Mini-credit 100 euros - Immediately to the account despite Schufa


Mini-credit 100 euros: under 1 euro in interest and fees

You want one right away 100 euros credit to graduate? With a 100 euros instant loan you get more financial leeway and can quickly bridge bottlenecks. In addition, 100 euros can also be helpful to fulfill a spontaneous wish. With a 100 Euro credit without SCHUFA However, invoices can also be paid quickly, which means that further reminder fees can be avoided. In this article I will show you what you have to do if you want to save 100 euros if possible fast and Cheap want to have on the account. In addition, this article shows where it is 100 euros Schufa free gives. For each of the three cases – i.e. quickly, cheaply or without SCHUFA information – receiving 100 euros, we take the providers in question Vexcash*, ferratum*, cashper* and the credit intermediary SMAVA* under the magnifying glass.

OffererInstant credit surchargeMore informationDuration until money on account

Credit amount: 100 - 3.000 € also for new customers
Term: 15, 30 or 60 days term
600 Euro minimum income
Express payout in 24 hours
Simplified Video-Ident procedure
Also suitable for poor credit rating
To ensure an immediate payout at cashper to obtain the Super deal package required.

Up to €199: €39
€200 – €399: €69
400 - 3000 €: 99 €

With super deal: ⚡ Lightning fast payout in 24 h
Without super deal: payout in 7 working days

🕐If the application is submitted before 13.00 on working days, payment possible on the same day

0 % Interest

📉 cheapest express credit 📉


Credit amount: 100 - 3.000 € (new customers up to 1.000 €)
Duration: 15 - 90 days
500 Euro minimum income
Express payout in 30 minutes
Simplified Video-Ident procedure
In order to ensure immediate payment in the event of Vexcash to obtain the Smart package for €69 per month
30 days: 69 €
60 days: 2 x 69 € = 138 €
90 days: 3 x 69 € = 207 €

To the provider:
With Smart package: ⚡ Lightning fast payout in 24 h
Without smart package: payout in 8-10 business days

🕑If application is made before 14.00 on working days, payment possible on the same day

🚅 Fastest express credit 🚅


Credit amount: 50 - 2.000 € (new customers up to 1.000 €)
Term: 30 or 62 days
0 Euro minimum income
Express payout in 24 hours
Simplified Video-Ident procedure
In order to ensure immediate payment in the event of ferratum to obtain are the following Acceleration fees to pay.

50-75 €: 29 €
76-99 €: 39 €
100-149 €: 49 €
150-199 €: 59 €
200-299 €: 79 €
300-499 €: 119 €
500-699 €: 159 €
700-999 €: 179 €
1000-1199 €: 219 €
1200-1500 €: 259 €
1501-1699 €: 299 €
1700- 2000 €: 339 €
2001- 2499 €: 379 €
2501- 3000 €: 419 €

At Ferratum additional fees from 89 € are due for the 2-rate option. This is obligated from 650 €
To the provider:
With acceleration fee: ⚡ Lightning fast payout in 24 h
Without acceleration fee: payout in 15 working days

🕒If the application is submitted before 15.00 on working days, payment possible on the same day

💸 without proof of income 💸

XXS: from 50 € credit


Why you should choose one of these providers if you want a 100 euro instant loan

All providers work fully digitally. So you first register on your smartphone or computer. Compared to paperwork, this is much easier and faster. This is the only way you can Small loan over 100 euros will be paid out today. Since appointments and visits to branches are not necessary, there is no waiting time. If you use the small loan-Once you have completed the application, you will receive a response immediately. With the digital account check, this takes less than a minute. This also eliminates the need to search for and upload additional documents such as proof of income or salary. Thanks to the simple application process and few preliminary checks almost everyone gets a loan.

Borrow 100 euros immediately Account without Schufa: How you proceed

  • First enter your e-mail address and confirm it by clicking on the link in the e-mail
  • Next, fill in your personal information
  • Have your IBAN number of your checking account ready. The IBAN is required for the digital account verification and subsequent loan payment
  • wharte on the credit decision, which takes about 5 - 60 seconds.
  • Now you identify yourself using the video identification procedure. I have had better experiences with the smartphone than with the laptop.
  • You then sign the contract electronically
  • Now wait for the payment of the loan

100€ instant loan: make the loan application in the morning for same-day payment!

Would you like to have your 100 euros transferred to your account on the same day if possible? Thanks to digital processing, this is both at ferratum*, Vexcash*, Smava* or cashper* possible. It is best to submit your loan application for 100 euros on one working day. Ideally already in the morning. Because before the bank makes a payment, it checks your creditworthiness and identity. However, some banks do without the credit check or keep it very lean. This includes small loans Smava* or cashper*.

Here you can find more information about the loan despite a Schufa entry and the right provider! »

Here you can find more information about the lightning loan with immediate payment. This credit can be on the account in 30 minutes »

These checks can take some time because credit agencies such as SCHUFA are involved. It is therefore better to submit the loan application in the morning if possible in order to be sure to receive the money on the same day.

If you need the money immediately, you can use the surcharged instant withdrawal at Vexcash* use.

With the express option, get a 100 euro instant loan within one day

If you don't need the money within the next 3-4 days, you don't need an express option! Because express is not cheap: the costs for the express option with a 100 euro loan range from 39 € at Vexcash to 179 € at Ferratum. Vexcash is therefore the cheapest and also fair: Because even without an express option, you will receive the money here within about 3 working days. Ferratum only guarantees a payout within 2 weeks if you don't choose an express option!

OffererSurcharge 100 euros instant creditMore informationDuration until money on account
24h express loan with instant payout39 €
24 hours
30 minExpress loan with instant payout39 €30 min🚅 Fastest express credit 🚅
📉 cheapest express credit 📉
24-hour express credit without proof of income with immediate payment99 € instant credit: 39 € (from 100 €: 49 €)

50 % discount until 30.9.2020
24 hours💸 without proof of income 💸

Mini-credit 100 euros: What income do I have to prove?

The following minimum income is required for a 100 euro loan:

Where can I borrow 100 euros without SCHUFA query?

If you are looking for a small loan or loan without SCHUFA information, you should consult the loan experts at Smava* seek advice: However, proof of income of at least 601 euros is required! But Cashper does not work with SCHUFA either. Accordingly, the provider does not obtain any SCHUFA information

6 facts about the mini loan 100 euros
Mini-credit 100 euros: 6 facts!

Bad credit? → No 100 Euro credit! Or not?

A negative entry in the SCHUFA file can ensure that you no longer receive a loan from a bank. If the credit rating is poor, the providers offer themselves Casher *or the financing professional SMAVA* at. Both providers offer you a 100 euro loan without SCHUFA. This is how you get a loan, even if your credit rating is a bit worse.

You can also get a 100 euro loan without your SCHUFA information being queried!

However, this does not mean that you will get the 100 Euro loan paid out safely. Reputable providers always carry out a kind of credit check: After all, lenders want the money back.

If you would like more information about providers of a loan without SCHUFA, I recommend the article "Which bank gives credit despite negative SCHUFA"

Bad credit rating? → No 100 Euro loan! Or not? You can get a 100 euro loan without your SCHUFA information is queried!

300 euros credit, 1000 euros credit as a student or a 500 euros credit without SCHUFA: Which credit amounts you can get!

With the mini loan providers you can get loans up to 1,500 euros immediately as a New customer receive. Up to 1.000 Euro credit you can get it even if you are a student or unemployed, because Ferratum offers a 1000 Euro credit without proof of income* gives. You can even apply for a small loan of up to 3,000 euros immediately: However, this is only possible if you are already an existing customer Vexcash* are you.

Small loans from 100 euros – 500 euros

Small loans from 500 euros – 1000 euros

Small loans from 1100 euros – 3000 euros

If you need more than 3,000 euros, you have to switch to an installment loan. You can find the cheapest installment loans via the Installment loan comparison.

*Affiliate link: If you get to a provider via one of these links from my website and open an account there, I may receive a commission. This does not result in any additional costs for you. ❤️ THANK YOU for using these links! ❤️

Disclaimer: This is well researched but non-binding information.

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