Car loan comparison: 10+ best loans for vehicles


Car loans are mostly cheaper as installment loans for free use. In the case of a car loan, the Vehicle registration document as collateral for the loan. Banks reward this by offering borrowers more favorable interest rates, which even fall into the low-interest region of construction financing can come. In the car loan comparison you can check available interest rates, and secure the interest rate online if you want to look at an offer again later.

Car loan comparison: The most important facts about the car loan

Car loans are optimal for financing car, motorcycle and motor home

A car loan is a installment loan with earmarking. You can get a car loan for the Car purchase use. However, a car loan can also be used for other vehicles, provided they have a Vehicle registration have. So you can use the car loan for the following:

  • To purchase or repair a New or used car,
  • If you are looking for a motorcycle you would like to purchase, is a Car loan often also the best financing option
  • but also for Motorhomes are suitable for the loans from the car loan comparison

Car loans are often the most favorable financing option

Car loans are almost always cheaper as installment loans for unrestricted use, where no vehicle title is deposited. Finally, the bank may use the financed vehicle as collateral.

With a car loan you can benefit from additional Cash discount benefit

With a car loan from the bank, you can pay for the car directly at the dealer. This way the dealer often gives you a Cash discount benefit.

Complete car loan fully digital without printer from home

You can get an online car loan n only few minutes from home fully digitally. A printer or a trip to the post office is not necessary for this.

Provider from the car loan comparison
Popular suppliers from the Car loan comparison

Car loan comparison: alternatives to the car loan

If you can't pay for your new vehicle out of your own savings, there are several ways to finance the purchase price.

Consider car dealer financing complementary to car loan comparison

Car dealers and manufacturers often offer the possibility of financing the vehicle through the car loan of the corresponding manufacturer-linked car bank. The conclusion of the loan is possible through the car dealership, which makes this option very convenient. At special car dealerships you can get the Buy car even despite negative Schufa at the dealership on installments.

Offers from the dealer often have favorable conditions. Zero-percent financing is not uncommon. After all, the manufacturer and the dealer want to push the sales of the cars.

Particularly good offers are bound to model and equipment. Thus, the dealer can, vehicles he wants to get rid of (shopkeepers) press cheaply into the market.

Furthermore, financing through the dealership is usually accompanied by a down payment on the vehicle price.

For car buyers without larger savings, dealer financing is therefore usually not an option. In addition, the interest saved on 0 percent financing is often added to the purchase price in advance.

Car subscription as an alternative to the cheap loan from the car loan comparison

The car subscription also offers you some advantages compared to the leasing or car purchase. So you get your Desired vehicle at short notice and often without long waiting times. The Choice of car models is large. From Camper, Compact to Premium, there is a car for every need. In the subscription you have to no loss of value fear.

A Vehicle change is often possible without any problems and you can use the car Abo without long notice period (e.g. at the end of the month). This is how you are with a car subscription super flexible and have all Freedoms, without having to make any commitments.

Often all costs except refueling as well as one Comprehensive insurance included. People with poor Schufa stand Car subscriptions despite negative Schufa from Finn* to disposal.

Car leasing without Schufa Finn reputable provider with poor credit rating

Recommendation: Car subscription without Schufa

Finn is one of the few reputable providers with a bad credit rating

  • None Agency commission
  • You take over only the fuel costs (Car subscription)
  • Included Comprehensive insurance
  • No blanket rejection at negative Schufa
Check available cars:

Car leasing as an alternative to financing through a car loan comparison

While you are at the purchase Whereas with a purchase you acquire the vehicle through financing, with a car lease you enter into a rental agreement for a fixed period. The rights of use are transferred to you as the lessee during this period. In contrast to a car subscription, car leasing is designed for the long term and is not all-inclusive, as is the case with a car subscription. On the one hand, this saves you money, but on the other hand, it reduces your freedom, since you have to car insurance often have to take care of yourself.

Individuals with poor Schufa standing may be referred to providers at the Car leasing despite negative credit bureau To fall back on.

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