Sperm Donor Earnings: How much money will you earn in 2023?


If you are healthy and have no known chronic or hereditary diseases in your family, sperm donation is a lucrative source of income for men to earn some extra money. Annually, as a sperm donor, 13,500 € in earnings are possible if you donate 90 times a year. That is about 1 to 2 times per week. The Düsseldorf sperm bank pays out the most money to sperm donors: up to 150 € per sperm donation are possible. The Erlangen sperm bank, on the other hand, pays nothing at all for a sperm donation. If you have no problems with a sperm donation, you can use this possibility to earn money today and thus a lightning credit, avoid when the cash register is just empty.

How much money do you get for sperm donation?

The earnings as a sperm donor depend on the respective sperm bank. While the sperm bank in Erlangen unfortunately does not remunerate the sperm donation at all, the Düsseldorf sperm bank pays 150 euros for the sperm donation.

  • Earning as a sperm donor in Düsseldorf: up to 150 € per donation, 13.500 € per year with 90 donations per year
  • Earning as a sperm donor in Ludwigsburg: up to € 130 per donation, € 11,700 per year with 90 donations per year
  • Earning as a sperm donor in Berlin: up to 100 € per donation, € 9,000 per year with 90 donations per year
  • Earning as a sperm donor in Hamburg: up to 80 € per donation, 7.200 € per year with 90 donations per year
  • Earning as a sperm donor in Munich: up to 80 € per donation, 7.200 € per year with 90 donations per year
  • Earning as a sperm donor in Erlangen: up to 80 € per donation, 7.200 € per year with 90 donations per year

Payout period:
You will receive about half of the money directly after the donation. The remaining amount will be retained by the sperm bank and paid to you only after the final blood test. This can take up to 6 months.

The following chart shows an overview of how much money you can earn at some sperm banks in Germany.

Remuneration of sperm donation in Germany - In most cities you earn between 80 - 150 €. Source: Fernarzt.com - Graphic reworked.

Men can earn extra money by donating sperm in a short time. Very regular donors can earn their Even double money in a short timeespecially if the other earnings are not quite as high.

The possible earnings as a sperm donor per year

A sperm donation is biologically possible every 4 days. In the ideal case, one thus comes to approx. 90 possible donations per year. With the maximum rate of 150 € this would be 13.500 € income per year. The Dusseldorf sperm bank calculates somewhat more conservatively with 20 possible sperm donations per year. That would still be €3,000 a year, which the "side job" as a sperm donor brings in. Of course, this is not enough to live on. But to earn some extra money, the earnings are a good start.

How good is sperm donation for making money and how do I start?

To earn money as a sperm donor, you need to contact your nearest sperm bank and make an appointment. Next, you will first undergo a health check. Before you can start earning money as a sperm donor, your fertility and the quality of your sperm must be determined.

Therefore, certain requirements to earn money as a sperm donor are unfortunately inevitable. After all, human lives are at stake. If you meet the requirements, however, sperm donor is quite a side job with a very good hourly wage.

Requirements to receive earnings as a sperm donor

  • Age: between 18 and 38 years old
  • HealthGood health is a prerequisite. No hereditary diseases or chronic diseases in you or in the family. Sexually transmitted diseases are also an exclusion criterion to be allowed to donate sperm.
  • Way of life: Healthy diet. No drugs. No excessive alcohol consumption. Only non-smokers.
  • Sperm quality and quantity: high amount of sperm with good vitality necessary.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of donating seeds?


  • Acceptable compensation
  • Supporting childless couples in their desire to have children
  • In addition, the donation is made anonymously
  • Furthermore, there is a donor contract for legal protection


  • You must be able to live with producing offspring that you will not meet
  • Good health and lifestyle required
  • After the donation, another blood test will be performed a few months later. Only if this is positive, you will receive the money for the donation in full.

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