Loan without income: 4 options (student, Hartz 4, housewife)


in the post Which bank gives credit for low income? I looked for 7 providers who would grant a loan despite a small income. It was noteworthy that there were several different possibilities give to get a loan as a low earner. But is it also possible to create a credit without income or without proof of income? Of course, you could also borrow money from relatives or friends without an income. This may be the easiest option at first, but it often ends in arguments.

In order to avoid disputes, it is often better to apply for a loan from banks. You have the following options:

  1. you can go €600 income a regular installment loan Smava* apply for
  2. you can go €500 income a mini loan for 30 days Vexcash* apply for
  3. Or you can get one free credit line of up to 59 days via a credit card like that Barcalycard* to back up
  4. if you a checking account with an overdraft facility, you can overdraw your account for a short period of time without any income.

There are a few other ways you can get a no-income loan. That counts for this Interest-free loans from the Employment Agency for the unemployed and Hartz 4 recipients. Students can benefit from a wide range of funding opportunities. For this include BAföG, low-interest KFW loans or a special one credit for students from private providers (without KFW funding).

What you should know about the no-income/low-income loan

  • Whether you have a Credit with low income depends on your overall financial situation. You can do this through Guarantors, collateral and in-expenditure optimization to enhance.
  • If your income is irregular and below the garnishment limit, you have to expect rejection from many banks

How to proceed if you need a no-income/low-income loan

  • Try to get a regular loan first. The credit broker Smava* can make you a loan offer from an income of €600. Therefore, students, Hartz 4 recipients and housewives often have a good chance of getting a loan despite a small income.
  • If you only need short-term financial leeway, you can get this via the overdraft facility or a Credit card create. However, you should only use these options for a short time and keep an eye on the costs.
  • If you're a student, you can get government grants like student loans, KfW student loant or Loans for students use as cheap options.
  • If you are a Hartz 4 recipient, you can apply for an interest-free loan for essentials at the job center.

Where can I get a loan without income or proof of income?

With no income, you are below the garnishment limit. This severely limits the choice of banks that grant a loan. This is because banks are unsure whether the loan will be repaid. If a loan with no income is not repaid, banks have a harder time getting the outstanding money. Because low incomes are protected by the legislature. This leads to Banks often directly reject the request for a loan without income from, for example, housewives, students and Hartz 4 recipients.

Loan with low income

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. This is how the banks and credit intermediaries award Smava*, Vexash*and cashper* also a loan with an income of €500 or more. The one known for loans without Credit Bureau Sigma bank* from Liechtenstein also requires permanent employment and an income of €1,200 or more. In the overview below you will find other loan providers who can provide a loan for a small income. You will also find information on the minimum income required by the banks and credit intermediaries.

Loan without proof of income

A loan without proof of income is only granted by the Ferratum Bench* forgive. Especially for small loan amounts that are needed for a short period of time, the Ferratum loan is an inexpensive way to get money quickly without proof and Schufa query.

Overview of loans that are also granted with low income

bank or intermediaryminimum incomeInterest charges*
Durationloan amountsPossible loan at €450 incomePossible loan at €600 incomePossible loan at €800 incomeTo the provider
#1: Smava

5/5 (eKomi)

Top recommendation: "Installment loan" for people with a small income

Loans even with bad credit rating & negative credit bureau

merit:€600 net per monthInterest and fees:approx. 2.5 % to 4 %Duration: 6-144 monthsTotal: 1000 € - 100.000 €Loan with €450 income: Together with a guarantor with an income of €600, up to €6750 is possibleLoan with €600 income: up to €9,000Loan with €800 income: up to €12,000To the provider:
#2: Vexcash

4,7/5 (eKomi)

Top recommendation: "Mini loan" for people with a small income

Mini loan from an income of €500

Loans even with bad credit rating & negative credit bureau

Vexcash Logo
merit:€500 net per monthInterest and fees: 14,82 %Duration:15 - 90 daysTotal: €100 - €1,000 for new customers and €100 - €3,000 for existing customersLoan with €450 income: not possibleLoan with €600 income: €100 - €1,000 for new customers and €100 - €3,000 for existing customersLoan with €800 income: €100 - €1,000 for new customers and €100 - €3,000 for existing customersTo the provider:
#3: Barclay card

3,5/5 (critical investors)

Top recommendation: "credit card" for people with a small income

Free line of credit with no minimum income

No award for negative Schufa entries

merit: Must be sufficient for repaymentInterest and fees: up to 59 days 0 %; After that 18.38 %Duration:up to 59 days free of chargeTotal: Credit dependent. Low earners around €500Loan with €450 income: about 500 €Loan with €600 income: about 500 €Loan with €800 income: about 500 €To the provider:
#5: Receipt credit

Top recommendation

over 40 years of experience

Instant loans without Schufa

4,9/5 (eKomi)

Bon credit logo
merit:€1,300 net per monthInterest and fees:approx. 8 % at €10,000 & 72 monthsDuration: 12 to 120 monthsTotal: 100 to 120,000€Loan with €450 income: Not possibleLoan with €600 income: Not possibleLoan with €800 income: Not possibleTo the provider:
#5: Cashper

4,7/5 (eKomi)

Mini loan up to €600 without fees and interest

Cashper Logo
merit:€700 net per monthInterest and fees: Loan amount under €600: 0 %

from 600 € loan amount: 99 € for the mandatory 2 installment options
Duration: 0-600 € : 30 days
€600-1500: 60 days
Total: 100 € - 1.500 €Loan with €450 income: not possibleLoan with €600 income: 100 € - 1.500 €Loan with €800 income: 100 € - 1.500 €To the provider:
#6: Credimaxx


4,9/5 (eKomi)

Credimaxx: Loans without Schufa from Liechtenstein and Switzerland
merit:€1,100 net per monthInterest and fees:approx. 7.9 % pa eff at €4,000 & 72 monthsDuration: 48 to 120 monthsTotal: €500 to €300,000Loan with €450 income: Not possibleLoan with €600 income: Not possibleLoan with €800 income: Not possibleTo the provider:
#7: Ferratum

4,6/5 (Trustpilot)

Ferratum: Loans without Schufa from Malta
merit:€1,100 net per monthInterest and fees:10,36 %
+ installment option
Duration: 30 days - 180 daysTotal: €50 - €1,000 for new customers
€50 - €3,000 for existing customers
Loan with €450 income: Not possibleLoan with €600 income: Not possibleLoan with €800 income: Not possibleTo the provider:

At interest rates are here no advertising promises, which anyway almost no one gets specified, but the more realistic 2/3 interest. 2/3 of the customers receive this. Status 09/21. More information from the provider

Your options to borrow money without income

The opportunities to get a loan without income are limited. As you can see from the picture below, Vexcash is the provider that requires the lowest minimum income. However, if you cannot afford this, you still have a few other options for getting a loan without income

Minimum income from credit providers

1. By a guarantee get a loan with no income

If you have no income and need a loan, you can use someone else as a guarantor.

Ideally, the guarantor for a no-income loan should:

  1. have a permanent job
  2. passed the probationary period
  3. Earn over €1260 per month
  4. Have at least a mediocre credit rating
Ideally, the guarantor for a no-income loan should: 1. Have a permanent job2. Have survived the probationary period3. Earn more than €1260 per month 4. Have at least a mediocre credit rating

If you know a person who would vouch for you and to whom all of this applies, there is usually nothing standing in the way of an application. You can get regular credit. The credit broker Smava* can choose a good offer with low interest rates for you. An alternative for negative Schufa entries is bon credit*.

Take out a loan with a guarantor: With a loan with a guarantor, you should make a statement close person vouch for. You should also check the installments of the loan pay back very reliablyn. If there is a delay in payment, the bank will turn to the guarantor and the relationship between you and the guarantor can suffer greatly or even break the relationship. Furthermore, you should not be tempted by the collateral provided by the guarantor to take out more credit than is absolutely necessary. This can also lead to problems with the repayment and then later with the guarantor.

2. By a security get a loan with no income

If you have no income and need a loan, you can offer collateral to the bank.

You can get a loan if you have little or no income by presenting additional items to the bank that have the value of the loan. Common loan collateral is real estate or cars. But there are also other securities such as jewelry or life insurance. the Pros and cons of loan collateral can be found in a separate article. The most common loan collaterals are:

You can do that too Protection with material assets combined with a guarantor insert. This creates a further fallback level and double protection. With this combination, you should be able to get a loan from almost all German banks, even if you have a low income.

3. Credit cards offer a deferred payment

The downside of most credit cards is that people with low incomes are mostly rejected. An exception to this is the Barclaycard. The Barclaycard also issues the credit card to people with low incomes, because there is no minimum income at Barclays.

In addition, sales only have to be settled at the end of the following month. This gives you a credit of up to 59 days. You have to be careful with credit cards like the Barclaycard, however, with the installment option. Amounts are not fully repaid, but only partially. This quickly adds up to costs. To avoid costs, you should select the option in the app full repayment Select. If you want to know more about the Barcalycard, you can view the card on the Barclaycard website* watch and even try it for free.

4. Credit without income through overdraft facility

Most people have the option to do this despite having a small income checking account to cover. The overdraft facility is often granted salary slips of up to twice the salary. The stress allows itself to be as simple as possible. The repayment of the overdraft facility, on the other hand, is often not that easy. In contrast to a conventional loan, there is no automatic repayment with the overdraft facility.

incomeUsual overdraft facility
450 €900 €
600 €1.200 €
900 €1.800 €
1.200 €2.400 €
1.800 €3.600 €

the missing repayment is a disadvantage of the overdraft facility, as it is often used longer than is actually necessary. Another disadvantage of overdraft facilities is their high interest rates . Although require some Online banks such as the DKB* now only around 6 % interest. However, double-digit overdraft interest rates are still common at many branch banks, despite the low climate. The Berliner Sparkasse, for example, charges 10.5 % interest, and the Stadtsparkasse Munich also charges 10.36 %.

Therefore, the overdraft facility should only be an emergency option. Because as easy as it is to claim it, it often becomes a burden for those on a low income. If you make use of the overdraft facility, you will often remain in the red for a long time. Even directly after a salary has been received, the account remains in the red when the overdraft facility is exhausted.

However, if something unplanned happens, the dispo is missing as a safety net. The dispo is therefore as Credit alternative for low income only suitable in emergencies.

Benefits overdraft facilityDisadvantages overdraft facility
No forms ✔️No repayment, thus long-term burden ❌
Immediately available ✔️High interest rates ❌
No more safety net ❌

Special case: credit for students

A credit for students can be considered if the BAföG is not enough (or was not approved in the first place). If your parents are not able to cover the costs of your studies either, you can try to get a credit as a student to obtain. A student loan can be used by the KFW on acceptable terms and without income.

But regular banks can also grant loans for students. However, you must exercise caution when applying for a student loan. A credit as a student obtaining can be challenging. This is due to the fact that young people in training do not yet have a stable income. Therefore, not everyone gets a loan as a student at the first attempt. With the following advice, however, it will be much easier to get a loan as a student.

Therefore, we would like to give you two more tips on how you can use a low-interest loan to cover your money needs during your studies even as a student without a fixed income:

  1. Think carefully beforehand about how you can repay the loan. If you take the loan for 8 years, you have to pay about 1/100 of the loan amount as a loan installment every month. So if you raise €5,000, you should have at least €50 more leeway in your household budget.
  2. If you don't get a loan from the bank, you can apply with a guarantor with a good credit rating. In principle, anyone can be a guarantor for a loan. In the case of a student loan, however, it is usually the parents who vouch for it. Since they usually have a permanent employment contract, lending is not a problem in this case.

Since loans for students are not granted by every bank, some providers have established themselves on the market and young people also have one credit in difficult cases forgive. With these specialized loan providers, the difficult-to-obtain student loan is often much easier to obtain.

Housewife/ Hartz 4 recipient credit

The term housewife is obsolete these days. However, the housewife loan is still a common term. This used to mean the loan for the housewife who had no income of her own. A housewife loan still means the same thing today: a loan for a person without their own income. Hartz 4 recipients are also included here.

Even as a housewife or house husband or Hartz 4 recipient, a loan without income can be taken out. State subsidy pots exist for the unemployed for essential household goods in the form of an interest-free loan from the job center. But often you have to go to a regular one installment loan or mini loan be resorted to. A loan as a housewife or house husband or Hartz 4 recipient offers the following advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits housewife loanDisadvantages housewife loan
Award without own income ✔️Guarantor or security necessary ❌
Allocation without Schufa or despite negative Schufa ✔️
Purpose freely selectable ✔️

What counts as income on the loan

Income encompasses more than the payslip. Most banks recognize as income any money you have until the end of the loan term. Therefore, child benefit and maintenance payments are also included in income in many cases. Nursing allowance, on the other hand, is not counted towards income. Since you could suddenly need it for a nursing service, it is not freely available to you.

Credit no more income for Hartz 4 recipients

Since a Judgment of the Federal Social Court in December 2020, Hartz IV recipients no longer have to count a loan from the job center as income. The judgment simplifies borrowing for Hartz 4 recipients. Crediting a loan as income is no longer permitted. In the past, crediting loans as income was a scam used by the job center to sanction Hartz 4 recipients.

Final Tips

Applying for no-income loans is not without risk. If you don't get any income in the future either, it will be difficult to repay the loan. Therefore, when applying for a no-income loan, it is important not to overestimate yourself. As in the article "Which bank gives credit for low income? low-income creditAs described, loans with little or no income increase the risk of falling into the debt trap. To avoid this, you should in particular:

  1. Only take out the loan for a good reason. Keep in mind that the loan only grants you a deferred payment. You have to pay it back later, including interest
  2. Do not choose the loan amount too high if you have little or no income. With a term of 8 years, you have to pay about 1/100 of the loan amount as a loan installment every month. So if you raise €5,000, you should have at least €50 leeway in your household budget. If you cannot afford the loan or can barely afford it, you have simply chosen the amount too high. Better reduce them so as not to get into trouble.
  3. You still have other resources that have not been exhausted. For example, you might think about getting something comparable elsewhere or cheaper used. As a result, the credit would be superfluous or could at least be reduced.
Mistakes with the loan with little or no income

*Affiliate link: If you use one of these links to go from my website to a provider, I may receive a commission. There are no additional costs for you. For using these links a ❤️ THANK YOU! ❤️

Disclaimer: This is well researched but non-binding information.

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