Deposit change premium (brand-new comparison)


Just as important as the right share is the right securities account. Smart investors make regular comparisons and regularly receive cash in their accounts by comparing the securities account change premium.

Change of securities account: The premium in comparison

OffererPremium for change of securities accountWhat else do I need to know about the bonus for switching securities accounts?Premium will be paid out, starting from a deposit transfer of at leastTo the offer
1822 directChange of securities account to 1822direktPremium: 150 EUR premiumCreate a 12-month savings plan and receive a €100 bonus. You will also receive a 50 € Amazon voucher for 3 purchases of securities.Depot size from: 0 €Check conditions:
Targobank Logo
Change of securities account to TARGOBANK
Premium:up to 1.00% interest on call moneyInterest is guaranteed for 12 months and up to 40,000 EURDeposit size from: 7.000 EURCheck conditions:
Consorsbank Logo
Change of securities account to Consorsbank
Premium:2.00% for 12 months fixed deposit50% Time Deposit and 50% Invest in Funds
Interest is credited at the end of the term
Deposit size from: 5.000 EURCheck conditions:
Targobank Logo
Change of securities account to TARGOBANK
Premium:up to EUR 5,000 bonus on transfer of securities account

ETF not subject to premiums

Cash bonus of 0.75% of the securities account value, max. 5,000 EUR. Transferred securities must remain in the securities account for 1 year
Deposit size from: 7.000 EURCheck conditions:

In addition, are subject of securities accounts are subject to constant change and should therefore be reviewed regularly. This is because the costs can sometimes be significantly lower at another bank. A change may then be worthwhile. In addition, banks offer attractive bonuses when customers switch securities accounts. Konto-Kredit-Vergleich explains what needs to be considered when transferring a securities account.

A high premium beckons when you switch securities accounts
A high premium beckons when you switch securities accounts. Image: Canva

For you as an investor, custody account and order fees are a cost item that should not be underestimated. However, custodian banks are in strong competition with each other and therefore offer investors willing to switch attractive premiums for switching custodians. A move of the depot will be planned. Before changing the depot, there is a comparison of the offers. should Brokerage account-, administrative-, order fees and Interest charges are taken into account. With the constantly updated Depot comparison calculator as well as the Junior Depot Comparison on this is done simply by clicking the mouse. In order to be able to make a cost estimate that is as accurate as possible, information on order volume, Number orders per year, Share order via internet as well as the average depot volume necessary. The computer does the rest. If the provider promises a premium for switching depots, it is also important to understand the conditions for this so that there are no surprises in the end. The following depots are recommended Account Credit Comparison

Depotwechsel Premium Comparison: Cash in your account!

With the constantly updated Depot comparison calculator on conditions from banks and online brokers can be easily compared. Custody fees, fees for securities orders and credit interest are included in the calculation. Calculated from all factors the depot comparison the cheapest deposit account. Thus, the cheapest depot can be calculated individually. Here it goes Depot comparison. are you at depot comparison If you find what you are looking for, it is time to open the depot

5 simple steps to benefit the most from a bonus when switching securities accounts in comparison.

Changing a depot explained step by step. Usually the process is completed within a week and the old depot can be permanently deleted after completion.

1. opening of a new deposit

Go to the website of the bank where you want to open the account. When using the comparison calculator you just click on the link. Below you follow the instructions on the website. After completing all the information, an identification procedure via post or video ident is necessary to confirm your identity.

2. the removal of the depot

The securities are usually moved using a service provided by the new provider (custody account switch service). The new provider will take care of the transfer of the securities and, if desired, also the termination with the old provider. If desired, however, the transfer of securities can also be requested from the old credit institution itself. A depot change is basically free of charge. This has been decided by the Federal Court of Justice. However, third-party fees from external custodians and, if applicable, sales fees for fractional shares may apply. A securities account transfer is only possible for whole shares.

3. waiting: duration of the deposit transfer

After everything is set in motion, you have to wait. If you haven't received any information about the storage of your securities with the new provider after 7-10 days, ask what's going on! With my own depot transfer too onvista, it took almost 14 days for the portfolio transfer to be completed. However, other custodian banks are usually faster.

4. perform the action for premium

Sometimes providers require certain actions to be taken before paying out the bonus. For example, for the payment of the cashback in the amount of 200 EUR at Flatex new customers must open a securities account and perform 20 trades. The number of trades within the first 12 months after account opening is decisive.

5. closing the old depot

It is advisable to close the old securities account only after the transfer has been completed. Also check whether the correct purchase date and purchase price were transferred during the securities account transfer. The original purchase data must be transferred so that the overtag is not considered a new purchase. If you use the custody account switch service, the new custodian bank will take over the deletion of the old custody account upon request.

By the way: Termination templates of the old depot you will find here.

A brief tax consideration when changing securities accounts*

A transfer of securities does not count as a sale for tax purposes because the creditor does not change. The situation is different, however, if the securities are transferred to the partner's custody account. During this process, the tax office is informed and the final withholding tax on the profit becomes due.
Once securities up the depotare transferred to another person, this is a sale for tax purposes and the withholding tax is due. An exception to this rule is the labeling as a gift. You can ask about this at the depot change service.

The following allowances apply to donations:

  • Spouses or registered civil partners: 500,000 euros
  • Children: 400,000 euros
  • Grandchildren: 200,000 euros
  • Lower degree of relationship: 20,000 euros

When transferring the securities account, it is important to ensure that the correct purchase date and the correct purchase price are used. The original purchase data must be adopted so that the overnight stay is not counted as a new purchase.

In addition, loss offset pots for final withholding tax and the offset pot for foreign Withholding tax be taken along. These details must be provided to the custody provider when switching. At offsetting losses one understands Wins minus incurred losses. the withholding tax is to be paid only on the profit actually made. In this way, taxes can be saved by taking the losses with you. Also already paid foreign withholding tax on the Capital Gains Tax to be counted on. This reduces capital gains tax.

*This information is not tax advice and does not claim to replace such. Consult your tax advisor for this.

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