Free credit card: 6 best banks


Credit cards are widely used as a means of payment in the USA. Here in Germany, however, they still lead a niche existence, even though credit cards are becoming increasingly popular. And there are good reasons for this. One Credit card is uncomplicated when paying. In addition, you are protected by a strong safety net in the event of fraud. Well protected. Unauthorized direct debits can usually be reversed relatively easily. The reversal process is much easier than with a bank transfer. In addition, you can always make your purchases on End of month by invoice or Direct debit which gives you a free loan.

One free credit card is for the most consumers the better choice. Banks charge for these free credit cards no annual fees. In addition, withdrawal and payment fees are low. This saves you a lot of money compared to more expensive credit cards. At the same time you have to No big compromises in terms of performance. After all, the fact that the free credit cards don't include insurance or fuel discounts isn't a big deal.


Insurance, fuel discounts and other benefits of more expensive credit cards are often not worth it for most customers. The free credit cards work just as well for the essentials - i.e., payments and withdrawals - as credit cards that are not free of charge.

Free credit card: the best banks

What you need to know and consider about free credit cards

  • With a free credit card you pay no annual fee.
    • Nevertheless, fees may arise for some services, e.g use abroad
  • You must return the money spent on the credit card either
    • pay back directly (at debit cards) or
    • the bank will bill you for the costs once a month (for credit cards)
  • Some providers try Installment payments for repayment impose. Since this is very expensive, you should avoid it.
  • Caution is also at Withdrawing money abroad hip, trendy, popular. Check with your bank beforehand which ATMs you can withdraw from abroad and under what conditions. It could get expensive...
Credit card issued even with poor credit rating/ negative Schufa: TF Bank's free credit card.
Credit card issued even with poor credit rating/ negative Schufa: the free credit card from TF Bank*

Where to find the best free credit cards

1) The best free credit card with monthly billing Bank Norwegian*

which at first glance sounds too good to be true. But a closer look reveals that the card actually offers numerous advantages. For example, it does not charge any foreign currency fees and allows fee-free cash withdrawals at home and abroad. In addition, travel insurance is also included in the service package. But what's the catch? By default, you have to pay the bill for the card by the first of the following month. You will receive the bill on the 15th of the previous month, so you have about 2 weeks to pay. In order not to forget any bill, you should switch the card to automatic direct debit.


  • Free credit cardThere is no basic fee. If you do not use the card, it remains free of charge. The application is also free of charge.
  • Up to 45 days interest free
  • Up to 10 000 € credit
  • Award possible with poor credit rating
  • 30 € bonus: When you sign up for the Bank Norwegian credit card, you will receive a total bonus of 30€. You will receive the first €15 directly when you sign up and the other €15 when you either make your first deposit or pay your first bill.
  • Direct debit possible: Unlike other credit cards, Bank Norwegian now offers direct debit. You have to register for this after applying for the card.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance: travel cancellation insurance (incl. interruption), travel health insurance, travel delay insurance, travel liability insurance, travel accident insurance and luggage insurance. The sums insured are also quite high, for example, per person can be up to 3,350€ and a total of maximum 6.700€ per trip are covered in the event of travel cancellation. In addition, not only the cardholder but also the immediate family (partner, children under 21) and up to three travel companions who are on a joint trip are also insured.
  • No Girokonto change necessary: You can use the card with any checking account use. There is no need to move the account.
  • Worldwide free cash withdrawals at Visa ATMs
  • Intuitive App: Bank Norwegian offers an easy-to-use app for Android and iOS that allows you to manage your credit card.
  • Wish pin: It is possible to set a desired PIN and use the credit card even at offline terminals.
  • The credit card supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, and even Fitbit Pay.


  • High interestDue to the high double-digit interest rates, it quickly becomes expensive if you don't pay your bill on time. However, with an automatic direct debit, the interest can be avoided completely.
  • Schufa: A Schufa query will occur, which may affect your score.
  • 500 €/ 1,000 € withdrawal limit: Bank Norwegian allows fee-free cash withdrawals both domestically and abroad, but with certain limits. Within 24 hours, customers can withdraw up to €500 domestically and €1,000 abroad. Per week, the maximum is €1,500 domestically and €3,000 abroad.
  • Cash at the counter expensive: Cash withdrawals at the counter incur high debit interest from the first day. It is therefore advisable to withdraw cash from an ATM to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • No charge: Bank Norwegian does not officially allow money to be loaded onto the card for a longer period of time. However, it works, and so far proves to be inconsequential.
  • Insurance coverage only from 50 %: For coverage to apply, at least 50% of transportation or travel expenses must be paid with the credit card. Although the regulation is a good compromise (other card providers require 100 %), you should make sure to reach the 50% mark.
  • No insurance coverage from the age of 75
  • Deductible from 70€ in the event of a claim (except for flight and baggage delays and travel accident insurance)
  • A travel warning issued by the German Foreign Office cancels the insurance coverage
  • Bank Norwegian has its registered office outside the European Union (in Norway)
Recommendation Bank Norwegian
Recommendation Bank Norwegian

2) The best free credit card with partial payment

Credit cards with monthly debit, but preset partial payment. Withdrawing these credit cards is free worldwide. 

  • Hanseatic Bank Genialcard*.
  • At Hanseatic Bank you can change the default partial payment in the settings to a full monthly debit
  • Barclay Card Visa*
  • With the Barclay Card, you can change the default partial payment in the settings to a full monthly debit
  • Norwegian Bank*
  • Norwegian Bank's free credit card offers a payment term of up to 45 days and even a €30 bonus for opening it.

3) The Best Free Credit Card With Prompt Charge (Debit Card)

card with timely debit: N26 Smart* 

A recommendable free debit card with monthly debit is the DKB Visa Card*. Withdrawal is free of charge worldwide with these credit cards. 

  • You will receive the credit card DKB current account free addition.
  • Since it is a real credit card, are also Rental car bookings abroad no problem with the DKB credit card.

Pay 59 days later with a free credit card

The downside to most credit cards is that low-income people tend to be declined. An exception to this is the Barclaycard. The Barclaycard also issues the credit card to people on a tight budget, which is why it is mentioned in the article "Which bank gives credit for low income?" is listed as an alternative to the "low-income loan."

In addition, sales do not have to be settled until the end of the following month. This gives you a credit of up to 59 days. However, you have to be careful with the installment option of credit cards like the Barclaycard. Here, amounts are not repaid in full, but only partially. In contrast to the previously mentioned free credit line until the end of the following month, the installment option is only available in part. Installment option unfortunately also very expensive. If you want to know more about the Barcalycard or would like to try out the product, you can go to the Barclaycard website* provide more information.

*Affiliate link: If you use one of these links to go from my website to a provider, I may receive a commission. There are no additional costs for you. For using these links a ❤️ THANK YOU! ❤️

Disclaimer: This is well researched but non-binding information.

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