Lower credit rates: four options

Save credit installments

In recent weeks, many people have had to make do with significantly less money than they are used to due to the corona crisis. If you have to pay off loans in such an exceptional financial situation, you have four options for reducing your monthly loan installment burden. Find out what they are and how you can permanently pay less interest on your loan... Read more

Junior depot comparison 🥇 The best children's depots & guides

Junior Depot Comparison

With a junior custody account, your child benefits from the asset growth of securities with the help of the tax authorities. Therefore, with such a children's depot, you offer your child the best possible start into adult life. As soon as you have the financial means to do so, you should think about saving for your child. Due to the lack of interest, it is also advisable to think about securities... Read more

A call to save for low earners


At the turn of the year did the costs increase again? The dispo is already back on the attack? With this reality, unfortunately, a large number of Germans are affected every month. The bottom half of German citizens own just one percent of national wealth. According to surveys, every third person is concerned about whether they will have enough money in old age... Read more

Compare checking accounts – save 100 euros

Compare Girokonto - Save 100 Euro

A large part of the fees can often be saved by a low interest rate. Some banks that offer a free checking account only charge a relatively low interest rate. As a rule, these are direct banks that do not have their own branch network. They pass this cost advantage on to their customers. Furthermore, many providers also offer a free… Read more

Invest money with autopilot – the slipper portfolio

Staying in lane. It's easier with autopilot.

Do you already know one of the simplest investment strategies? Stiftung Warentest calls it the slipper portfolio. Others speak of a broadly diversified passive investment strategy. The video summarizes the key facts in just under 3 minutes: Getting started: selecting a depot Before implementing the slipper portfolio strategy, you need a depot that is as cheap as possible. Find the best depots here (note: Flatex is in … Read more

How big is your pension gap? - Mind the gap!

Pension gap mind the gap

By what percentage does the last monthly net income before retirement exceed the pension? This number is regularly recalculated by statisticians from the German Institute for Old-Age Provision. The number is also called the pension gap. Retirement income: 3-pillar model Ideally, retirement income is not based solely on statutory pension insurance, but is based on the following three stable pillars: Statutory ... Read more

Compound Interest Calculator - Calculate interest with monthly savings rate

Compound interest calculator: Calculate your interest using the compound interest effect.

Using the compound interest calculator Why did I develop the compound interest calculator? In long-term wealth accumulation, the compound interest effect is an important helper. This is known to many people. Less known is the actual power of this muscle over long periods of time. Through the compound interest calculator, it becomes clear through a few inputs how strong the compound interest effect actually is. To get from ... Read more

How much does a small car cost per month?

You ask yourself "How much does a small car cost per month?" A small car can be maintained for less than 200 euros per month. This includes all costs for fuel, maintenance, taxes and insurance. These costs, also known as the maintenance costs of your car, amount to around 160 euros per month for a small car. In addition, there is the loss of value, which with a ... Read more

Which car at 1000 euros net? – 11 cheapest cars

Which car at 1000 euros net?

You ask yourself "Which car can you afford with a net wage or salary of 1,000 euros?" At 1,000 euros net, a used small car up to 5,000 euros is an option. If you can pay for the car in cash, you'll lower your future monthly expenses. However, you can also finance a cheap used car with a salary of €1000. Thereby amounts to … Read more

Debt Advice: A Lifeline for People in Financial Distress?

Debt counseling: An effective lifeline for people in financial distress

This page compares the results of four social science studies that examined the effectiveness of debt counseling. In order to assess whether debt counseling is a lifeline for people in financial distress, we compare the effectiveness of debt counseling in four dimensions. The effectiveness of debt counseling is measured in 4 dimensions: economic, financial effectiveness, psychosocial effectiveness, ... Read more