Which car bank finances despite negative Schufa? - Top 15!


Car banks can offer financing and the associated new vehicle from a single source. However, car banks are banks at one brand bound. In addition, there are the inflexible terms and conditions of car bank financing. These include 3-way financing with the requirement of a down payment and a final installment. The high final installment at the end makes financing with negative Schufa thereby difficult. This is because banks only offer the often highly inflated balloon loans (low installments, but high final installment) to people with excellent credit ratings, as they suspect payment defaults in the event of negative Schufa entries. Car banks of cheaper brands such as Mazda, Fiat, Ford or Opel, where the financed final installment is naturally also lower, are therefore most suitable if you want to know which car bank finances despite negative Schufa.

KKV table: Which car bank finances despite negative Schufa?

Here are 15 autobanks and a rough estimate of the chances of getting financing despite negative Schufa at the autobank.

#AutobankOpportunities for financing with poor Schufa
#1Mazda Finance
Funding via the Santander Consumer Bank*
⚠️ bad chances,
but there is a chance online to use the maximum amount of credit available at the Santander Consumer Bank* to request
#2Fiat Bank/ FCA Bank Germany⚠️ poor chances
#3Ford Bank⚠️ poor chances
#4Honda Bank⚠️ poor chances
#5Skoda Bank⚠️ poor chances
#6Opel Bank⚠️ poor chances
#7PSA Finance Germany⚠️ poor chances
#8Renault Bank⚠️ poor chances
#9Toyota Kreditbank⚠️ poor chances
#10Seat Bank⚠️ poor chances
#11Mercedes-Benz Bank⚠️⚠️ very poor chances
#12Volkswagen Bank (VW Bank)⚠️⚠️ very poor chances
#13Audi Bank⚠️⚠️ very poor chances
#13BMW Bank⚠️⚠️ very poor chances
#14Porsche Bank⚠️⚠️ very poor chances
#15AutoBank (Austria)⚠️ ⚠️ Bankruptcy - No more request possible
Table: Which car bank finances despite negative Schufa?

Why the car bank often does not finance with negative Schufa

So with the car banks there are bad or very bad chances when it comes to financing despite negative Schufa. While you can find some banks that answer the question "Which bank gives credit despite negative credit bureau?" call directly "here" (see the post) turns out to be much more difficult to find a car bank financing despite negative Schufa.

That's because car banks don't make installment loans that last over the entire Duration be paid off evenly. Instead, car banks work with 3-way financing (balloon financing) which greatly inflates the loan amount.

However, a 3-way financing from car banks often even harder to get for people with poor credit than a installment loan of a "normal" bank. There are several reasons for this:

  • The initially lower rates mean that a high final payment is due at the end of the term when financing through the autobank. As a result, the car bank bears a higher risk and turns away people with negative Schufa
  • To make matters worse, car banks usually only grant loans for new or annual cars. This inflates the loan amount even further and often requires a very good credit rating to be creditworthy for this high sum.

When financing through the manufacturer's own automotive banks, people with poor credit ratings are usually left out of the equation. As a manufacturer's bank, it is in the manufacturer's interest to sell more cars, but this advantage does not compensate for the two disadvantages mentioned above. In the end, autobank financing despite negative Schufa is therefore rather unrealistic.

3 tips on how a car bank still finances despite negative Schufa.

If you still want to tackle autobank financing (despite negative Schufa), here are 3 tips on how to get autobank financing despite negative Schufa listing.

1. choose cheap used car, so that the car bank will finance despite negative Schufa!

However, you can significantly improve your chances of getting a loan (despite negative Schufa), in which you have a cheaper used cars financing. It is not advisable to take out (expensive) financing for a new car with negative Schufa - also to protect yourself. In most cases, however, the car banks do not offer Used car loans and you have to switch to an annual car instead.

2. choose down payment as high as possible so that the car bank finances despite negative Schufa!

In addition, if you have a negative Schufa record, you should have a higher deposit so that the amount borrowed from the car bank is smaller. This will increase your chances of getting a loan from a car bank. Therefore, choose the down payment as high as possible.

3. choose loan amount below 10,000 euros, so that the car bank finances despite negative Schufa!

Auto banks are also more likely to finance despite negative Schufa if the Credit amount under 10.000 Euro. Therefore, try to cover the rest via the down payment if possible.

Which car bank finances despite negative Schufa? - None
Which car bank finances despite negative credit bureau? - None!

Alternative ways to finance a car with negative Schufa

If the car bank rejects your financing request, this does not have to be the final rejection of your financing request. You can alternatively make a Request installment purchase directly from the dealership, a Credit from private record or make an Autocredit without Schufa record, tape.

1. borrowing from private

You don't have to go to a bank to take out a loan. Because family and friends are also eligible as lenders for your car. The advantage of private borrowing is that the Schufa hardly plays a role. For smaller sums, you can ask relatives and friends directly for money. However, you mix finances with your personal contacts. This often results in trouble, which can be avoided when asking via professional platforms such as Auxiliary* not applicable.

2. car loan without Schufa

However, banks that do not scrutinize the Schufa as closely also offer themselves as an alternative to the auto bank. A Car loan without Schufa from a supplier like bon credit* could be a good solution. This is the car loan without Schufa banks and intermediaries that can still lend even in difficult cases. An investigation showed that Bon-Kredit often succeeded in that really give a credit despite negative Schufa could be. The deposit of the registration certificate part 2 (vehicle title), on the other hand, is not required for a car loan without Schufa. In the case of a car loan despite Schufa (e.g. from bon credit*) the interest rates are between 5 and 10 %, so this option is often much cheaper than the installment purchase at the car dealership directly, which can be up to 30 %.

3. take out car loan in pairs

A car loan in pairs can also be a good option if you want to finance a car despite Schufa. Because two borrowers mean that the bank has two incomes at its disposal. The option is particularly suitable for households that want to buy a joint car.

4. installment purchase at the car dealership directly

Because there are also Car dealers offering installment purchase cheap used cars despite negative Schufa offer. These car dealerships often offer older vehicles from their own inventory for sale. Legally, all providers offer installment plan, which means that the car can be repossessed if the installments are late. However, the interest rates for installment purchase from the dealership are often very high in case of negative Schufa. Some providers charge 30 % interest. This makes alternative financing via providers such as bon credit* often the better choice.

Can you finance a car with Hartz 4?

Under special conditions, there are some ways in which you can finance a car with Hartz 4. These include financing via the job center and the Car installment purchase with poor credit rating about, for example, "your dream car".

Financing a car as a Hartz 4 recipient via the Jobcenter

The first option is to take out an interest-free loan from the job center for the car. The Jobcenter grants Hartz 4 recipients financing for a car if this is necessary to take up a job or to continue an existing employment relationship. A car is necessary if the journey by public transport is unreasonable because the way to work is too long. But even if you need a car for the job and the employer does not provide one, the job center can finance a car for Hartz 4 recipients upon application.

The amount of the installment is 10 % of the monthly standard rate, i.e. around 50 euros. Thus, mainly cheap used cars that cost between 500 euros and 3,000 euros are eligible. You can find some recommendations of reliable and cheap cars in the article "What car at 1000 euros net (11 cheap cars)“.

Financing a car through the car dealership as a Hartz 4 recipient

Some car dealers offer cheap used cars also Hartz 4 recipients for financing. If you make a 20%ige down payment on an approximately 3,000 Euro (so about 600 euro) expensive car, the Car installment plan a suitable alternative. Special car dealerships are explicitly aimed at Hartz 4 recipients. However, you should be sure that you can pay the monthly maintenance for the car. Because if there is a delay in the monthly payment, the car dealership will have the car picked up again within a short time. If it is possible for you, you should first request the loan from the job center.

Financing a car via mini-loans as a Hartz 4 recipient

Mini loans up to 3,000 euros are the only loans granted by banks to Hartz 4 recipients. Compared with installment loans, the terms are limited to a few months. As a result, the rates are somewhat higher than for installment loans. On the other hand, the advantage of the mini loan is that the loan is paid off quickly ("short and painful").

If you finance a used car with a 1,000 euro loan over 90 days, a monthly rate of about 335 euros will be due. Thus, the rate is significantly higher than the rate of the job center, but the loan is paid off in 3 months, while the job center loan of 1,000 euros runs for about 20 months (7 times longer!) If you finance a car with it. You can also request a mini loan as a Hartz 4 recipient with these providers from the mini loan comparison.

What Schufa score is required for a car loan?

To this question, there can only be an approximate answer, because the SCHUFA score is never the only criterion according to which a loan is granted. Above a Schufa scores of 90 percent, however, borrowers usually do not have to worry about loan rejection due to Schufa.

In addition to the SCHUFA score, the following in particular also play a role Income, expenses and realizable collateral play a role. In addition, if you have a bad Schufa report, you can reduce the loan amount by making a higher down payment to compensate for the risk (of the slightly worse Schufa report).

Generally speaking, the higher the SCHUFA score, the better. A score of over 97.5 percent indicates a very low risk of default. If the score is between 90 and 95 percent, the risk of default is already only satisfactory to increased, according to the Schufa. If the Schufa score is between 80 and 90 percent, the Schufa speaks of a significantly increased to high risk.

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