6 Ways: Buy on installments as a new customer despite Schufa


Buy on installments as a new customer despite Schufa usually does not work at the mail order company directly. We have explained this in the article Where can I buy in installments despite a negative SCHUFA? - 4 creative options already established. This is especially true for new customers. Nevertheless, even as a new customer you still have options to buy in installments despite Schufa. First and foremost, you have mini loans from providers such as cashper* the credit cards of the TF bank* or Advanzia* is available. But there are other ways to complete the installment purchase. We'll show you 6 ways in which you can make an installment purchase as a new customer despite a Schufa entry. These go far beyond asking friends.

Buy in installments as a new customer despite Schufa - your options at a glance

  1. Mini loans (recommendation: Casher*)
  2. Make full use of your credit card. Despite the Schufa entry, you will receive from the TF Bank* and from Advanzia* one free credit card with up to 51 days free of charge.
  3. Mail order companies with in-house financing
  4. Foreign mail order companies
  5. Ask friends to place the order
  6. Choose another payment method

These options enable new customers to buy in installments from Washing machines, Bicyclesone Xboxone PS5 and much more.

All major mail order companies reject customers with a negative Schufa or poor credit rating. As a new customer, buying in installments directly from the mail order company is therefore only possible in exceptional cases.

1. use mini loans

Buy mini loans in installments as a new customer despite Schufa
Buy in installments with mini credit as a new customer despite Schufa

Even as a new customer with a negative Schufa entry, it is possible to buy goods in installments via mini-loans. Mini loans are loans that are usually between 100 euros and 3,000 euros and are predestined for short-term installment purchases. Mini loans can be a practical solution if you need temporary financial support due to an emergency, for example to buy a new Buying a washing machine in installments.

The advantages of mini-loans:

  1. Fast approval: Mini loans are often approved within 24 hours, making them an ideal choice if you need your product quickly.
  2. Simple application: The application process for mini loans is generally straightforward and requires less extensive paperwork than conventional bank loans.
  3. Schufa-friendly: Mini loan providers do not carry out extensive credit checks, which makes them accessible to people with negative Schufa entries.

What you should look out for with mini loans:

  1. Credit costs: Mini loans are associated with higher interest rates, so it is important to compare offers. You should also be sure that you can repay the monthly installments within the agreed loan term without any problems.
  2. Duration: Mini loans have shorter terms of 1 month to 6 months. This increases the installments and you need to be sure that repayment on time is realistic.
  3. Trusted provider: Choose a well-known mini loan provider to avoid misunderstandings and unwanted costs.

2. utilize the framework of a credit card

Buy credit card in installments as a new customer despite Schufa
Buy in installments with a credit card as a new customer despite Schufa


Credit cards can cause additional costs, as they tempt you to make repeated purchases with them. We therefore generally recommend the Installment purchase despite SCHUFA alternative financing via mini loans.

As an alternative to a mini loan, you can also use the credit line of a credit card to cover your Installment purchase despite negative SCHUFA to pay. You can pay the installments via the Partial payment function of the credit card. It is important to note that this plan only works with certain credit cards, because most of the free credit cards directly reject customers with negative Schufa.

To be able to buy by credit card on installments despite negative Schufa, come the cards of the TF Bank* and from Advanzia* are possible. Both have no basic fee and have an installment function (revolving) that allows you to pay off the installments. In addition, both have the advantage that they offer "0 % financing" for up to 51 days.

These advantages and disadvantages arise when using credit cards for installment purchases with bad credit:


  • Despite Schufa buy in installments
  • 0 Euro basic fee
  • Pay up to 51 days later
  • Free travel insurance when you pay for the trip by credit card


  • High interest
  • Cash withdrawals earn interest until the statement is settled.
  • Repayment only by bank transfer. No direct debit possible (possible with Advanzia).

Note with both credit cards that the Interest for the use of partial payment hoch are. It is therefore advisable to repay the loan installments quickly or not to make use of the installment facility at all. Instead, you can repay the purchase price in one installment at the end of the following month. Again, no interest is charged for this. This means that you receive interest-free financing for your installment purchase despite the negative Schufa entry for a maximum of 51 days.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two cards differ in a few points. Both have no basic fee and a payment term of 51 days. In addition, both offer travel insurance and have similar interest rates of around 20 %. Visually, the gold TF Bank credit card looks more appealing than the Advanzia card. The latter looks a bit cheaper with the www.gebührenfrei.com lettering.

Advanzia credit card
Advanzia* Credit card with the "toll-free" lettering in the upper right corner.

A significant advantage of the Advanzia card is that you can use the Offers debiting by direct debitwhich is not possible with TF Bank. Since you have to transfer each bill individually with the TF Bank credit card, there is quickly the risk to get into arrears and to have to pay interest and overdue fines additionally. The direct debit of Advanzia is therefore a great advantage to be able to buy in installments despite negative Schufa and not get into arrears.

3. self-financing mail order companies

a) Use mail order companies that offer installment purchases in-house

Buy in installments from a mail order company with internal financing as a new customer despite Schufa
Buy in installments from a mail order company with internal financing as a new customer despite Schufa

If you are not offered payment by installments by mail order companies, you can try Otto or Baur. These two mail order companies handle payment by installments in-house and do not work with service providers such as Klarna or Paypal together.

Related article: If you have problems with PayPal installment payments, you can find tried and tested solutions here: PayPal installment does not work: how to fix these 11 blockers directly.

The advantage of in-house lending for customers who want to buy items in installments despite SCHUFA is that the mail order company and the lender both have a strong interest in making an installment purchase. Nevertheless, even here with a negative Schufa you will usually (not always!) have bad cards and will have to resort to other options

4. ask friends to place the order

Buy in installments as a new customer despite Schufa through friends
Buy in installments as a new customer despite Schufa through friends

You can ask your friends if someone without a negative Schufa entry is willing to carry out the order for you. However, this can be quite cumbersome and often requires explanations.

If you are placing the order through friends or acquaintances, it is important to Clear agreements on the payment modalities.

Your friend may be willing to allow you to pay in installments. However, it is best to put this in writing to avoid any misunderstandings. Many friendships have broken down over financial disputes.

Always be honest, especially when it comes to a high order value. Putting the agreement in writing, possibly in the form of a contract, offers protection for both you and your friend.

After all, more than 15 % of all men in a Postbank/ TNS Emnid study of broken friendships due to money problems. Making an installment purchase as a new customer via friends despite a Schufa entry is therefore considered particularly risky due to the mix of friendship and financial matters.

Gender Money problems in the friendship that fell apart as a result
Men15 %
Women7 %

Male friendships fail twice as often as friendships between women due to financial problems. Buying in installments as a new customer despite Schufa works better in male friendships than in female friendships. This is because more than half of all men would be willing to lend a friend up to 500 euros without imposing any further conditions, according to the postal bank Study.

Genderpercent that are unconditional Borrow 500 euros would
Men57 %
Women40 %

5. installment purchase as a new customer despite Schufa abroad

Buy in installments as a new customer despite Schufa abroad
Buy in installments as a new customer despite Schufa abroad

You can also shop in foreign online stores to get a Installment purchase without Schufa to enable this. This is advantageous in the case of negative Schufa, as the Schufa query cannot be carried out outside Germany.

However, many foreign stores normally require an advance payment when the order is received before they ship the order. So you have to pay the money in advance.

An exception to this is Aliexpresswhere it is with Paylater gives you the option to buy in installments as a new customer despite Schufa listing in Germany.

The PayLater service is managed by Alipay, the Chinese equivalent of PayPal. PayLater provides you with a virtual card that is exclusively for AliExpress users.

Up to 12 months installment purchase as a new customer despite Schufa

Once your PayLater virtual card is active, you can use it to pay for your AliExpress purchases in installments. You can choose between a single installment or financing of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. The billing date for PayLater is the 25th of each month and billing takes place on the 5th of the following month.

Up to 600 euros installment purchase as a new customer despite Schufa

Applying for the PayLater virtual card is easy and only requires you to be over 18 years old. The monthly limit for this card can range from 75 to 600 euros, and you may be able to adjust it by contacting BBVA.

6. use another payment method!

Other payment method
Use a different payment method as a new customer

Another alternative when buying in installments with a negative Schufa record is to use another Payment method than the installment to use. Of course, you can continue to shop at any online store despite a negative Schufa entry.

  • The following payment methods are still available despite negative Schufa: Prepayment, direct bank transfer, payment on collection, gift card, voucher and giropay.
  • The following payment methods are rejected by online stores with a negative Schufa entry: Installment purchase, direct debit credit card, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Direct debit payments are not rejected by every online store in case of bad Schufa. Some online stores do not check the Schufa for direct debit payments. Therefore, check the available payment methods in your online store.

Conclusion: Installment purchase as a new customer despite Schufa

If your Schufa only has a few light scratches, you can try Otto or Baur Versand, which offer installment purchases in-house and sometimes make exceptions when buying in installments as a new customer despite Schufa. However, even with Otto or Baur as a new customer, you can usually not buy in installments with a negative Schufa entry.

Of all the options available to you when buying in installments as a new customer despite Schufa, using another means of payment such as prepayment is the smartest from a financial point of view. If this is not possible, you should first take out a mini loan and only use a credit card as a last resort.

This is because buying in installments despite Schufa with a credit card can drive you into debt, as customers can not only finance one purchase with a credit card, but can also make more and more purchases. In conjunction with the high interest rates on credit cards, this quickly leads to the accumulation of more and more debt.

Alternatively, you can also stay with a friend or acquaintance without negative credit bureau ask him to order something for you or try your luck with foreign mail order companies such as Aliexpress.

*Affiliate link: If you use one of these links to go from my website to a provider, I may receive a commission. There are no additional costs for you. For using these links a ❤️ THANK YOU! ❤️

Disclaimer: This is well researched but non-binding information.

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