Money for blood donation: How much money do you get?


Blood donations are an expense. Nevertheless, many collection centers pay money for blood donations. For a blood donation you can therefore earn between €20 and €50 per donation. Due to the necessary waiting time between two blood donations, you can earn a maximum of about 1,300 € per year by donating blood. Earn 50 euros every day is therefore not possible with blood donations, nevertheless it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the topic of blood donation if you are looking for possibilities Earn money.

There are three different types of blood donations, which take different amounts of time and are therefore reimbursed differently.

Money for blood donation: 3 ways

You can donate blood in these 3 ways:

  • Whole blood donation (the blood is donated completely)
  • Platelet donation (The platelets, which are a blood component, are donated. The rest of the blood is pumped back).
  • Plasma donation (The blood component plasma is donated. The remaining blood is pumped back).

In monetary terms, you often receive the most money for a platelet donation (calculated over the year). This is because, in contrast to whole blood donation, you can donate platelets up to 6 times more frequently per year, which means that you receive significantly more money for blood donations in total. When donating platelets, only a part of the blood is used for the donation, which means that you regenerate much faster and can therefore donate more often.

How much money do you get for a blood donation?

For a blood donation you receive between 20 and 50 euros per donation. The income depends on the collection center and the type of blood donation. The table below provides an overview and shows you how much money you receive on average for different blood donations.

Type of blood donationdurationMoney for a blood donationHow often you can donatePossible money for blood donation annuallyMoney for blood donation per hour
Whole blood donationDuration: 10 minutes + 30 minutes recovery25 €Women: 4 times in 12 months Men: 6 times in 12 months150 €38 €/h
Platelet donationDuration: 60 - 90 minutes + 30 minutes recovery50 €26 times in 12 months1.300 €50 €/h
Plasma donationDuration: 45 minutes + 30 minutes recovery20 €60 times in 12 months1.200 €27 €/h
Money for blood donation: Effort and expense compensation of whole blood donation, platelet donation and plasma donation

The money that blood donor services pay you for blood collection is considered to be Expense allowance to understand. This is because the amount of remuneration is also based on the effort involved.

Money for blood donation - Is it worth it?

You have the best "chances of earning money" with platelet donation. Although the donation takes a little longer than whole blood or plasma donation, the chances of earning money are significantly higher. Another advantage of platelet donation is that only a part of the blood components is taken. These are the platelets responsible for blood clotting and a small part of plasma.

This allows you to donate blood every two weeks, because your body regenerates much faster than with the classic whole blood donation. If you donate platelets every 2 weeks, you can earn about 1,300 euros a year.

Since you don't need any previous experience to donate blood, it's well worth it financially. Therefore, people who money today want to earn, consider blood donation as an alternative.

Money for a blood donation: Advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • Your blood donation can save lives!
  • You can read or play on your smartphone while donating blood
  • After the blood donation you will also often receive drinks and a small snack
  • You can earn up to 100 euros per month


  • You cannot donate for infectious diseases (rare)
  • In addition, you should not be afraid of needles
  • Furthermore, you must keep to fixed deadlines and appear reliably

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