Double money in one month: 15 tested methods


If you're like many other people who are looking for ways to increase their income in addition to their main job and are willing to take risks, you've come to the right place. Because here you will learn some methods with which you can increase or even double your money in a short time.

When doubling money in a month, risky investments like day trading, crypto investments or copy trading are used by risk-conscious investors. Therefore, when trying to double the money, you can also halve it just as quickly if something goes wrong. Because without risk you can't double the money in a short time. If you are in a particular hurry to increase your money, you can find a lot of useful tips in the Section double money in a few days especially risky ways to double your money in a short time.

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Before we start, it should be noted that you cannot double any amount at will. With 2-3 digit amounts, the doubling of money still works relatively smoothly, since you don't have to do anything more than Matched Betting Provider to open an account. However, with higher amounts it becomes more and more difficult to double the money further, as the risks here are simply too great.

In this article you will learn the best ways to increase (and even double) your money in a short time.

Double money in a month: these methods are suitable

You have the highest chances of doubling your money within a month with digital assets and speculative crypto investments. But also with Copy and day trading or Matched Betting There is a good chance to double your money in one month. If you prefer to play it safe, you can try to double your income by negotiating several salaries and changing jobs.

With the first mentioned possibilities, it is required that you are willing to take corresponding risks and to learn the respective craft in detail. As the following table shows, the chance to win money quickly is always accompanied by the risk of losing money instead.

1Copy Trading⚠️⚠️⚠️🏆🏆🏆
2Matched Betting⚠️⚠️⚠️🏆🏆🏆
3Double savings rate⚠️🏆🏆
4Sell used things⚠️🏆
5Track and monitor expenses⚠️🏆🏆
6Collect bonuses⚠️🏆🏆🏆
7Double your money in the stock market in one month⚠️⚠️⚠️🏆🏆
8Double money via P2P loans⚠️⚠️🏆🏆
9Double your money via investments in digital assets ⚠️⚠️⚠️🏆🏆🏆
10Double your money through crypto investing⚠️⚠️⚠️🏆🏆🏆
11Double your money through dividend stocks⚠️⚠️🏆🏆
12Double your income⚠️🏆🏆
13Double money in one month with day trading⚠️⚠️⚠️🏆🏆
14Automatically earn money online⚠️🏆
15Always bet on the same color in the casino⚠️🏆🏆
16Earn money with games and apps⚠️🏆
Overview table: With these methods you can double your money in one month.

Double your money in one month with Copy Trading (Editor's Tip)

Risk: high
Potential earnings
: high

Double money in one month with Copy Trading

In copy trading, you follow successful traders and the trading software replicates all trades for you. Therefore, if you follow the most successful traders of a platform, it is actually possible to double your money in a month. If you are willing to take some risk and have 200 € for an initial investment, you can sign up at eToro* eToro is one of the most popular social trading platforms for copy traders.

Attention risk note: 79 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with eToro.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is an innovative way to profit from the booming market with stocks and cryptocurrencies. And this is by no means without reason. After all, many traders have made high profits with stocks and crypto. As a copy trader, you can participate in this boom by simply copying everything that the successful traders on the platform do.

For whom is copy trading suitable?

If you want to trade stocks or crypto, you can use the Expertise or the time for research is missingYou can still invest wisely with this technology. Namely, by simply imitating the trade of a professional. In this way, you use the knowledge of experts and simply skim off their returns.

Copy trading is therefore also suitable to earn money on the stock market as a beginner

As a beginner, it is important that you do not rush into your investments and make high-risk decisions without the necessary prior knowledge. With copy trading, you can reduce your risk of losing money through ignorance by leaving the selection of stocks to the professionals. You, on the other hand, simply copy the best traders automatically.

Copy trading is therefore a good way to increase your chances of earning maximize. If you take very high risks, you can even double your money in a month. After all, if things go wrong, you are not the one who made the tricky and risky decisions on the stock market. Because copy traders leave this task to the professionals.

Copy trading is thus an interesting way to profit from the stock market without having to spend years building up expertise in the field.

But without risk it does not work

Of course, copy trading is also subject to a certain risk. Because even the best experts can not always correctly predict the developments on the markets and make wrong decisions. The faster you want to earn a lot of money with copy trading, the higher your risk is.

Diversifying risks away is necessary for survival as a copy trader

However, if you minimize your risk through diversification, you can earn money automatically with Copy Trading. Since you do not have to become active yourself and hardly need any previous knowledge to get started, it is suitable for Copy trading good to make money quickly to start. Because the only requirement is a few hundred euros of starting capital, which you do not need to survive. Of course, losses are still possible even in a well-diversified portfolio.

Follow the best traders on the platform

As a copy trader, you decide yourself which investors you follow. A software then takes over the processing of the trades in the background. The software ensures that you always buy or sell when the copied trader trades.

Some successful copy traders and their risk profile
Some successful copy traders and their risk profile (names and profile pictures blurred for privacy reasons)

Once you have selected the traders you want to follow, you can almost automatically generate income through the Trader software. In addition, reputable portals allow you to find out exactly about the different investors and their previous successes as well as their risk profile. This way you can easily control your chances of winning and scale them upwards.

etoro copytrader: My test if I can double my money with it
I have chosen a defensive profile to copy and invested 200 USD. I wonder if I can double my money with it?

What are the opportunities and risks of copy trading?


  • You can invest like the best traders on the platform without needing their expertise
  • You can copy traders according to your risk tolerance
  • If you copy several traders, you reduce your risk of putting too much money on "the wrong" one
  • You can work from anywhere
  • The requirements are easily met


  • General risk of loss on the capital market
  • Control over capital is not yours and you bear the risk of not choosing the right trader
  • Too short a time horizon: success with copy trading takes time and does not happen overnight
  • Focus on returns alone: High opportunities for returns always go hand in hand with higher risk of losses

How can I get started with Copy Trading?

The provider eToro* makes it especially easy for you to get started. You can start trading directly with eToro. Opening a deposit only takes 3 minutes and the provider, which has been established on the market since 2007, already has more than 20 million users worldwide.

Attention risk note: 79 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with eToro.

eToro experiences of enthusiastic customers
Experiences of enthusiastic copy traders with the eToro platform. Image source: eToro

If you are still unsure whether copy trading is the right way to start making money today, you can also try out several strategies in parallel with a demo account. If you want to learn more about copy trading, you can find more information at e-Toro* a lot more information. There you can also create a demo account with play money on the platform without obligation. This way you can gain first experience with the Trader platform if you are still unsure.

Matched Betting (Editor's Tip)

Risk: high
Potential earnings
: high

Earn money today - Matched Betting
Today still money Earn with Matched Betting

Matched Betting is another way to double your money in a short time. Unlike regular sports betting, where luck plays a big role, matched betting is a calculated system. Therefore, the winnings can be calculated beforehand. The matched betting system works by betting on both teams at the same time during sporting events. Through this, you always win one bet while losing another at the same time. In addition, bookmakers pay high bonuses for new customers. Therefore, the winnings in matched betting are high: a hundred euros and more a day are possible. Thus, it is possible to double the money in a short time like a few days or a month. Some providers offer ready-made complete solutions where you can place bets without any previous knowledge.

Matched Betting has arrived in Germany and is a way to double your money. Matched betting involves placing a double bet on both possible outcomes at the same time. Thus, it is already certain from the beginning that one of the two bets will win and one will lose.

If now the bet is placed so that the profit is always greater than the loss, one has created a kind of money machine. But making money with matched-betting is not that easy, because the provider takes away his cut (bookmaker commission) beforehand. Because of the provider fees you would not be able to double your money even with a sophisticated matched-betting system.

How you can still double your money with matched betting

Betting providers try to lure people to their platforms with a lot of effort. Therefore, they offer high new customer bonuses. Since matched-betting almost always qualifies for new customer bonuses as well, it's worth it. So it's the new customer bonuses that ultimately make matched-betting profitable. Because the bonuses are high enough that you can make money in the long run with both betting outcomes. So you can double your money with matched betting by grabbing the nucustomer bonuses multiple times in a short period of time. Therefore, whether you can double your money in a few days or in a month also depends on the number of available bets and the amount of money.

However, there is also a catch with new customer bonuses and it is already hidden in the name: The bonuses are only paid out to new customers of the platform. Therefore, in order to double your money several times with matched betting, it is necessary to change the platform more often.

Since this is very time-consuming, there are some providers who specialize in this. One of them is Robethood. I have registered there and describe my experience with Robethood in the following.

Matched Betting Earnings

With Matched Betting you can bet monthly about 500 euro with a few hours of effort earn and thus already double a first investment in a short period of time. However, earning with matched betting also depends on how much time you invest. The easiest way to make money with the Robethood program is to earn 200 € directly. You don't even have to place a bet yourself, just open an account. You can double your money in a short time.

My experience with Robethood

I put the provider through its paces. In the process I made the following Experience with Robethood

  • After logging in to the site, one looks at a 20 to 30 minutes video by explaining everything to you.
  • Although the video was a bit too advertising and at the beginning the long duration annoyed me, but it actually contains all the important information about the process.
  • After that, you have to open an account. I decided to use the DKB account and received the Postident coupon for opening the account a few days later.
  • Once the account is opened, the next step is to open the accounts with the betting providers. In my case this took over Robethood for me.
  • The registration took place at Bildbet, Hpybet, Yonibet, casinozer and Tiptorro. To complete the registration, I had to verify myself personally. For this, Robethood paid me an additional 50 euros.
  • Then the bets were placed by the Robethood experts. I didn't care about that at all.
  • About 14 days later I received my money paid out. Since I verified all my accounts myself, instead of €200 I actually received 250 €.
  • In total, I had about one to two hours work with watching the video, verifying all accounts and my bank details for the payout to state. So the hourly wage was very princely with this mini-gig at 125 €/h. In addition Gambling winnings are also tax-free in Germany!
My Robethood payout over 250 euros as a player
My Robethood payout over 250 euros as a player

The following requirements must be met to participate in Robethood:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Resident in Germany or Austria
  • No current garnishment and also no planned
  • If you are a German citizen you need an identity card or passport, if you are an EU citizen you need a passport and if you are not an EU citizen you need a passport and a residence permit.
  • As an Austrian it needs the passport, remaining citizens as in Germany
  • Maximum 3 betting accounts
The communication with Robethood was pleasant. In addition, I always had a contact person, if something was unclear 🙂
The communication with Robethood was pleasant. In addition, I always had a contact person, if something was unclear 🙂

How good is matched betting for doubling money in a short time?

Matched Betting is one of the easiest and most lucrative activities to double your money in a short time. You can first earn €200 through the Robethood program by signing up and opening a gaming account (opening offer). No investment is necessary for this yet. Once you gain more experience with the platform, you can place bets yourself and double your money in a short time. According to Robethood, the return is more than 11 percent per weekend (not per year!). Thus, you can earn money quickly. However, "doubling money every day" is unrealistic. According to the 72 rule you only need about 6 weekends of play to double your money.

The Robethood platform system guides you completely through each step of the process. All you have to do is follow the instructions. If you would like to get a taste of the process first, you can download a 200 € Sign up bonus as a player at Robethood. You do not have to risk any of your own capital.

More info:

First double your savings rate

Double money in one month by doubling savings rate

Risk: low
Potential earnings
: medium

Doubling money in one month also works if you increase the savings rate of your ETF Savings Plan double. To do this, think carefully about how you need to adjust your expenses so that a double savings rate is possible. The advantage of a higher savings rate is that you can also double your future newly saved money from this month risk-free.

Double savings plan
Double your savings rate without risk!

The goal of doubling the savings rate is thereby achieved with certain restrictions connected. Give some thought to how and if you are ready for this. Your first reaction will probably be that it's not possible to double your savings rate, but don't dismiss this idea lightly, because unlike other options, you don't risk losing the capital you've already saved. Moreover, it is just as easy to reduce the savings plan later as it is to increase it now.

Since this option is risk-free, it is worth including in this list. Doubling the money in a month here is accompanied by certain restrictions, but does not require work in the classical sense.

Sell used stuff on ebay and lay the foundation to double your money

Double money in one month by selling used stuff

Risk: low
Potential earnings
: low

Selling old things or antiques on online selling platforms like eBay, is often a useful first step on the way to doubling your monthly money. With the bidding system on eBay, you have the chance to achieve a selling price that is higher than what you originally paid for the items.

However, ebay charges high fees for using the platform. On the other hand, if you use ebay classifieds, you can sell your stuff online for free.

As a regular eBay seller, however, you should be aware that you may have to pay taxes on your earnings if they exceed 410 euros per year. If your income remains below 410 euros, you do not have to pay tax on the profit.

If the tax issue doesn't scare you, you can also consider building a real online business and doubling your money in a short time. For example, you could buy products cheaply abroad and then resell them at a higher price.

Otherwise, you could still sell valuables from the family estate (grandma's jewelry box) and earn some extra money. If you don't know what the antiques are worth, it may be worth spending money on an appraiser. Otherwise, you could quickly get ripped off and sell the items too cheaply.

Double your money by tracking your spending and cutting it later

Double your money by cutting your expenses

Risk: low
Potential earnings
: medium

Doubling your money in one month also works if you focus on your expenses. To do this, it's a good idea to start by tracking your spending to get a better overview of your financial situation. Next, you can set a monthly budget for the spending categories that you don't want to exceed.

Before optimization savings rate 100 euros
Before optimization: the savings rate is 100 euros
Savings rate doubled to 200 euros after spending optimizationSavings rate doubled to 200 euros after spending optimization

Savings rate quadrupled to 400 euros after income and expense optimization
Savings rate quadrupled to 400 euros after income and expense optimization

Set up traking of monthly cash flows

To make sure you don't spend more money than you'd like each month, it's important to develop a long-term strategy. Set a goal for how much you want to spend each month and create a plan to reach that goal. Don't forget to allow for unforeseen expenses by setting aside a reserve for such cases.

Discipline, discipline, discipline,...

This strategy also helps you achieve your financial goals without taking a high risk. You can slowly but steadily increase your money without fear of losing your capital. However, implementing this strategy requires discipline and a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

Start tracking and accurately tracking your spending. By tracking your expenses, you know exactly where your money is going. This allows you to easily identify where savings could be made. So think about where you can cut expenses to save more money.

You will mostly find cost guzzlers in the areas of housing, mobility and food.

Savings are often possible in the major spending categories: Housing, Mobility or Food. For example, you could get rid of your car and only sporadically use a Auto subscription (even with negative Schufa) use.

Other cost guzzlers are expensive Electricity contracts or too many and overpriced insurances, such as the car insurance, which does not lower annual rates despite years of accident-free driving.

Also, try to avoid unnecessary spending, such as impulse buys or subscriptions that you don't use. For expensive purchases, it often helps to sleep on the purchase before you buy the product. Furthermore, you should do a price comparison online.

To increase your money it is important that achieving the financial goal of doubling your money often requires more time and patience than one month. However, a solid financial strategy will help you succeed in the long run and achieve the desired money doubling.

To supplement, here are a few more tips to double your savings rate:

Reduce your debt

If you debts you should settle them as quickly as possible. As a rule, loan interest rates are significantly higher than safe bonds on the capital market, which is why paying them off as quickly as possible is a no-brainer. Exception: construction financing.

Create a budget

Knowing your monthly expenses will give you an overview of your financial situation. You can track your payment flows via the free online tool Sankeymatic visualize.

Reduce your expenses

Now that you know exactly where your money is going, you can easily identify where savings could be made. So think about where you can reduce expenses to save more money.

Other cost guzzlers include expensive electricity contracts or too many and overpriced insurance policies, such as car insurance, which does not lower annual rates despite years of accident-free driving.

Also, try to avoid unnecessary spending, such as impulse buys or subscriptions that you don't use. For expensive purchases, it often helps to sleep on the purchase. Only when you still feel you need the item do you buy it.

Compare the prices

Before you buy something, you should compare prices. You may find the same product cheaper elsewhere.

Set savings goals

Set clear and achievable savings goals that keep you motivated to save.

Automate your savings

Set up a monthly savings plan to invest a fixed amount of your salary in an ETF.

Take advantage of tax benefits

Check whether you can use tax-privileged savings products such as a company pension or a Riester pension. With a company pension plan, you can invest up to 4 % of your gross income tax-free. The Riester pension is an interesting savings model for people with lower incomes and several children.

Consider additional sources of income

Consider doing something extra in addition to your day job to Earn money you can. For example, you could earn money as an affiliate or with Copy trading earn. Here you simply copy successful traders, taking the profits they make with them. At eToro* you can learn more about it.

Be patient

Don't expect to double your savings rate overnight, as it takes patience and discipline to increase your income and decrease your expenses. Stick to your budget and regularly go over your plan and adjust it if necessary.

Double your money with bonuses (Editor's tip)

Double money through bonuses

Risk: low
Potential earnings
: high

Another lever to double your money is to collect bonuses. In another point I have already pointed out that with little work you can earn 200 euros over Robethood* can receive. But there are even more attractive ways how you can collect bonuses. The nice thing is that you can combine all the possibilities and get very high bonuses.

For example, you can get both a premium for a free checking account then you apply for a free credit card and receive a credit again. Thirdly, you open a securities account with an opening bonus and finally you conclude a savings plan with two or three robo-advisors. Thus you receive in the Example calculation in total 295 Euro in rewards and can often double your free money within a month!

Premium typeOffererPremium
Robo AdvisorComdirect*50 €
Robo AdvisorGrowney*50 €
Robo AdvisorSmavesto*50 €
checking accountBB Bank*50 €
checking account1822direct*50 €
Credit cardAmerican Express Blue*45 €
total:295 €
Receive 295 euros through premiums for financial products

Double your money in the stock market in one month

Risk: high
Potential earnings
: high

Double money in one month through shares

Of course, you can also increase your money through your own investments on the stock market. By investing in extremely volatile penny stocks or micro-cap stocks, there is a chance to double your money in a very short time - more precisely: in a few days. However, in order to double your money in a short period of time, you have to take extremely high risks. Due to the very high chance of suffering losses, it is not recommended to try to double your money in such a short time.

Using the Rule of 72 to calculate the doubling of money in the stock market

How long it takes to double your money on the stock market, you can find out with the Rule of 72 is a very simple rough calculation. To do this, divide 72 by the assumed return. The formula of the rule of 72 is therefore:

t = 72 / p   || The Rule of 72.

According to the Rule of 72, with 2 % returns, it takes 36 years to double your capital. With 4 %, the time to double your capital is halved to 18 years. With usual returns on the stock market of 6 % you reach capital doubling after 12 years and with 8 % return you have already doubled your capital after 9 years.

Instead, how long does it take to double your money with investments in stocks?

From long-term historical data of the S&P 500 the average performance of the stock index can be determined. Accordingly, the long-term performance over a period of 93 years (1928-2021) is as follows 11,8 %.

The rule of 72 can be used to determine that this is reflected in the S&P 500 thus doubles on average every 6.1 years. This is just a few days more than 6 years and 1 month.

Get intensively involved with the company to increase your money

Many investors prefer the stock market to increase their assets. By investing in national and international companies, they participate in the long-term growth of the global economy. If you also want to be successful with investments on the capital market, you have to deal extensively and in detail with the companies and their business environment.

In the long run, the stock market is one of the best vehicles to double your money!

But as already noted, this is unfortunately not possible in one month. Instead, use the time available to you to inform yourself about the different asset and risk classes. But you also need to familiarize yourself with tax issues. If you exceed the tax-free amount with your investments, you will have to pay tax on the proceeds.

Pay attention to costs

Don't just focus on the potential profit, but also on the fees that are incurred when buying securities or for the stock portfolio. Especially when investing for the long term, fees are the main factor that extend the time to double your money. Therefore, make sure that you choose a cheap broker for your stocks. You can find the best and cheapest securities accounts for your stocks in the Securities account comparison.

Micro caps and penny stocks

The term micro-caps and pennystocks refers to shares with a very low market value. In the case of penny stocks, the price is below one euro. Micro caps and penny stocks are very speculative investments. The price is subject to high fluctuations. Speculators try to use the price fluctuations in their favor. The invested money should be increased strongly in a short time and double in a few days.

However, the high opportunities offered by micro-caps and penny stocks are also offset by high risks and should be avoided by investors with less experience. An alternative are Dividend shareswhich allow you to double your money with a slightly longer time horizon.

Double money via P2P loans

Risk: medium
Potential earnings
: medium

Double money in one month through P2P loans

Alternatively, if you want to increase your money, you can use P2P loans. The returns are in a similar range as with stock investments. This means that it is not realistic to double your money in one month. However, with P2P investments there is a high return on the money lent!

In the case of a P2P loan, when the Credit no bank involved. Both the lender (you) and the borrower (the person to whom you are Lend money) are private individuals. As a lender, you take on the role that was previously reserved for banks and grant Loans to other persons. Thereby you earn like a bank money for the surrender of the money. The borrower counts you for this a Interest.

In order to double your money with P2P loans (you can't do it in a month) it is recommended that you take a few tips to heart.

To simplify the loan processing, it is advisable to use P2P platforms that take care of the processing. You then only lend the money and collect the interest. The platform takes care of the rest.

To make serious money with P2P loans, the following is important:

1. invest only a part of your assets in P2P loans

As with any investment, it is advisable not to put all your eggs in one basket. Therefore, always invest part of your assets or income in P2P loans. You should be prepared to lose the invested part completely. P2P loans are a part of your asset allocation. Therefore, you should always combine risky P2P loans with other investments. By diversifying your asset allocation, you can significantly reduce the risk of investing in P2P loans.

2. increase your positions step by step

When investing in P2P loans, it is advisable to start small and gradually increase the positions. First, familiarize yourself with the P2P platform and test it out a little. It is also worthwhile to use several platforms in parallel for testing.

3. diversify your P2P loans

The higher your investment in a single position, the greater your loss if a default occurs. With several small investments, this risk of a large default does not exist. Your risk to suffer a large loss is therefore, through Diversification of your P2P loans minimized. Therefore, when you choose a P2P platform, you should pay attention to a low minimum investment in order to better diversify loans.

4. diversify your P2P providers

Since even the best P2P comparison cannot completely screen the providers, it is recommended to use several providers at the same time.

5. check the creditworthiness of the borrowers

The P2P platforms determine the creditworthiness of the borrowers and provide you with this in the form of risk classifications. Therefore, check the creditworthiness of the borrowers based on the risk classes.

6. double money in a month with P2P loans? - Better be patient

Even with 20 % returns, you won't manage to double your money in one month with P2P loans. Therefore, in order to benefit from the monthly interest payments of P2P loans, you should have a longer time horizon.

Aiming at doubling your money as quickly as possible clouds your vision and tends to make you ignore risks. You should therefore better be patient if you really want to save your money with P2P loans. would like to double.

If you want to get your money back as soon as possible in the beginning, you can invest in short term loans in the beginning to get more familiar with the P2P platform and see how money lending works without a bank.

Double your money via investments in digital assets like websites

Risk: very high
Potential earnings
: very high

Double money in one month through Digital Assets
Flippa* is the largest provider of digital assets such as blogs, affiliate projects and SaaS. If you can distinguish scams from legitimate offers, you will quickly double your money here.

Investments in digital assets pay for themselves after just a few years and are therefore very profitable. You can double your invested capital with digital assets in about 32 to 40 months. This makes digital assets one of the most profitable asset classes to double your money in a short time. An investment in a website, SaaS or an app you have many possibilities earn money quickly today.

The risk of doubling your money by investing in digital assets like websites is of course also very high with the expected high profit. However, you can double your money quite quickly with a little skill and flair. With fix-and-flip projects, doubling your capital in a few months is realistic. Alternatively, you can also build up a website yourself and thus earn money as an affiliate. The third and most passive way to double your money with digital assets is to invest in websites as an investor - without the obligation to work on the project.

1. web pages fix and flip

Real professionals also operate a Fix-and-flip business with websites and thus actually double their capital in just a few months. The fix-and-flip works like refurbishing run-down apartments. You buy websites at a significant discount because they have a problem that the current owner can't or doesn't want to fix because they don't have the time or inclination.

After the site is in your possession, do your best to fix the corresponding error. Now the revenue of the website should increase. You now resell the website to another person. Since websites are usually sold at a factor of 30 to 40 times your monthly income, you get a big chunk of money in your account. Your earnings from the website fix and flip are calculated as follows:

( Earnings after correction of the error - earnings before takeover ) x 40

Since you now receive the increased income in one fell swoop for about 40 months in advance, website fix-and-flip is a lucrative way to double your money in a short period of time.

Website for sale
On the platform Flippa* websites are for sale all the time - which are suitable for fix-and-flip. With a little practice, skill and flair, you can double your money in a few months via fix-and-flip of digital assets

2. monetize your own website

Building your own website from scratch and then monetizing it is the most time-consuming way to double your money. There are many ways to make money with a website. Among the most commonly used ways to monetize a website are:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Display advertising such as Google AdSense
  3. Publish paid guest articles
  4. Generate revenue via VG Wort
  5. Collect donations via services like Patreon
  6. Provide exclusive content in a premium member area
  7. Sell your own products

It's no longer a secret that you can make money with digital assets like websites. If you invest in already existing websites, you don't have to go through the tedious process of generating the first traffic to the website.

3. invest in websites as a passive investor

As a passive website investor, you can invest in established, fast-growing and high-revenue eCommerce and SaaS companies. To quickly double the money invested, companies that raise money this way have a planned exit strategy from the beginning. Investors take an equity stake in an online company.

As a platform is suitable Flippa Invest*. Unfortunately, Flippa currently only accepts accredited investors residing in the United States.

Invest in websites as a passive investor - example Flippa
Example opportunities as a passive investor in Flippa Invest* to invest in digital assets. The projected returns are often 25 % and more, making it possible to double the invested capital in 4 years.

Double your money through crypto investing

Double money in a month through crypto

Risk: very high
Potential earnings
: very high

Investments in cryptocurrencies are no longer a niche topic, but mainstream. If you decide to invest in Bitcoins, Ethereum, Tether or Ripple, you should be aware of the very high risk of this investment. The high risks of cryptocurrencies are due to the high fluctuations of this asset class. But a high risk is always matched by high opportunities, which investors can use to double their money in a short time.

Incredibly, if you invested in Bitcoin on Dec. 8, 2020, you could have actually more than doubled your money in one month. The Bitcoin price shot up from 15,128 euros to 33,272 euros within one month. If you managed to hit the entry and exit times, you had 2.2 times as much money after exactly one month as you did at the beginning.

If things go well, you can greatly increase your money with cryptos in a month. Doubles in short periods of time have happened again and again in the past and are not unlikely in the future. But this chance always includes the risk that you can also lose money with crypto. Anyone who invested in Bitcoin at the end of 2021 or in the summer of 2022 was allowed to experience the unpleasant feeling of loss.

What you need to consider when you want to double your money with crypto

Lack of regulation: Unlike securities, cryptocurrencies and their trading are not regulated by a government agency. This means that you have to check this asset class even more closely than an investment in stocks or bonds. This is because there is the additional risk of falling for a scam due to the lack of regulation. You should take a particularly critical look at newly created cryptocurrencies. In a well-known scam, the supposed cryptocurrency OneCoin raised more than $4 billion when it turned out that there was no blockchain for the project.

No central banks: With cryptocurrencies, unlike other currencies such as the euro or the dollar, there are no central banks that can intervene in a controlling manner if something gets out of hand.

Many speculators: The high profit potential of cryptocurrencies attracts speculators who bring additional volatility to crypto markets as they invest in a cyclical manner.

Some crypto investments have a philosophy like the Wild West. Pyramid schemes, manipulated prices or even the complete absence of the blockchain are some of the scams. Investors are often lured here with unrealistic return opportunities.

With crypto you can double your money in a month - But only with significant risks

While it is theoretically possible to double your money in a month with crypto, this is always associated with considerable uncertainties. If someone tries to minimize the risks of crypto investing, you should definitely stay away from it. It is probably a scam.

Double money in one month through dividend shares

Risk: medium
Potential earnings
: medium

Double money in one month through dividend shares

Dividend stocks are much less risky compared to cryptocurrencies. If you hold the shares of a high-yield company, you will probably not be able to double your money in one month. However, you minimize your risk of loss significantly with dividend stocks and over a slightly longer term, doubling your investment is very likely.

When investing in dividend stocks, you get your return through two components:

  • You receive dividends paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • You participate in price increases

You receive dividend payments directly to your account. You can realize the gains from price increases when you sell the share at a later date.

Doubling of the investment in a few years

By investing in dividend stocks, you have to deviate somewhat from your goal of doubling your capital every month. Nevertheless, a doubling of the invested money is realistic in about five to ten years. The example with Procter & Gamble shows that this development is realistic.

With the dividend share of the consumer goods manufacturer Procter & Gamble you could more than double your money in the last 5 years
With the dividend share of the consumer goods manufacturer Procter & Gamble, you could more than double your money in the last 5 years. That's not doubling your money in a month, but the stock of the consumer giant P&G is much less volatile and is considered the dividend king.

The amount of the dividend is decided at the Annual General Meeting. All shareholders are invited to attend and vote on how much money the company should distribute to its owners.

Dividend kings

There are companies that have made it their duty to constantly increase their dividend payouts. A distinction is made between dividend aristocrats and dividend kings. Companies that qualify as dividend aristocrats have increased their dividends every year for at least 25 years in a row. Dividend kings have a 50-year history of dividend increases (without a single interruption).

Stocks that have increased their dividends for more than 50 years

Here are 12 dividend kings that have increased their dividends for more than 50 years. In the past, these investments have Money of many investors doubled or even multiplied.

RankDividend KingSectorDividend increase since
#1American States WaterDurable Goods68 years
#2Genuine Parts Consumer Goods66 years
#3Procter & Gamble Consumer Goods66 years
#4Northwest Natural HoldingDurable Goods66 years
#5Dover Corporation Industry66 years
#6Parker HannifinIndustry66 years
#7Emerson ElectricIndustry65 years
#83MIndustry64 years
#9Cincinnati FinancialFinance61 years
#10Johnson & JohnsonConsumer Goods60 years
#11Coca-ColaConsumer Goods60 years
#12Lancaster ColonyConsumer Goods59 years

Double your income

Double money in one month by doubling income

Risk: low
Potential earnings
: medium

Another way to double your discretionary money each month is obvious: Look for ways to increase your monthly income. If you're aiming to double your income, you'll want to come up with a strategic plan for doing so, with several stops in between.

For example, if you feel that you are performing above and beyond the call of duty at your job, you should talk to your supervisor and ask for a raise.

Salary negotiation

The Salary Negotiation Flowchart from The Career Bible will help you find the ideal time to negotiate your salary. Use it to determine in advance Three strong arguments that justify your demand for a higher salary. The focus should be on the the company created added value through your performance (and not that you need more money).

Accept job with competitor

If several salary negotiations have come to nothing, you should rethink your strategy. Maybe your work is valued more at another company than at your current one? After all, moving to a different company often means high Salary increases of 20 to 30 percent in one fell swoop possible.

Take up a second job

If you are happy in your environment in the company, you could also take a part-time job. With many smaller jobs you can even earn money today. If you enjoy working from home, perhaps the opportunity also comes earn money as an affiliate into consideration for you?

There are two things you need to keep in mind when starting a side hustle:

  • First you need to set your Inform employer about the commencement of secondary employment. The employer only has the right to refuse to allow you to take on secondary employment in rare cases. However, if you start working for one of your employer's direct competitors or if you use your own company to poach your employer's customers, your employer has a veto right.
  • The second point you have to keep in mind is that additional income starting from an income of taxable from 410 euros per year are. (§ Section 46 (2) no. 1 EStG). Income is understood to be the surplus of income less income-related expenses.

Working in a company covered by collective bargaining agreements

Double your income through collective wage agreements. Move up from EG7 to EG17 as an engineer, or from A13 to A16 as a teacher.
You can double your income through collective wage agreements. Move up from EG7 to EG17 as an engineer, or from A13 to A16 as a teacher.

By working in a company that is bound by collective agreements, it is possible to double your income. If you start working as a skilled worker in a company of IG-Metall in Baden-Württemberg, you will usually start in pay group 7 (EG 7). With further qualifications, such as a degree, you can move up to EG 17. This doubles your salary from €3240 per month to €6043 per month.

Of course, you need a longer time horizon than one month. Therefore, you need to adjust your goal of doubling your disposable money in just one month.

Pay groupSalary
EC 73240
EG 83467
EC 93694
EC 103937
EC 114196
EC 124488
EC 134780
EC 145071
EC 155363
EC 165719
EC 176043
Tariff table IG-Metall Baden Württemberg (2018): If you move up from EG 7 to EG 17 through additional qualifications, you can almost double your disposable money from € 3,240 to € 6,043

Even as a teacher you can double your income

But even as a teacher it is possible to double your monthly salary. While you start in grade A13 as a young teacher in Baden-Württemberg in 2022 with €4,716, you can receive your pay as a head teacher or principal up to €8,111. This corresponds to almost a doubling of your original salary!

Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10
Basic salary rates for teachers in Baden-Württemberg (2022): If you move up from A13 to A16 through additional qualifications, you can almost double your disposable money from €4,716 to €8,111

Double the money in one month with day trading

Risk: high
Potential earnings
: high

Double money in one month through day trading

Day trading is a risky (but real) possibility, to double your invested money in one month. In day trading, you invest only a few hours or a maximum of a few days in stocks or currencies. In addition, day trading often uses CFDs and additional borrowed capital with which you can leverage your investment. The High trading frequency in connection with additional borrowed capital (leverage) allow you to double the money you invest in a short period of time (e.g. in one month). However, in order to double your capital in one month, you have to take high risks. Therefore, in day trading you can double your Capital also lose completely. Therefore, day trading is recommended only for experienced investors, especially when CFDs and leveraged securities are used. About four out of five investors eventually lose money, trying to double the money in a short time.

To start day trading, you don't have to hold a certain number of shares or other securities in your portfolio. However, in order to double your money in a month, you need to complete your trades in that time frame. Because only with closed trades you have the money then also really safe on the account. In order to be successful with day trading, you should also consider the following points, which I have already described in a similar way in the article Side jobs from home at

Inquire comprehensively!

To double your money in a month with day trading, you need to know the market and the companies you invest in very well. This is the only way to anticipate developments in the capital markets.

Never invest all your money

Never invest all your money in day trading. Because even more important than doubling your money in under a month is not losing money in trading. "Never lose money" is the most important guiding principle of star investor Warren Buffett. One of the easiest ways to implement this principle is to limit your losses by never investing all your money at once. This way you limit the risk of losing your capital.

1. develop a strategy and stick to it!

It is important that you develop a clear day trading strategy. This should clearly state what you will do when a certain event occurs. This also includes that you determine your entry and exit points from the positions exactly. Now you have to stick to your strategy consistently. This way you won't gamble away your money and instead focus on your goal of doubling your money in a month.

2. always work with stop loss

A stop loss limits your losses in case you are wrong in your assumptions. Since a certain probability of error can never be ruled out, you should always use a stop loss when trading. Without a stop-loss protection you will lose money indefinitely instead of doubling your money in one month as you intended to do.

3. set stop loss but also not too tight

Trades are often volatile and must also "breathe" sometimes (that is to say, drop here) to then break out to the top. If the stop loss is too tight, you prohibit the trade from dropping.

4. suitable risk/reward ratio

If you can make €100 loss, you should be able to make more than €100 profit.

5. you must correctly predict the development on the markets

To double your money, you need to predict the development of the capital markets with a high accuracy rate. It is not necessary to predict all trades correctly. Even if you predict 60 % of trades correctly and miss 40 %, you can still double your money.

6. you need an account with 5.000 Euro or more for daytrading

Because with an account that is too small, you have to constantly use your entire deposit and therefore cannot do any risk management. In addition, there are high fees for small trades. Therefore it is best to have 5.000 € or more available.

7. don't give up if it doesn't work!

Because establishing a trading strategy takes 12 months or longer. Give yourself enough time to learn trading and don't throw in the towel if you make losses at the beginning.

8. do not get cocky

Around successfully make money with trading It is necessary to keep calm, even if you have made a lot of money with one or two trades. Don't get cocky when you have successful trades. Losses are as much a part of trading as profits and will never be long in coming, even in good times.

9. learn from your mistakes

It's normal to make mistakes when trading. But the key point to doubling your money is that you must learn from your own mistakes.

10. adapt to the market

When sideways markets are present, you need to adjust your trading strategy and stop betting on rising markets.

11. don't let the masses of traders get to you

Stick to your trading strategy if you are convinced of it. Headwind from social media or friends and acquaintances is part of it.

Automatically earn money online

Risk: low
Potential earnings
: low

Another option, it is for your Online surfing behavior to be paid automatically. To do this, you first install the app of the respective provider. The app runs in the background and analyzes your surfing behavior. The data generated is used to improve websites and simplify purchasing processes. You are then paid the money automatically. No work is required in the traditional sense. Due to the low earning potential, it is not possible to double your money in one month with this method.

Double money in the casino, using the "same color" method

Risk: low
Potential earnings
: medium

You can actually absolutely safely double money in the casino with roulette. For example, you can bet 100 euros on black or red, it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that you, if you lose, double the bet and bet on the same color sets.

Double 100 euros by always betting on the same color

You repeat this until your color falls. Then you end the game sequence, as you have now doubled your bet from 100 euros to 200 euros. Now you can start a new game sequence from the beginning.

Double 100 euros at the casino: the catch

However, the method 100 euros with this method requires some stamina, because you need quite a bit of capital to double your bet with a high probability. This is because the probability of doubling the bet of 100 euros in the casino is only after 7 games at more than 99 percent (99.2 %).

Due to the doubling of your stake in each game, you need €12,700 in capital, which seems too much considering the winnings of €100. It is then easier to play at Robethood risk free to receive 200 €*. You do not have to invest your own capital for this.

GameProbability to double the betStake per gameTotal use
The probability of doubling the bet of €100 in the casino is 99.2 % after 7 games. However, you already need more than €12,700 for this.

Earn money with games

  • merit: 5-10 € the hour
  • Payout period: After reaching the disbursement threshold

The best apps and games to earn money with games are big platforms like or Swagbucks. However, the hourly wage to earn money with games is rather low and it is difficult to double your money with it. Nevertheless, a deposit is not necessary and you can theoretically double your money. without risk to have to enter into.

For example, it took me over 10 hours to unlock the €50 Amazon voucher at Swagbucks. An hourly wage of 5 € is in comparison to the 200 euros, which is available at Robethood* just like that, so there is not really attractive.

The issue of taxes when you double your money

At this point, I would like to point out various possibilities of how a part-time job is taxed, or when it remains tax-free.

Please note that I am not a tax advisor, so discuss specific individual tax questions with a tax advisor.

Incidental earnings from self-employed work are tax-free up to 410 euros

Additional earnings from self-employed work are tax-free up to the exemption limit of 410 euros per year. Beyond that, your additional earnings from self-employment are taxed at your personal tax rate. For this purpose, you must prepare an income surplus statement and submit Annex G with your tax return.

Mini-jobs are tax-free up to 520 euros

If you have a mini-job as a side job and your earnings do not exceed 520 euros, it remains tax-free.

With the exercise leader lump sum 3000 euro tax-free earn in addition

In addition, you can enable tax-free additional earnings of up to 3,000 euros per year with the so-called lump sum for exercise leaders. To do this, you must work in a non-profit, charitable or ecclesiastical secondary occupation for a non-profit organization or a public corporation such as a school or a sports club. In order for the lump-sum training allowance to remain tax-free, you should be active in an educational, artistic or supervisory capacity.

Earn an additional 840 euros tax-free with the honorary activities allowance

In addition, you can earn 840 euros a year tax-free with the honorary work allowance.

For those in a hurry with high risk tolerance: double your money in a few days

To double your money in a short time like in a few days, you need to be especially take high risks. Here are 8 ways to double your money in a few days. However, you should take these with a grain of salt, as you can lose your money completely:

Conclusion: Double money in one month

The highest chances to double your money within one month are with digital assets and speculative Crypto Investments. But also with Copy Trading and Day trading it is possible to double the invested money in one month. However, for this you need to high risks and you can lose your money completely.

Those who have already saved some money should rather play it safe and go for investments like Dividend shares and ETFs. In addition, you can use your Double income. This requires several salary negotiations and job changes over a longer period of time. Especially if you work in a collective bargaining company, doubling your salary is often possible if you deviate somewhat from your goal of doubling your money within one month. In addition you can earn some extra money today, through lucrative opportunities from the linked post. Alternatively, if you're feeling up to it, you can also use Earn money with OnlyFans and double your disposable income so quickly.

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