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Finance a cheap loan for your used car with the current interest rate overview. With the car loan calculator you can compare car financing without obligation. Furthermore, the used car Credit comparison this page:

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By the way: They also exist Used car loans without depositing the vehicle registration document. you can yours Used ones with a negative SCHUFA entry via a credit professional finance. here shows what wes to consider in the process.

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Many car buyers take out their car financing directly with the car dealer. They rely on the good reputation of the car banks. They neglect to obtain comparative offers from other banks on the Internet. This is highly recommended. After all, the credit comparison for used cars over the years often a lot of money.

Finance used car
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The car banks are often not as cheap as is assumed. Even if it is clear that when it comes to financing new vehicles, the car dealers' banks can undoubtedly make unbeatable offers. As a rule, this is a trick used by car manufacturers: they cross-subsidize their banks in order to increase vehicle sales. Therefore, as soon as you want to finance a used vehicle, the starting point is completely different. The car banks have no interest in giving cheap loans here and are often comparatively expensive. It is therefore all the more important to look specifically for a cheap loan for used cars. The first step is an interest rate comparison, which you can do on this page.

Your advantages in the used car loan comparison on this page are:

1. Non-binding instant online loan request ✅

Ask about the comparison calculator.

2. Very low interest rate by comparing the best providers ✅

In comparison, cheap providers end up at the top.

3. Further special conditions available ✅

Many banks offer special conditions.

4. Free request from all banks without affecting your SCHUFA ✅

The request is a condition request. This does not negatively affect your Schufa.

Use the independent & verified loan calculator for the best conditions. All data runs over a secure SSL connection.

Where can I find cheap loans for used cars?

Direct banks often have the cheapest offers. Car buyers should therefore take a closer look around there in particular. After all, there are two reasons for a used car loan from a direct bank. The first thing to mention here is that direct banks work in a very cost-optimized manner and can pass this benefit directly on to their customers. A much cheaper loan can often be granted. On the other hand, loans from the car banks are considered a rigid construct. A used car financing via a direct bank usually shows a significantly higher flexibility.

Compare used car loans online

Even with the direct banks, the conditions differ greatly. Therefore I offer a non-binding used car loan comparison on this page. For funding
a used car, all you have to do is enter the term and loan amount. The computer then carries out an initial rough calculation. This makes it clear which conditions are to be expected. For a binding loan offer, click on the link to the bank and enter the requested data there.

The direct banks are usually much more flexible than the banks of the car manufacturers, especially when it comes to terms. Furthermore, direct banks often offer options for special repayments or the suspension of loan installments. The car banks, on the other hand, are known for their high closing rates, so-called balloon financing. In particular, these additional factors separate the wheat from the chaff - a low interest rate alone does not make good financing.

✅ Tip: Benefit from the cash payer discount on the used car loan ✅

Another good reason why borrowers should definitely compare what at first glance are often very cheap offers from manufacturers with the conditions of independent banks is: the CASH PAYERS DISCOUNT. If you take out a loan on the Internet (e.g. using the loan comparison calculator above), you will have the money paid out to your account within a few days. With the money in your pocket, you can then benefit from the discount for cash payers at the vehicle dealer. Incidentally, another advantage of taking out a contract through an independent bank is that it is usually called by the car banks No down payment. Finally, the purchase price can be paid in full with the previously received loan.

Types of financing for used car loans

What are the options for used car financing?

The earmarked installment loan often offers the most favorable conditions. There are also other financing options such as private leasing or 3-way financing. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each financing option.

The installment loan

A special installment loan for car purchases. The loan interest and the monthly rate remain unchanged over the entire term. The installment loan is also available as a used car loan and a new car loan.

With the used car loan calculator offered here, you will receive the expected installments in euros after entering the net loan amount and term.

The balloon loan or final installment loan

The balloon loan is a special form of an installment loan. Because this loan is characterized by lower monthly installments and a high closing rate (balloon). Here is the car loan With rest rate the classic financing model of car dealerships. The balloon loan has the advantage of low monthly payments. However, the low monthly rates only allow for a small repayment. Therefore, the total costs increase significantly compared to an installment loan. Furthermore, the high remaining amount often makes follow-up financing necessary.

The three-way financing - also dealer or manufacturer financing

This is a balloon loan with three options at the end of the term:

  • The borrower redeems the loan by paying the final installment.
  • The final installment is served by follow-up financing.
  • The vehicle is returned to the dealer in good condition.


With leasing, the car is not bought, but rented. A monthly, fixed leasing rate has to be paid for this. Maintenance costs (insurance, maintenance, repairs) are also to be paid directly. Finally, at the end of the lease, the vehicle can be returned to the dealer or purchased.

Used car credit: vehicle registration document

Normally, the bank keeps the vehicle registration document with the financing. Which banks offer used car financing without a vehicle registration document? Read more in the guide here: Used car financing without vehicle registration.

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