Test report: free Girokonto 1|2|3 from Santander Bank

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Find out in the following test report, which experiences I have made with the 1|2|3 Girokonto of Santander Bank. How reputable is the bank and what does it offer? The unique selling point of Santander Bank's 1|2|3 account is the multi-level bonus model, where you can receive up to €9 monthly, or €108 annually as an individual. If the ... Read more

O2 Banking Test: What does the O2 current account offer?

o2 Banking Girokonto Test

On April 30, 2022, the cooperation between Telefónica (o2) and Comdirect Bank on o2 banking came to an end. With comdirect as a financially strong partner, things are looking up this time. Existing customers keep their account. Nothing will change in terms of account number and cards either. However, new customers can no longer open the o2 Girokonto. It is the account ... Read more

Test winner account – Which accounts are test winners in 8 categories?

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There is news at Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de. The test winner accounts have been awarded! I have created 8 categories. There are the following categories: The best Girokonto for you In this article, I will introduce you to the best Girokonto for your requirements and wishes. I have defined the following clusters: Which of these are you most likely to find yourself in? ... Read more

1822direkt Test & 1822 mobile Test | My honest experience with 1822direkt

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The 1822direkt account in the current account test. The account offers a high bonus, is opening without paperwork but requires a minimum deposit of €700 (1822direkt) or €0.01 (1822 mobile). Overall, is it a recommendation? What kind of offer does 1822direkt offer? 1822direkt is a bank that, in addition to various current accounts, also offers you capital investments, securities accounts, construction financing... Read more

N26 Account Review

N26 All pros and cons, test report and experience N26. N26 vs o2 Banking

The N26 current account is an attractive offer for a free current account. Just like the banks DKB*, ING* and comdirect*, the N26 account also comes with a free credit card*. In the test report on the N26 account, I show what other advantages and disadvantages the account offers. Advantages of the N26 account The current account is permanently free ✅ … Read more

Experiences comdirect account

Comdirect Headquarters in Quickborn - Experiences with comdirect

Find out in the following test report what experiences we have had with the free current account from comdirect. How reputable is the bank and what does it offer? comdirect is the direct bank of Commerzbank. This makes it one of the largest direct banks in Germany and has another subsidiary, onvista Bank. With the current account of the Comdirect … Read more

Test report 1822mobile checking account – My experiences

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Find out in the following test report what my experience was with the free smartphone Girokonto 1822mobile. How reputable is the bank and what does it offer? With 1822 Mobile, the N26 (test report N26, Zur N26 Bank) now has a serious rival since 2017. 1822direkt is the direct bank of the Frankfurter Sparkasse. It thus takes on a ... Read more

DKB Cash test report and account test

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Find out in the DKB test what experiences I have had with the free DKB Cash current account. The overall package convinces in the DKB Bank test. The DKB Cash Test shows in particular that the account is ideal for travellers. After all, withdrawing cash with a credit card is free of charge worldwide. Added to this is the cooperation with Miles & More... Read more

Netbank Experience 2022: Test Report on netbank Girokonto

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Find out in the following test report what experiences I have had with the free current account of the netbank. How reputable is the bank and what does it offer? The netbank current account is not completely free compared to numerous other online current accounts. Can it make up for this disadvantage with better performance? At a glance – the short check of the netbank … Read more

Free checking account with no minimum input 🥇

Free checking account with no minimum deposit

Would you like a free checking account even without receiving wages, salary, pension or BAföG? In 2021 providers of fee-free accounts will become increasingly rare. Because since September 2019, banks have had to pay 0.5 percent penalty interest to the European Central Bank. Many banks get this money back from their customers. Customers who do not have a minimum payment are particularly unpopular with banks. Read more