Earning money at the age of 12: Your first steps to a part-time job


Would you like to earn your own money as a 12-year-old and are interested in possible job opportunities? Then you've come to the right place. Our article looks at the opportunities for earning money from the age of 12 and clarifies the legal framework according to Youth Protection Act and Child Labor Protection Ordinance on. This is because the Youth Protection Act in particular places a clear limit on making money at the age of 12. With the question: "How can you Earn money at 12?", so it's important not only to boost your finances, but also to stay within legal limits - whether it's for the next video game or the latest magazine.

We show you the 8 Best Ways to Make Your Pocket Money as a 12-Year-Old after school or at the weekend. In addition, you'll find important facts about your earnings at age 12, as well as information about the hours you're allowed to work at age 12.

Earning money at the age of 12: There must be agreement between parents and child, because the parents' consent to the part-time job is required.
Earning money at the age of 12: There must be agreement between parents and child, because the parents' consent to the part-time job is required.

Article Summary: Making Money at 12

  • At the age of 12, according to the Youth Protection Act and the Child Labor Protection Ordinance, you are allowed to not yet work.
  • First jobs, like handing out newspapers and brochures, you can do with 13 years make money.
  • Supporting activities in the garden and household, however, you are allowed to do even at the age of 12 to earn money.
  • The activity should not exceed one hour a day claim and must not negatively affect academic performance and your development.
  • Earning money at 12 years goes only with the Parents consent.

Jobs for 12-year-olds are banned, but favors are possible

Jobs for 12-year-olds can be a tricky business, as the Youth Protection Act in Germany speaks an unmistakable language: official employment is only permitted from the age of 13.

Official opportunities to earn money with 12 years do not exist

Children who have reached the age of 13 and adolescents who are required to attend school full-time may be employed in light work suitable for them under certain conditions. 

Minimum age to earn money according to the Youth Protection Act

The purpose of the Youth Protection Act is to prevent 12-year-olds and younger from having other obligations in addition to school. But does this mean that as a 12-year-old or younger, you have to bury your dreams of earning your own income? Absolutely not! There are still ways you can supplement your allowance.

However, favors with families, neighbors, friends and acquaintances are possible

The following are exempt from the Youth Protection Act Favors. These favors you can perform at 12 years in the family, but also in the neighborhood or acquaintances and friends. With favors stands the Assistance in the foreground. Unlike an official job, where the focus is on earning money. For example, you could support your grandparents by helping in the garden or going shopping for the neighbor when she has back problems again.

In this context, it is important that these activities do not harm your health and academic performance. About one hour work a day is therefore considered the maximum for 12-year-olds.

Equally decisive is the Consent of your parents. Not only do they have to agree, but they should know what you are doing to supplement your allowance. This will keep you safe and ensure that you are not taken advantage of. Your parents can also help you make fair arrangements about your earnings.

How can I make money with 12? - 8 ideas

Earn money with 12 years
Earn money with 12 years: Officially, only favors are allowed. This can be pet-sitting, helping with housework or gardening, babysitting, selling old things at the flea market, helping siblings with schoolwork or helping in the club with volunteer work.
  1. Homework: with family and neighbors, 12-year-olds can take on everyday tasks and thus earn their first money at the age of 12:
    • Vacuuming,
    • Washing up,
    • Cleaning out the dishwasher
    • clean up,
    1. Car wash,
    2. Washing, hanging and ironing laundry,
    3. Clean windows
  2. Gardening: Also in the garden you can at 12 years at the Weeding or the Watering the plantn help. In addition, you can earn money at the age of 12 if you work at the Lawn mowing supported.
  3. Pet Sitting: 12 year olds can be placed on the Watch dog from neighbor and receive pocket money for it as a favor.
  4. Baby Sitting: Hats the Neighbors baby and receive a small gift in return
  5. Flea market: Sell your old clothes or toysthat you no longer need at the flea market. Your parents will help you with the registration of the flea market stand.
  6. Getting groceries: At 12, you can run small errands like. Get bread rolls in the neighborhood or older people in your street help with shopping.
  7. Helping siblings: Assist younger siblings or friends with homework or school projects.
  8. Help in the club: If you are involved in the association, you can help at festivals and events. You can also help your parents prepare and sell cakes at club events or set up and dismantle booths. In many clubs, underage volunteers also receive small allowances such as lunch or drinks. For this, your parents should also be club members and you should support them directly. Otherwise, the Youth Protection Act will prevent 12-year-olds from volunteering.

Earning money at the age of 12

At the age of 12, children are not allowed to work in any company. Therefore, there are no official salary limits for 12-year-olds. At the age of 12, you can earn an unlimited amount of extra money at the discretion of your parents by doing favorable services or helping out in the family or with friends. From the age of 13, the distribution of brochures is then also officially possible.

Earn money with 12 years earning 5 euros per hour
Earn money with 12 years: On average, "earning" 5 euros per hour is common for favors

For favors is thereby with 12 years is a compensation of about 5 Euro per hour usual. For an afternoon of babysitting for an hour every week, that's 20 euros a month in extra pocket money. This means that at the age of 12, a large sum can quickly be saved up for a trip to an amusement park or an expensive game. With advancing age, the earnings increase significantly. The following table gives an approximate overview of the earnings potential for young people between the ages of 12 and 18.

AgeAverage wageRestrictions of the Youth Employment Protection Act or the Child Labor Protection Ordinance
Earn money with 12 years5 Euro per hourOnly courtesy services allowed
Earn money with 13 Years7 Euro per hourLight work possible (e.g. delivering brochures)
Earn money with 14 years7 Euro per hourLight work possible (e.g. delivering brochures)
Earn money with 15 years7 Euro per hourBetter paying work available in industry. School-age youth: Maximum four weeks in the calendar year. Without compulsory schooling max. 7h per day, but only Mon-Fri.
Earn money at 1610 Euro per hourBetter paying work available in industry. School-age youth: Maximum four weeks in the calendar year. Without compulsory schooling max. 8h per day, but only Mon-Fri.
Earn money with 17 years12 Euro per hourBetter paying work available in industry. School-age youth: Maximum four weeks in the calendar year. Without compulsory schooling max. 8h per day, but only Mon-Fri.
Earn money with 18 years14 Euro per hourNo restrictions. Shift work is also permitted at night between 20.00 and 6.00.
Earning money as a teenager: earning opportunities between the ages of 12 and 18.

Generally speaking, the amount of money you can earn from doing favors depends a lot on the individual agreements and the general conditions. For example, you could earn much better by selling some valuable old things at the flea market than by watering the plants in your neighbor's garden.

Working time regulations when earning money at the age of 12: School has priority!

The Youth Protection Act and the Child Labor Protection Ordinance in Germany lay down strict regulations for the working hours of children and young people. The child's schooling, health and development take precedence over earning money at age 12.

Earn money with 12 years Maximum 1 hour a day
Earning money at age 12: Maximum 1 hour of work per day so as not to interfere with school performance, health, and development..

This means that school-age children and adolescents are not allowed to work during school hours. When children as young as 13 or 14 are engaged in light work, working hours are severely limited. For example, they are not allowed to work during school hours, nor before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

The maximum Working time when earning money at 12 years is about one hour a day. This is only an approximate guideline, since there are no legal regulations for the permitted courtesy services and assistance.

Vacation job from 12 years

With a vacation job, you work during the time off from school to earn money. According to the Youth Protection Act, official vacation jobs are only permitted from the age of 13. This means that 12-year-olds cannot enter into an employment relationship yet. Nevertheless, there are certainly ways to earn some money at the age of 12 during the time off from school.

What vacation job is allowed from 12 years

The key to the 12+ vacation job is to find activities that count as favors and are therefore allowed. To do this, you can offer your help watering the garden, planting flowers or mowing the lawn within the family or relatives.

Many people need assistance from neighbors during the summer months to take care of the garden while they are on vacation.

But even older people or working neighbors are grateful for a bit of Garden help. Whether it's pulling weeds, watering flowers or sweeping leaves, these tasks are easy to accomplish and the vacation job for ages 12 and up, will add a nice bonus to your pocket money.

Vacation job from 12 gardening shoveling snow or petsitting
Vacation jobs from 12: Gardening, shoveling snow or pet-sitting at neighbors' houses are permitted vacation jobs for 12-year-olds and are suitable during summer and winter vacations.

During the summer, when many people go on vacation, you could also offer your services as a Petsitter offer. The responsibility to look after the pets is often gratefully accepted by neighbors.

When the winter vacations arrive and snow covers the roads, you could become the heroic Snowplow in your neighborhood. You will earn a few euros, and also leave a good impression in the neighborhood.

In addition, through such a vacation job from the age of 12, you will learn at an early stage Assume responsibility and Build relationships with adults.

Minijob from 12

As already mentioned, you can't jump into a mini-job at the age of 12 yet. If you would like to earn money as quickly as possible, you can already make preparations for a mini-job. Minijob from 13 meet. Because your 13th birthday is fast approaching! From the age of 13, you can do your first official jobs such as delivering newspapers and brochures by the hour. This way, you can not only supplement your pocket money, but also gain your first experience in the working world.

You can hold marginal employment from the age of 13 in the following areas, for example:

Delivering newspapers - your chance as a messenger hero: Grab your backpack, put in the newspapers, and you're the newest hero in the neighborhood! Delivering newspapers is not only a mini-job, but also an opportunity to take on responsibility and become known in your neighborhood. You bring the latest news directly to your doorstep and get rewarded for it.

Babysitting - The best friend of parents: If you have a heart for little adventurers, babysitting is for you. You'll watch over the little ones, play with them, and make sure they're safe and happy. And the best part? You earn your own money doing it!

Shopping aid - The star in the supermarket: Are you a real organizational talent? Then the role of shopping assistant might be your thing. You'll accompany elderly people shopping, carry bags and put a smile on their faces. At the same time, you'll fill your piggy bank with a few extra euros.

Job search at 12

At family gatherings, your parents can ask around for job opportunities
Earn money with 12: At family parties your parents can look for Job opportunities with relatives, friends and neighbors listen around

Ask in the family

Family members are often the first port of call when looking for a job for 12-year-olds. Maybe Grandma needs help in the garden, your aunt needs someone to walk her dog, or your uncle wants to clean out his basement. At 12, it's a good idea to look for work among family members first because of legal restrictions. This is because the official job market is still closed to 12 year olds. You have the advantage that people already know you and have confidence in your abilities.

Ask in the neighborhood

In addition, the neighborhood is a great place to look for small jobs. Perhaps there are elderly people in your area who need assistance with everyday tasks, such as shopping or cleaning. Or you may know families who need a babysitter from time to time. Remember to always get your parents' permission before committing to such activities.

Ask friends of parents

Friends of your parents may also need your help. Maybe they are looking for someone to pick up their children from kindergarten or school, or they need help organizing a birthday party. Ask your parents if they can ask around in their circle of acquaintances for such possibilities.

The path to the job is the goal

patience is an important part of the job search. It may take you some time to find the right opportunity. Often people don't plan your yard work or outings for which you need a babysitter well in advance. So do not be discouragedIf you do not have immediate success with the job search. People will think of you if help is needed at short notice in the household or garden and you have spread the information in many places.

When job hunting at 12, remember the old adage: "The way is the goal". Looking for a job is an important step in your personal development.

You'll learn to take responsibility, organize your time, reach out to people, and build relationships with adults. These skills will help you tremendously in the future when you are ready for "real" jobs.


When it comes to jobs for 12 year olds, a formal job interview may not be required, but it is important to convince your family, neighbors and acquaintances of your skills and qualities. So even when earning money at 12 years old, it is important to make a positive impression and increase your chances of earning money.

When interviewing your "future employer," use these tips:

  1. 1. start with a short self-presentation. Introduce yourself, mention your age and share interesting information about yourself. For example, you could mention your hobbies, school activities, or special skills.
  2. 2. explain why you are interested in this opportunity to make money and the motivation behind your desire to get involved. Show enthusiasm for the task or project.
  3. 3. emphasize your skills and strengthsthat might be relevant to the task. Each person has special talents that could help, or you have organizational skills that could be useful.
  4. 4. show that you are responsible and punctual. The best way to show this is to show up on time. Also make it clear that your academic performance will not suffer as a result of the job. This will be important to many clients.
  5. 5. use the conversation to ask questions and learn more about the requirements of the task or project. This shows your interest and willingness to cooperate.

Last but not least, your attitude is also crucial during the interview. Show enthusiasm for the work and be willing to learn new things. Even if you are still young, your commitment and positive attitude can leave a strong impression.

Conclusion: Earn money with 12 years

Earning money is an exciting endeavor for any 12-year-old. It is the first step into the world of work and represents an excellent opportunity to develop skills and gain a sense of responsibility. Even though the Youth Protection Act severely restricts work for 12-year-olds, there are still many ways to earn some money - whether it's through babysitting, pet care, helping around the house, or selling discarded toys and clothes.

The income a child can make at this age may not be high, but the process of earning teaches children the value of money. It is a way for them to take their first steps in the world of finance and learn the importance of saving and managing money. In addition, the child learns that money does not just fall from the sky, but can only be earned through hard work. This will also help to better prioritize wants and needs and understand that earning and saving money is often a prerequisite in fulfilling those wants.

In addition to financial literacy, earning money at 12 also brings many other benefits. It promotes personal development and self-confidence. Children who work at a young age often develop skills such as responsibility, time management and communication skills. These qualities are important not only for personal development, but also for starting a career later in life.

Parents should be mindful that children as young as 12 should not be overwhelmed and that their schoolwork and time with friends at that age are more important than earning money. Making money at 12 should never come at the expense of the child's health or well-being. Parents should therefore be well aware of possible favors to neighbors or relatives that your child does.

In conclusion, earning money at age 12 provides an opportunity for children to gain valuable life experiences while earning some money. It prepares them for the working world and teaches them to appreciate the value of money and how to handle it. As long as the child enjoys the work and it doesn't become overwhelming, making money at 12 can be a rewarding and educational experience.

FAQ: Earn money with 12 years

Can I earn money at the age of 12?

Yes, there are some ways you can earn money when you are 12, such as doing small favors for family or relatives. However, you are not allowed to accept official jobs at the age of 12. For this you have to wait until your 13th birthday. At the age of 13, you are allowed to do light work, such as distributing brochures and newspapers.

What jobs can I do when I'm 12?

Earn money with 12: Petsitting

Jobs like:
Purchasing aid,
Pet Sitting

and similar jobs are appropriate for 12-year-olds. However, these jobs should be safe and age-appropriate. The job should also be limited to a maximum of one hour per day.

How much can I earn?

Earn money with 12 years earning 5 euros per hour

At the age of 12, you can earn about 5 euros per hour, for example, by taking care of the neighbor's cat and feeding it while the neighbors are on vacation.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Generally, marginal income you earn at age 12 is tax-free.

How can I apply for jobs?

At family gatherings, your parents can ask around for job opportunities

On many occasions, you can personally introduce yourself to neighbors, relatives or acquaintances. Use family gatherings to offer your help in the house and garden or ask your parents if they know someone you can help out. Maybe you have old things that you can sell together with your parents at the flea market, because they are no longer needed.

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