also suitable for poor credit rating
In order to ensure immediate payment in the event of cashper to obtain the Super deal package required.

Up to €199: €39
€200 – €399: €69
400 - 3000 €: 99 €

With super deal: ⚡ Lightning fast payout in 24 h
Without super deal: payout in 7 working days

🕐If the application is submitted before 13.00 on working days, payment possible on the same day

0 % Interest

📉 cheapest express credit 📉


Credit amount: 100 - 3.000 € (new customers up to 1.000 €)
Duration: 15 - 90 days
500 Euro minimum income
Express payout in 30 minutes
Simplified Video-Ident procedure
In order to ensure immediate payment in the event of Vexcash to obtain the Smart package for €69 per month
30 days: 69 €
60 days: 2 x 69 € = 138 €
90 days: 3 x 69 € = 207 €

To the provider:
With Smart package: ⚡ Lightning fast payout in 24 h
Without smart package: payout in 8-10 business days

🕑If application is made before 14.00 on working days, payment possible on the same day

🚅 Fastest express credit 🚅


Credit amount: 50 - 2.000 € (new customers up to 1.000 €)
Term: 30 or 62 days
0 Euro minimum income
Express payout in 24 hours
Simplified Video-Ident procedure
In order to ensure immediate payment in the event of ferratum to obtain are the following Acceleration fees to pay.

50-75 €: 29 €
76-99 €: 39 €
100-149 €: 49 €
150-199 €: 59 €
200-299 €: 79 €
300-499 €: 119 €
500-699 €: 159 €
700-999 €: 179 €
1000-1199 €: 219 €
1200-1500 €: 259 €
1501-1699 €: 299 €
1700- 2000 €: 339 €
2001- 2499 €: 379 €
2501- 3000 €: 419 €

At Ferratum additional fees from 89 € are due for the 2-rate option. This is obligated from 650 €
To the provider:
With acceleration fee: ⚡ Lightning fast payout in 24 h
Without acceleration fee: payout in 15 working days

🕒If the application is submitted before 15.00 on working days, payment possible on the same day

💸 without proof of income 💸

XXS: from 50 € credit


how you do it, if you have a lightning fast Express credit in 30 min want to have on the account

How to proceed if you want to have a lightning fast loan in your account in 30 min: a simple guide in 5 steps below the picture

1. lightning fast application ⚡

First you choose yours desired lender in the mini loan comparison. You then fill out the online forms and identify yourself with the Videoident procedure.
When verifying online, you should use a valid ID have at hand.
your benefit: The online legitimation saves you annoying trips to the bank and post office. There are also no waiting times and you do not need any pressure to apply for a loan.

If you want a lightning loan, express loan, express loan, you indicate this during the opening process. Keep in mind that an express loan with additional costs is connected. If you do not need the money immediately, you should do without the express option.

2. credit decision in lightning credit ⚡

First you choose yours desired lender. You then fill out the online forms and identify yourself with the Videoident procedure.
When verifying online, you should use a valid ID ready to hand to have.
your benefit: The online legitimation saves you annoying trips to the bank and post office. There are also no waiting times and you do not need any pressure to apply for a loan.

3. how the loan disbursement works with the lightning loan ⚡

In many cases, within 30 to 60 minutes (Vexcash*respectively. 24h (other providers) the money in the account. 
Provided you have the Express option subject to a surcharge chosen.

4. what you should pay attention to when applying for the lightning loan ⚡

The duration from the application to the disbursement of the loan depends on the completeness and correctness depending on your input. 
Therefore, check carefully whether you have filled out everything correctly and completely.

5. upload all attachments of the flash credit completely ⚡

After you have completed the online forms of your lightning credit filled out, you must a few attachments to the loan application append 
Work carefully here toobecause only if all attachments are complete, the lightning loan can be paid.
For example, all loan providers except Ferratum require proof of income. ferratum* uses the account number alone to check your creditworthiness.

My tips: How to guarantee a fast loan disbursement

To ensure that your wish for a lightning-fast loan, which is in the account in 30 minutes, is implemented as quickly as possible, you should consider a few things when making your request. Delays in payment can occur in many places. Only if any delays are avoided, the loan can be on the account in 30 min (even then it usually takes rather 24 hours). The following tips will help you to get your loan in your account as soon as possible:

Tip 1: Minimum requirements so that the loan is in the account in 30 min.

Before taking out the loan, you should familiarize yourself with the minimum requirements of the loan providers. The criteria to be met are very similar for most providers. Essentially, the providers require two things:

  • One medium creditworthiness (Negative entries in the Schufa are ok as long as your ability to pay is not questioned by it).
  • A minimum income

There are some differences in the amount of income required. Ferratum Bank is the only provider that does not require proof of salary until 1500 € credit. Vexcash requires an income of 500 € for the loan, which is in 30 minutes on the account (or rather until the following day). You can find the minimum income of other instant loan providers in the table:

Offererminimum income
Ferratum Bank*0,- € up to the credit amount of 1.500,- €
Vexcash*500,- €
Smava*601,- €
Consors Finance650,- €
cashper*700,- €
Auxiliary*1.000,- €
Commerzbank1.000,- €
credimaxx*1.100,- €
Creditolo*1.260,- €
Maxda*1.260,- €
bon credit*1.300,- €
Minimum income of instant loans

Tip 2: Use the digital account check to get as close as possible to a loan disbursement "in 30 min. on the account

Often, providers can rely on Waive copies of identity cards, salary statements and bank statements, if you agree to a digital account check. You log in to your online banking and the provider verifies your income automatically.

This saves you time in the run-up to the loan application, as you no longer have to search for documents. The digital account check is offered by most banks that are eligible for a lightning fast loan. These include: Ferratum Bank*, Vexcash*, Smava*, Consors Finanz and cashper*.

cashper account check
Like some other banks, Cashper offers a direct data check via online banking. This saves time when preparing the loan application.

Tip 3: Have salary statements and bank statements ready

If you do not use a digital account check, you should provide proof of salary and account statements from the last 3 months. This is because the providers, with the exception of Ferratum Bank, request all salary statements and account statements. The proofs of income and bank statements for the past three months are required. three months the standard requirement of the banks. For mini loans up to 1,000 euros, however, the current salary statement in conjunction with the bank statement is often sufficient.

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of a loan disbursement in 30 minutes after application, you should prepare yourself in advance for the question of the last 3 salary statements and bank statements. It is ideal if you have already saved the proofs as a PDF.

Tip 4: Have your bank details and ID card ready - obligatory, so that the loan is in the account in 30 min.

For legitimation you need an identity card or alternatively a passport with confirmation of registration. The ID will be shown and checked during the Video-Ident process. The providers also require your bank details when you request a loan. Keep your IBAN ready, so as not to delay the "loan in 30 minutes on the account". If you don't know your IBAN, you can find it on your bank card or in your online banking.

Tip 5: Identification via smartphone - alternatively via laptop or PC with camera

The easiest way to identify yourself is with your smartphone. Alternatively, a laptop with integrated camera or a PC with webcam is also suitable.

In the case of instant loans such as the "loan in 30 minutes on the account", identification takes place exclusively via video ID. The former Post-Ident procedure makes a loan in 30 minutes on the account because of the travel time not possible. For the Video-Ident procedure you need a Camera with good resolution.

Tip 6: Apply in the morning if possible, so that the loan is in the account in 30 min.

As mentioned above, you will come as close as possible to a same-day disbursement - keyword: loan in 30 min. on the account - if you submit your application early in the morning. You need to submit your loan application before the following times to enable same-day loan disbursement:

  • Cashper: 13.00 weekdays
  • Vexcash: 14.00 weekdays
  • Ferratum: 15.00 weekdays

If the application is submitted after these times, there is a risk that the loan amount will not arrive in the account until the next day. So, if you are in a hurry, you should apply as early as possible.

Tip 7: Pay attention to correct information so that the loan is on the account in 30 min.

One of the most common reasons for rejection, is incorrect information in the loan application. Typing errors or carelessness when submitting the application are often the cause. The credit check is based on the information provided in the application.

When applying for a loan, incorrect information often leads directly to a rejection. This is because banks and lenders usually do not investigate whether it is a typical typo. If during the Schufa query, incorrect data is detected, lenders also reject the loan application without further justification.

Therefore, against this background, it is of extreme importance that you pay attention to correct information in the loan application. This is one of the most common, and at the same time the easiest to avoid, mistakes that prevent a loan in 30 minutes on the account.

What are the advantages of having the loan in the account in 30 min?

A loan in 30 min on the account is the optimal solution when it comes to speed in the procurement of money. The award is made uncomplicated and completely online. For example, Video-Ident and the digital account check enable rapid processing of the request through a completely digital application route. It also follows that the Credit decision within a few seconds is made directly online. For existing customers, this instant decision is possible up to 3,000 euros loan amount (at Vexcash*).

Further above, we have already elicited that for smaller amounts, with short maturities lightning loans to low interest of about €5-10 per month and €1,000 loan amount offered. Repayment is made in one or more monthly installments.

The 30 min loan is granted despite poor credit rating and negative Schufa!

Another plus of the loan, which is on the account in 30 min, is that it is granted despite negative Schufa entries. Although this does not mean that it is a loan without SCHUFA (there is only from the Sigma Bank*), but actually this also plays only a minor role. After all, the credit in 30 min. on the account is not without Schufa query, but despite negative Schufa entries paid out.

In addition, it should be emphasized that the credit without predefined purpose is paid out. You can have the fast loan in the account in (almost) 30 min, and use it as a car loanYou can use it for urgent bills and reminders, for additional payments for utilities, or for renovation and moving. What you choose is up to you. You do not have to account to the bank for the use of the money after the loan is on the account (in almost 30 minutes).

Last but not least, the lightning loan online can around the clock become online. Therefore no need to go to the bank or post office as well as appointments are necessary for online loans.

Despite all the advantages of these lightning-fast loans, one fact should be pointed out again: The desire to have a loan in 30 minutes on the account without SCHUFA is not quite realistic despite fully automated checks. However, if the application is submitted in the morning, a payment in the afternoon is quite possible.

What are the disadvantages of having the loan in the account in 30 min?

Compared to classic installment loans a loan, which is in the account in almost 30 min, also has some disadvantages. The first thing to mention here is that the Credit amounts limited to €1000 to €3,000 are (depending on the provider).

But also with the selection at the You are limited in terms of terms with express loans. From a certain loan amount 2 credit installments are required. In general, however, the terms of express loans are between one and four months. often too short. Moreover, and this is the most serious disadvantage of a loan that falls in 30 min on the account for the Express payment for this often a surcharge an. Depending on the provider, at least €39 is due for the express payment. This is actually too expensive and the reason why I would refrain from an express payment if possible.

Another disadvantage of fast express loans is the still fairly small number of providers. While there is a great deal of competition for the favor of customers with installment loans, there are only a few providers who are fast enough to make them suitable for a Credit in 30 min. on the account can be taken into account. Of course, this is reflected in the price, which is usually passed on to the customer in the form of express fees (also called smart option or acceleration fee).

Advantages and disadvantages of lightning loans at a glance

Fast payout in 24 hours or less
The credit is despite negative Schufa entries paid out.
Simple and total uncomplicated application
Credit decision within a few seconds
Favorable interest rates (approx. 5-10 € per 1,000 € and 30 days)
without predefined purpose
Without printer; Without going to bank and post office
Application 100 % digital on smartphone or PC
Advantages lightning credit
Credit limited to 1.000 € - 3.000 € (depending on provider)
The credit is in reality often not in 30 min on the account (but in max. 24 hours) and without Schufa query it unfortunately does not work either.
Terms cannot be freely chosen and are often too briefly
express payout only against surcharge; Otherwise waiting time of about a week
Supplier selection limited
Disadvantages lightning credit

Alternative: Today still money earn instead of a loan

Of course, an alternative to borrowing money would be if you could earn some extra money in the short term. In the article "Earn money today"you can find some of the best ideas for this. Many of them can be done from home or on your smartphone.

Conclusion on the loan in 30 min on the account without SCHUFA

A credit that is in the account in 30 min without Schufa query, is not offered by any reputable provider. But there are some alternative offers that give a loan in 30 min on the account without Schufa already. come pretty close. If you have a poor creditworthiness and need money fast, there are the following Possibilities to borrow money today despite negative Schufa entries:

7 facts about the loan, which should be in the account in 30 min without Schufa (but needs until the evening).
7 facts about the loan, which should be in the account in 30 min without Schufa (but needs until the evening).
  1. mini loans from Vexcash*, ferratum* or cashier* are awarded up to €3,000 despite negative Schufa.
  2. However, it is often not possible to have the loan paid out to your account in 30 minutes. But, if you submit the loan application in the morning and all documentation (with the digital account check you only need to know your online banking access), a loan disbursement by the afternoon is realistic.
  3. A loan that should be in the account in 30 min. or at least the same day is expensive. Although the interest rates are negligible for mini loans due to the short term, the Express fees, however, make a tidy impact.
  4. Disbursement of the lightning loan is made only after successful Schufa exam. However, since the loan amount is small, no provider will check your creditworthiness as closely as it is the case with normal installment loans. Therefore, the lightning loan is granted even with poor credit rating and despite negative Schufa entries.
  5. An alternative to the lightning loan are loans from abroad, which are granted by the Sigma Bank from Liechtenstein. An application is possible via bon credit* possible, which means you don't have to bother with the cumbersome forms from Liechtenstein.
  6. As an alternative to the Lightning loan despite poor credit rating also come Loans from private in consideration. The inquiry here may be worthwhile if your loan application was denied, as the Credit check structured differently for personal loans is. Self-employed people in particular have a good chance of obtaining a loan from a private source as an alternative after being turned down. The best-known providers of loans from private individuals are Auxiliary* and Smava*.

Lightning loans up to € 3,000 are the fastest in disbursement

However, a lightning loan allows the Fastest payout. Although it is not realistic that the loan is in 30 minutes on the account, however, a same-day payment is often possible. Unfortunately, it is not true that the loan will be paid out within 24 hours even without the express option. Without the express option, you have to expect a payment within about a week.

When it is particularly worthwhile to choose the "30 min. credit

Lightning loans are particularly worthwhile when a Expensive overdraft facility quickly redeemed should be, Dunning fees or you can use a whole special bargain can make. To get the best offer for your lightning loan, it is recommended to compare the conditions.

Credit in the account in a few hours despite Schufa

Receive an express loan immediately to your account | payment even with a negative record

Between €100 and €3,000 Loan immediately on the account despite Schufa✓

Vexcash fastest provider | loan is granted on the same day (almost) without Schufa check paid✓

And note: The more providers you request, the lower the chance that you will be rejected everywhere. Often loans from other providers, from the Abroad or be approved privately even if rejected. However, never try to force approval with false information. Since providers check the data, false information only leads to a rejection.

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