Make money today: 25 + ways to get started right away!


Have you ever had the thought "I need money, no matter how!" When you have this thought, bad decisions are usually not far away. The panic to get money quickly and easily makes us blind. The obvious option would be to simply borrow money, or to use the overdraft facility. But both are of course at the expense of your future and often a better way can be found. The article shows you 25 ways how you can money today you can earn. If you put your mind to it, you can catapult your bank balance upwards without having to make an Loan to record.

Earn money today: Your opportunities at a glance

#Method to earn money todayMoney supplyEarningspayoutPayout period

Advance from the boss

half or full month's salary in advance (no earnings)💰Often possible at the end or middle of the monthfast

Increase overdraft facility (use account overdraft facility)

You can borrow up to 3 net monthly salaries via the Dispo (no earnings)💰Still possible todayfast

Matched Betting

200 € to 500 € per month💰💰💰4 to 8 weeks (including initial registration)slow

Copy trading

5-40 % of invested capital per year
(Attention: Losses are also possible!)
💰💰💰Still possible today (only with appropriate prior knowledge)fast

Product tester

20 €/h (depending on product)💰💰2 weeksmoderate

Paid surveys

6 to 12 € per hour💰After reaching the payout limitmoderate

Mystery Shopping

8 to 10 € per hour💰3 to 5 weeks after the end of the studyslow


Directly after the lesson or by appointment💰💰Directly after the lesson or by appointmentmoderate

Benefit from cashback

Few euros a week💰2 weeksmoderate

Earn money at the flea market

5 to 20 € per hour💰💰next flea market datemoderate

Sperm donor

up to 150 € per donation💰💰about half immediately, the rest only after final blood test 6 months latermoderate


150 € per month (average of all Creators)💰💰💰Monthly payment at the end of the monthmoderate

Money for blood donation

Between €20 and €50 per donation; maximum possible is €1,300 per year💰💰2 weeksmoderate

Micro jobs from home

10 to 20 € per week💰After reaching the minimum amountmoderate

Earn money delivering buns

about 15 €/h less all costs (134 € for 7-9 hours of work)💰💰Monthly payment at the end of the monthslow

Earn money with affiliate marketing

10 - 100 € per sale💰💰💰Most affiliate programs pay out every 14 days.slow

Earn money with trading

With a deposit of 100,000 euros, 10,000 euros profit per year is feasible💰💰💰still possible today (with appropriate foreknowledge)fast

Extra or extra for film or advertising

15 - 25 € per hour💰💰Still possible today - Often directly on the day of shootingfast

Take home cash as a waiter on the same day

12,50 € per hour💰Payment of the tip possible on the same dayfast

Day events

13 € per hour💰Payment of wages possible on the same dayfast

Earn money with your own car by renting it out as advertising space

30 - 300 €💰💰Monthlyfast

Earn money with your own car by testing garages

approx. 200 €💰💰after HU/AU dateslow

Earn money with your own car through car sharing

approx. 100 €💰Monthlyfast

Earning money with your own car as an UBER driver:in today's world

10 - 30 €/h,💰Immediately after the ridefast

Earn money with your own car through carpooling today

18 € /100 km💰Immediately after the ridefast

Earn money with games today

5 -10 € /h💰After reaching the disbursement limitmoderate

Earn money today: How it works in detail

In this chapter, I'll show you how you can make money today. All possibilities are serious, legal, without previous knowledge easy to implement and often have hough odds (which come with certain risks). Because of the ease of implementation, in this chapter you will also find answers to the question: "How can I make money easily?"

Note, however, that even jobs with immediate payout usually require a certain amount of lead time for a preliminary meeting or the like. If you don't have this time and need to get money very quickly, I recommend my article Credit in 30 min. on the account. In the article goes the credit provider cashper* stands out as one of the most favorable and fastest credit providers.


Advance from the boss

merit: No earnings, but a half or full month's salary in advance is often possible
Payout period:
Still possible today

Earn money today? If you don't want to take out a loan, an advance from your boss is a good way to get money quickly. You can pay back the advance later through extra work.

Earn money today? If you don't want to take out a loan, an advance from your boss is a good way to get money quickly. You can pay back the advance later through extra work.

A salary advance is one way to get money and forgo a loan. In most cases, of course, you are dependent on the goodwill of your boss when you ask for an advance. So your boss doesn't have to honor your request for a salary advance.

In cases of hardship, the advance may even have to be granted by the boss. If the employee finds himself in an unforeseen emergency situation that can be averted with a wage advance, a claim to the advance could arise. However, the employer must also be financially able to pay the advance.


To learn more about salary prepayment in your company, you should inquire there. There are several ways in which the salary can be paid in advance. In the case of a regular advance payment you will receive 1.5 or 2 times the salary in the following month. In the following months, you will receive slightly less until the advance payment is balanced again. Another option is the Advance payment of overtime or from special payments such as Vacation or Christmas bonus.

Mixed forms of these options are also possible. As long as you can agree on something with your company, everything is fine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a salary advance?


  • Get money fast
  • You can pay the money back by working overtime at the job you're familiar with


  • In the future, you'll have to work more to pay back the advance
  • It can be uncomfortable to discuss financial problems at work

Increase overdraft facility (use account overdraft facility)

merit: The overdraft facility gives you a maximum of three times your net income in advance.
Payout period:
Still possible today

Earn money today - increase overdraft facility

To get money quickly, you can increase your Girokonto overdraft facility. At many banks this is possible via online banking. If you do not have such functionality there, you can contact the bank directly. Many banks increase the overdraft up to three times the net income. With a net income of 2,500 euros, you can get up to 7,500 euros immediately from the bank via the overdraft facility.

An overdraft facility is one of the easiest ways to get money quickly. The disadvantages are the often high interest rates and the lack of automatic repayment, which installment loans to have.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of overdraft facility?


  • Get money fast
  • Receive up to 3x your net income in advance
  • Application often possible directly in online banking


Matched Betting

merit: 200 € to 500 € per month
Payout period:
4 to 8 weeks (including initial registration)

Earn money today - Matched Betting
Earn money today with matched betting

Matched Betting is one of the most lucrative ways to make money today. Unlike regular sports betting where luck plays a big role, matched betting is a calculated system where the winnings can be calculated in advance. The system works by betting on both teams at the same time, which means you always win a bet. The winnings in matched betting are high: a hundred euros and more a day are possible. Some providers offer ready-made complete solutions where you can start earning money today without any prior knowledge.

Matched Betting has arrived in Germany and is a way to earn money today. Matched betting involves placing a double bet on the two possible outcomes at the same time. Thus, it is already certain from the beginning that one of the two bets will win and one will lose.

If now the bet is placed so that the profit is always greater than the loss, you have created a kind of money machine. But making money with matched-betting is not quite that easy, because the provider takes away his cut beforehand. Because of the provider fees you would not be able to make money even with a sophisticated matched-betting system.

How you can still make money with matched betting

Betting providers try to lure people to their platforms with a lot of effort. Therefore, they offer high new customer bonuses. Since matched-betting almost always qualifies for new customer bonuses as well, it's worth it. So it's the new customer bonuses that ultimately make matched-betting profitable. Because the bonuses are high enough that you can make money in the long run with both betting outcomes.

However, there is also a catch with new customer bonuses and it is already hidden in the name: The bonuses are only paid out to new customers of the platform. Therefore, in order to earn money in the long term with matched betting, it is necessary to change the platform more often.

Since this is very time-consuming, there are some providers who specialize in this. One of them is Robethood. I have registered there and describe my experience with Robethood in the following.

Matched Betting Earnings

With Matched Betting you can bet monthly about 500 euro with a few hours of effort Earn. However, earning with matched betting also depends on how much time you invest. The easiest way to earn €200 directly is to use the Robethood program. You don't even have to place a bet yourself, just open an account.

My experience with Robethood

I am currently putting the provider through its paces. So far, the account opening process has been great. Now the first bets have to be placed via Robethood. When the time comes, I will publish my experiences with Robethood (negative & positive) here.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of matched-betting with Robethood and Co.


  • High earnings for little work
  • Financial risk is borne by the investor


  • You need to open an account in your name that will be used for gambling
  • Payout can take up to 8 weeks

How good is matched betting for making money today?

Matched Betting is one of the easiest and most lucrative activities to earn money today. Robethood platform's system guides you completely through each step of the process. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Since you don't have to place any bets yourself, and you don't have to bear the financial risk, Matched Betting is probably the best way to earn €200 today through the signup bonus.

Copy trading

Earnings: 5-40 % of the invested capital per year. (Attention: Losses are also possible!)
Payout period:
Still possible today

Make money today as a copy trader

Make money as a Copy Trader today? - If you are willing to take some risk and have €200 for an initial investment, you can sign up at eToro* eToro is one of the most popular social trading platforms for copy traders.

79 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with eToro.

Copy Trading is an innovative way to profit from the stock market without prior knowledge. Because trading with shares and cryptocurrencies is booming. And not without reason: Many traders have made high profits with shares and crypto.

If you want to trade stocks or crypto, you can use the Expertise or the time for research is missingYou can still invest wisely with this technology. Namely, by simply imitating the trade of a professional. In this way, you use the knowledge of experts and simply skim off their returns.

Copy trading is also suitable to earn money on the stock market as a beginner

As a beginner, it is important that you do not rush into your investments and make high-risk decisions without the necessary prior knowledge. With copy trading, you can reduce your risk of losing money through ignorance by leaving the selection of stocks to the professionals. You, on the other hand, simply copy the best traders automatically.

Copy trading is therefore a good way to increase your chances of earning maximize. At the same time, you are not the one who has to make the tricky and risky decisions on the stock market. Because copy traders have simply outsourced this task, so to speak.

Copy trading is thus an interesting way to profit from the stock market without having to spend years building up expertise in the field.

But without risk it does not work

Of course, copy trading is also subject to a certain risk. Because even the best experts can not always correctly predict the developments on the markets and make wrong decisions.

Diversifying risks away is necessary for survival as a copytrader

However, if you minimize your risk through diversification, you can make money automatically with Copy Trading. Since you do not have to be active yourself and hardly need any previous knowledge to start, copy trading is well suited to start earning money today. The only requirement is a few hundred euros starting capital, which you do not need to survive. Because losses are unfortunately always equally possible with high chances of profit. However, the risks can be diversified away to a large extent.

Follow the best traders on the platform

You decide yourself which investors you follow. A software takes over the processing of the trades in the background. The software ensures that you always buy or sell when the copied trader trades.

Some successful copy traders and their risk profile
Some successful copy traders and their risk profile (names and profile pictures blurred for privacy reasons)

Once you have selected the traders you want to follow, you can almost automatically generate income through the Trader software. In addition, reputable portals allow you to find out exactly about the different investors and their previous successes as well as their risk profile. This way you can easily control your chances of winning and scale them upwards.

What are the opportunities and risks of copy trading?


  • You can invest like the best traders on the platform without needing their expertise
  • You can copy traders according to your risk tolerance
  • If you copy several traders, you reduce your risk of putting too much money on "the wrong" one
  • You can work from anywhere
  • The requirements are easily met


  • General risk of loss on the capital market
  • Control over capital is not yours and you bear the risk of not choosing the right trader
  • Too short a time horizon: success with copy trading takes time and does not happen overnight
  • Focus on returns alone: High opportunities for returns always go hand in hand with higher risk of losses

How good is copy trading for making money today?

Copy trading is one of the best and most lucrative ways to start making money today. If you are still inexperienced in the capital market, it is advisable not only to look at the returns, but to always keep the risks in mind. Therefore, inform yourself comprehensively about the traders you want to copy and play it safe at the beginning. It is a good idea to choose a trader with a long-standing and less vulnerable portfolio.

Pay attention to the performance and the risk class of the traders in the ranking list. From this you copy the best traders (by looking at return AND risk) and thus secure the chance of continuously bubbling profits.

How can I start Copy Trading to make money today?

The provider eToro* makes it especially easy for you to get started. You can start trading directly with eToro. Opening a deposit only takes 3 minutes and the provider, which has been established on the market since 2007, already has more than 20 million users worldwide.

Risk note: 79 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with eToro.

eToro experiences of enthusiastic customers
Experiences of enthusiastic copy traders with the eToro platform. Image source: eToro

If you are still unsure whether copy trading is the right way to start making money today, you can also try out several strategies in parallel with a demo account. You will get access to the virtual portfolio after your Registration with the provider*.

Product tester

Earnings: 20 €/h (depending on product)
Payout time: 2 weeks

Earn money as a product tester today?
Earn money as a product tester today? - With a bit of luck, you can test high-quality electrical products and simply keep them later on

As a product tester, manufacturers send you products that you then try out and write one or more reviews on online platforms. Afterwards, you get to keep the products, which can be very lucrative for more expensive products. You can test almost anything: high-priced electrical appliances, PC games, digital products or food.

Another exciting way to earn some extra money today is to test products as a Product tester.

Online stores often lack reviews that show how the product is used in everyday life. As a result, online stores lose a lot of customers and therefore money, because customers don't trust you without a review. Think about your last online purchase. Surely you also checked what reviews the product has before you bought it.

To get more reviews, many companies hire product testers. In most cases, product testers receive the test product from the manufacturer and are allowed to keep it after the test. You don't have to paint everything rosy when testing products. Criticism in the context of a review is not forbidden, and as long as you remain objective and concrete, it is often even welcome.

Get expensive equipment for free to test and earn money as a product tester today

Product testers are available for a wide range of products. Some manufacturers provide their product testers with devices worth several hundred euros in return for a review on the online portals. Due to the high material value of the devices, you can still earn quite a bit of money today.

For example, the electrical appliance manufacturer Philipps is looking for many testers to test high-quality electrical and electronic brand products. One example:

  • The Air Performer 8000, for which Philipps was looking for product testers, regularly costs €630.
  • For a test of the product you have about 2 hours of effort.
  • This results in a calculated Hourly wage from 315 €.
Earn money today as a Philipps product tester
Product testers are being sought for high-end products like this room air purifier from Philipps, as the expensive electrical appliance is just hitting the market and doesn't have any reviews yet.

This example shows that product tester is a great way to start earning money today. These are some other products that can earn you very high hourly wages as a Philipps Product Tester:

Test productRegular price
(e.g. at Amazon, Otto Philipps, coolblue)
Product tester priceEffort product testYour hourly wage
Philips Air Performer 8000 Series (AMF870/15)630 €0 €2 hours315 €/h
Philips Air Cooker (NX0960/90)580 €0 €2 hours290 €/h
Philips Air Performer 7000 Series (AMF765/10)480 €0 €2 hours240 €/h
Philips PerfectCare 6000 Series Steam Ironing Station (PSG6022/20)200 €0 €2 hours100 €/h
Philips 7000 Series High Speed Blender (HR3760/10)180 €0 €2 hours90 €/h
Philips Essential Airfryer Compact Connected (HD9255/90)160 €0 €2 hours80 €/h
Philips Steam Iron 5000 Series (DST5030/80)53 €0 €2 hours26,50 €/h
As a product tester, you can start earning money today. As you can see, it's worth it.

You can also test food and care products to earn money today

But also for cheaper products such as shampoos, deodorants or protein bars, product testers are always being sought who would like to earn some money from these free products. The drugstore dm, for example, has a product test program for products similar to these:

As a product tester at the drugstore dm, you are also given food, body care or cosmetic products to test free of charge.
You can also earn money today as a product tester at the drugstore dm and receive food, body care or cosmetic products free of charge for testing.

What are the pros and cons of earning money as a product tester?


  • As a product tester you often receive very attractive rewards
  • Hourly wages of €20 and more are not uncommon
  • You can work from anywhere
  • The requirements are easily met
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You can get to know many interesting products and try them out before everyone else
  • Most of the time you can keep the products
  • The job is very versatile due to the variety of products
  • Through your experiences as a tester, you influence the product development of products that millions of people will later use.
  • You can start earning money as a product tester today


  • You have to reapply for each product to be tested, which is time consuming
  • There is no guarantee that your application will be accepted
  • It is difficult to become a product tester for high-priced products due to the competition, which is why it is advisable to test lower-priced products as well.
  • Rogue providers tend to be data collectors and have little or even no products for testing
  • You should pay attention to the protection of your personal data
  • It is difficult to permanently find high-priced products to test and build a stable side income
  • If you receive money as compensation, you must report the earnings on your tax return.
  • You do not always get to keep the products for free after the test

How good is working as a product tester for making money today?

Being a product tester is rewarding and sometimes even has a real impact on the products. Due to the attractive test products, you should consider this opportunity to start earning money today. Please note that there are also dubious providers who are more interested in collecting data than in giving away test products. Therefore, find out about the portal beforehand and research what ratings it has.

A central advantage of working as a test subject is that you must tested products mostly kept may. As shown in the example above, this is a very tolerable business, as manufacturers such as Philipps devices costing several hundred euros
Give away to product testers in exchange for a review.

Working as a product tester is also convenient as a Side job from at home out of possible. This is because your test products are usually delivered to you. As a product tester you also need No education or qualification, to start earning money today.

Furthermore, you can organize your working hours freely. Through your work as a product tester, you will learn to as the first the latest products know. Often even before the general public has the chance to buy them in the store.

In addition, the job as a product tester is made more difficult by the infinite variety of products versatile and varied.
As a product tester you have a real impact. This is because your honest assessment enables the company to Improve the product to. In the process, the test product is often later sold a million times over - perhaps including a small suggestion for improvement from you.

How can I get started as a product tester to earn money today?

First register you can find a suitable portal. With well-known brands like Philipps or dm, there are no nasty surprises or data misuse to be expected. When a product to be tested is available, you will be notified.

Afterwards you will get the Products to your home delivered. Then unpack the products and your test begins.

That Result you either announce in a questionnaire or you write a review on a portal like Amazon, Otto, or similar online shopping sites.

Of the Earnings depends, of course, on the value of the product to be tested. For more expensive products, the time required increases slightly, but not as much as the price.

Testing high-priced products is therefore particularly lucrative and hourly rates of 100 euros and more are possible. However, it is also more difficult to become a product tester for high-priced products, which is why it is advisable to test less expensive products as well. On average, you can earn as a product tester about 20 Euro per hour Earn.

Successful product testers write about this detailed and detailed reviews and further decorate them with photos or videos. Here are a few more tips to successfully earn money on the side as a product tester:

Tips to earn money as a product tester

Choose suitable productsOnly participate in product tests that you are interested in and want to test. If you test the product only to earn money quickly through free products, this will be reflected in your reviews and the provider may be disappointed and terminate the cooperation.

Be honestBe honest in your evaluations and do not paint everything pink. This looks untrustworthy and not very serious. Serious providers of product tests encourage reviewers to give negative feedback and stand by it.

Remain factual and concrete:: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the product in a factual and concrete manner. Do not digress into general statements.

For example, if you write:

"Poor workmanship"

it remains unclear what exactly was wrong with the product. On the other hand, it is better to specifically list the product's shortcomings. Here is a better example:

"The drawer of the deep fryer closes very heavily in the last piece. Especially older people have a hard time coping with the hard-closing drawer in everyday life. The operating noise is also so loud that a conversation at room volume in the same room is not possible. On the positive side, however, the appliance is easy to clean."

Through this review, readers know to expect problems with the drawer and increased operating noise. Hygienic problems due to poor cleanability, on the other hand, do not seem to be present. With this information, readers can make an informed decision as to whether the device appeals to them or not. In this way, you provide readers with real added value and at the same time help the product manufacturer to improve the appliance.

Ensure completeness: Some advantages or disadvantages may hardly bother you personally or you hardly see an advantage in them. In a good review, you should still go into detail and objectively, because other people might find special features more important than you do. Of course, you should still write that you see it more as a gimmick if this is your gut feeling.

Note the scheduleThere is often a schedule and deadline for your review. Be sure to stick to it to be able to test the provider's products in the future.


Paid surveys

Earnings: 6 to 12 € per hour
Payout period:
After reaching the payout limit

earn money today paid survey
Earn money with paid surveys today? - With this method you can quickly earn a few euros while you wait

With paid surveys you can earn some extra money today. Since many surveys should not take up your full concentration, you can fill out the surveys while waiting or on the side. However, the chances of earning one to two euros for a ten-minute questionnaire are not so high. Nevertheless, it is possible to earn a hundred euros or more with surveys if you register with several providers. If you take advantage of waiting times by filling out surveys, you don't even have to spend extra time.

Making money with paid surveys is an easy way to start earning money from home today. By filling out paid surveys you can easily build up a little extra income. Here you can effectively use unused time on the train, while waiting, or even watching TV on the side to earn some money on the side.

Paid surveys are good for people who like to try new products to earn money today

Opinion surveys are particularly interesting for people who like to try out new products. After a training period of a few months, you can expect to earn around 100 euros a month. It's even easier to fill out paid surveys regardless of location than it is to be a product tester, because the product is digital.

Do not cheat

Most people use surveys to earn some extra money on the side. The temptation is great here to minimize one's own time investment and simply click through the answers quickly. However, this is not advisable, because the providers have built control questions into paid surveys, whose answers must be consistent. If they are not, the system kicks you out and you don't get paid for the survey.

Scaling difficult

Another disadvantage of paid surveys is that their quantity is limited and therefore it can take a while until you reach the payout limit. In addition, after answering the first questions, you may not be able to continue the survey because you do not belong to the provider's desired target group. These started surveys are compensated by some providers. Other providers waive compensation completely in this case. These circumstances make scalable side income with paid surveys difficult.

On average you get an hourly wage of about 6-12 Euro the hour or about one to two euros for 10 minutes of your time.

What are the pros and cons of paid surveys?


  • You get money for your opinion
  • Up to 100 euros per month possible without any problems
  • You can work from anywhere
  • The requirements are easily met
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You can get to know many interesting products and try them out before everyone else
  • Through your answers you influence the product development of products that millions of people will later use.
  • You can start earning money as a product tester today


  • An automatic check determines during the survey that you do not belong to the target group and the survey is cancelled
  • An automated check detects inconsistent responses and the survey is cancelled without compensation
  • You will only be invited to a limited number of surveys
  • The providers have a payout limit that you must reach
  • You should pay attention to the protection of your personal data
  • If you receive money as compensation, you must report the earnings on your tax return.

How good are paid surveys for making money today?

With paid surveys you can quickly earn a few euros while waiting. Often your attention is not fully required. Nevertheless, you should take the surveys seriously, because otherwise you won't manage the control questions and you won't get any money. To earn money today, paid surveys are well suited because of the very low entry barriers. You can start right away today and don't need any prior knowledge. However, the limited number of surveys as well as the existing payout limits are a real obstacle to really cash in. It is possible to earn more than 100 € per month with paid surveys, but not everyone can do it. If the person still manages it, he or she is probably registered with several providers in order to receive more surveys.

How can I get started with paid surveys to make money today?

After you have chosen and registered for a platform, you will receive matching surveys by email or via the app.

Then fill out the survey using the smartphone app or on your PC, laptop or tablet in Broswer.

With paid surveys you can still earn something extra, but the buzz is rather small. But at least you can quickly bridge unused time while waiting and maybe have some fun participating in a product development.

Tip: Since you usually do not have an unlimited number of surveys at your disposal, it is worthwhile to be registered on many platforms. Some platforms pay extra if you complete the survey directly or if you were not selected for the survey for some reason but applied for it.

Mystery Shopping

merit: 8 to 10 € per hour
Payout period:
 3 to 5 weeks after the end of the study

Earn money as a mystery shopper today? - The earnings for this are rather low, but with a little planning you can combine this activity with shopping in your favorite mall or shopping that needs to be done anyway.
Earn money as a mystery shopper today? - The earnings for this are rather low, but with a little planning you can combine this activity with shopping in your favorite mall or shopping that needs to be done anyway.

As a mystery shopper, you carry out test purchases in supermarkets, pharmacies or other stores. You don't need any previous experience. You will receive a short briefing before each assignment. So you can start earning money as a mystery shopper today.

The remuneration per order is usually fixed. Since the documentation is time-consuming, your hourly wage is around €10 or even slightly less. You can increase your earnings by using several platforms at the same time. The work as a mystery shopper is worthwhile if you can combine the activity with shopping that has to be done anyway.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Your job is to take photos of products and the store during test purchases. Often you also have to have short conversations with the employees or pay attention to certain things in the store. You will find out more in the briefing before the assignment. You document your observations in questionnaires or apps provided by the suppliers. The questionnaires are extensive and require detailed and time-consuming documentation of the assignment.

The video is embedded by Youtube and only loaded when the play button is clicked. The apply Google Privacy Policy.

The term "mystery shopping" or "test purchase" generally refers to procedures for assessing service quality in which trained observers, so-called mystery shoppers or test customers, act as normal customers and observe real customer situations.

Definition mystery shopping from Wikipedia

In mystery shopping, mystery shoppers act as normal customers. In doing so, they test the service qualities of a company. To ensure that the mystery shopper is not exposed, the company's employees should not notice that it is a mystery shopper. This is because the mystery shopper is checking up on the employees:

  • Attention (e.g. does the employee open a new cash register when there is a lot of traffic?)
  • Friendliness (friendly and informative, service by the book or stroppy when asked questions).
  • Competence (e.g. does the employee know where a certain product is located in the store?)
  • Shoplifting vigilance (e.g., attempted theft).

The mystery shopper then collects his observations from the test purchase in standardized questionnaires from the company.

What are the goals of mystery shopping?

Summarized is supposed to be used with the Mystery Shopping of the Degree of customer satisfaction measured can be made. Subsequently, the degree of Customer satisfaction increased by the company learning from the experience gained from mystery shopping and deriving measures. As a third objective, mystery shoppers uncover problems that could be the subject of a New customer acquisition oppose. All three objectives of mystery shopping are achieved by the Review of service quality of the test company is achieved.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mystery shopping?


  • You receive money while you make purchases
  • You can start making money today because the hurdles are low
  • The requirements are easily met
  • You have flexible working hours
  • There is no payout limit


  • Location-based
  • Earnings are rather low and only worthwhile if you can combine the activity with other tasks.
  • Available mystery shopping events limited

How good is mystery shopping for making money today?

You can easily start earning money as a mystery shopper today. Although a payout is not usual until about a week after your bet, there are usually no payout limits here. Since the entry barriers are low and everything is explained in the briefing, mystery shopping is a great way to earn a few extra euros a month. However, you won't make big jumps as a mystery shopper, since the hourly wage and the number of possible assignments are limited.

More lucrative ways to make money today are therefore alternatives such as Matched-Betting or Copy Tradingwhich are also listed in this article.

How can I start mystery shopping to make money today?

To do this, you register on one or - better - several platforms at the same time. As soon as there is an order, you receive a notification from the provider. The billing as a mystery shopper takes place either on income tax card or on invoice.

If you want to make money with mystery shopping today, here are some agencies you can register with:

  • ACC Mystery Shopping
  • Chekeckstone
  • Concertare
  • Frontline Focus
  • gorath servicetest
  • Kaufmann & Kirner
  • MSM Group
  • Multi-Value
  • Mystery Guest
  • MysteryPanel
  • NorthDock 3
  • Nuance Advisory
  • Store Magnifier
  • Skopos
  • SQ Test
  • SQ Test
  • SurveyControl
  • Test purchasing agency Brasche
  • Top Service Karlsruhe


merit: 13 € per hour in agencies; 20 € per hour - 25 € per hour without agency
Payout period:
Directly after the lesson or by appointment

Tutors are in high demand especially for math and science subjects and your performance will be well rewarded.
Earn money with tutoring today? - Why not, because tutors are in high demand especially for mathematics and science subjects and your performance is well rewarded especially for solo tutors.

With Tutoring earn money is for older pupils and students, a good way to build up a side income. But also many professionals find fun and joy in teaching younger people something. If you tutor on your own, it is also worthwhile financially. With tutoring, you are often paid directly after the lesson and therefore it is a good way to earn money in the short term.

Mastering the subject is not enough

In doing so, as a tutor, you will need to use your Master subject. Furthermore, you must also be able to explain complex issues in simple terms. For this purpose Patience, empathy and a persistent motivation Prerequisite. Moreover, explaining facts is not something you learn at school. That's why many tutors grow from this challenge. Afterwards, tutors not only understand the material better themselves, but are also better able to find new explanations for topics through tutoring.

Agency or solo self-employed

Basically, you can distinguish between two different types of tutors. First, you can go out on your own and find new students via tutoring and job platforms such as eBay Classifieds. The alternative, on the other hand, is to work for a tutoring agency such as Schülerhilfe or Easy Tutor, which requires part of the profit for administration. Solo tutors therefore almost always have better incomes than tutors with an agency. So, to earn money as a tutor today, you'd better put an ad online directly on your own.

What are advantages and disadvantages of earning money as a tutor?


  • Good hourly wage
  • The feeling of doing something meaningful
  • With tutoring you can earn money online or in person
  • You hone your soft skills and learn how to communicate knowledge
  • You often understand the material much better yourself afterwards
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You get to meet a lot of new people.


  • Some students are exhausting and strain your nerves
  • In agencies, you often have to teach many students at the same time and may feel that you can't do justice to everyone.
  • Even with good preparation, it can happen that you don't know an answer. Learn to deal with this confidently and provide the answer promptly if necessary.

How good is tutoring for making money today?

If you are or were good at school, tutoring is often a good way to start earning money today, especially for young people. Draw attention to yourself on a few portals and maybe even offer a free trial lesson to get students to stick with you.

The earnings from tutoring are significantly better than those of product testers or mystery shoppers. However, the requirements are also higher. To prepare high school students for exams, you need to have a good command of the material. In addition, didactic skills are required to convey the material.

However, the effort pays off. Good tutors become better known by word of mouth and therefore need less and less time to acquire new students. In addition, over time you become more experienced in imparting knowledge and working with other people.

So after some preparation time, tutoring is a good way to earn money.

How can I get started with tutoring to make money today?

If you have the necessary qualifications and want to earn money from home with tutoring, you can directly place an ad online. To earn money today, the job as a tutor is good because of its meaningfulness, earning potential and your personal development.

Benefit from cashback

merit: few euros a week
Payout period:
2 weeks

Many companies offer free products like this toothpaste. After paying at the supermarket, you upload the receipt to the manufacturer's site and get your money back about 14 days later.

In order to benefit from the cashback, you take advantage of a money-back guarantee which is offered by many companies. First, you buy the item in a supermarket or drugstore. Then you send in the receipt and get the purchase price refunded. This way you can test food and drugstore items for free and save money.

The earnings are rather small, but it can still be fun to try out new products more often. Note that you have to provide your email address for promotions. It might make sense to use a separate email address to avoid problems with spam emails. Cashback offers can be found for example on

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cahsback?


  • Receive many cosmetic and personal care products and food free of charge
  • There are always other products to test


  • Earnings are low when converted to the hourly rate
  • You must provide your email address to get the money back

Earn money at the flea market

merit: 5 to 20 € per hour
Payout period:
next flea market date

Earn money today - Earn money at the flea market

In order to earn money at the flea market, the items must meet a demand. In this respect, a feeling for items that are currently in fashion is helpful in avoiding slow sellers and earning money at the next flea market. But also negotiating skills, a feeling for prices and good people skills are necessary to earn money with flea market items.

Making money at the flea market requires negotiating skills and a feel for prices and products in demand. Most customers want to haggle at the flea market. Factor this into your pricing.

Here are a few tips to make money at your next garage sale

  • The early bird catches the worm: Get there first thing in the morning, because the early hours are almost always the best. Other dealers also like to use the early hours to browse other vendors and chat a bit.
  • No pricesAt the flea market you better don't put prices on the goods. The question about the price often opens the conversation and the flea market is always about haggling!
  • Tidy standLarge items to the back, smaller items further to the front. Thus, you do not block the view of customers and always have everything in view.
  • Price high: The first price you name should be about 50 to 100 percent above your desired selling price. Gradually go down in price and stay ironclad with your pain threshold.
  • Actions at the endIn the end, it is often better if the things are simply gone, because otherwise you have again effort with the storage of the items. Therefore, make promotions at the end like "Everything 5 euros - Only today!"
  • Beware of renting too cheaply: If the rent for the stand is much cheaper than elsewhere, this is usually a warning signal. Often the low price has good reasons.
  • Use right side of street: Many people look to the right rather than to the left.
  • Abstand from the snack bar: The smell doesn't put your items in the best light.
  • Rummage boxesPeople love to rummage, instead of well sorted. After all, there could be a treasure hiding in it ...
  • SeasonSummer is rather bad. Winter and autumn are often the best months with 40 % more sales.
  • Honesty is the best policy: Customers often recognize dishonest salespeople quickly and feel disgusted.

What are advantages and disadvantages of making money at the flea market?


  • Turn old things into money
  • Selling things at the flea market is fun
  • Many interactions with other people


  • Expensive booth fee
  • Not suitable for all items
  • The earnings are low

Earn money for men today: sperm donor

merit: up to 150 € per donation
Payout period:
about half immediately, the rest only after final blood test 6 months later

earn money today sperm donation
Earn money today through a sperm donation

If you are healthy and have no known family history of chronic or hereditary diseases, the Earnings as sperm donor a lucrative source of income for men. Over €10,000 in annual earnings are possible if you donate once or twice a week.

Men can earn extra money in a short time by donating sperm. Sperm banks pay up to 150 euros for this. The earnings depend on the respective sperm bank. While the sperm bank in Erlangen unfortunately does not remunerate sperm donation at all, the Düsseldorf sperm bank pays 150 euros for sperm donation. The following chart shows an overview of how much money you can earn at sperm banks in Germany.

Remuneration of sperm donation in Germany - In most cities you earn between 80 - 150 €. Source: - Graphic reworked.

Earnings as sperm donor

A sperm donation is biologically possible every 4 days. Ideally, this would result in about 90 donations per year. With the maximum rate of 150 € this would be 13,500 € income per year. One of the large sperm banks calculates somewhat more conservatively with 20 possible sperm donations annually. That would still be 3,000 € per year, which the "side job" as a sperm donor brings in. Of course, this is not enough to live on. But to earn some extra money today or in the near future, it is a good start.

How good is sperm donation for making money today and how do I get started?

To start earning money as a sperm donor today, you can contact your nearest sperm bank. Here you will first undergo a health check. Before you can start making money as a sperm donor, your fertility and the quality of your sperm must be determined.

Therefore, certain requirements to earn money as a sperm donor are unfortunately inevitable. After all, human lives are at stake. If you meet the requirements, however, sperm donor is quite a side job with a very good hourly wage.

Requirements to earn money as a sperm donor today

  • Age: between 18 and 38 years old
  • HealthGood health is a prerequisite. No hereditary diseases or chronic diseases in you or in the family. Sexually transmitted diseases are also an exclusion criterion to be allowed to donate sperm.
  • Way of life: Healthy diet. No drugs. No excessive alcohol consumption. Only non-smokers.
  • Sperm quality and quantity: high sperm quantity with good vitality necessary.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of donating seeds?


  • Acceptable compensation
  • Supporting childless couples in their desire to have children
  • The donation is anonymous
  • There is a donor contract as a legal safeguard


  • You must be able to live with producing offspring that you will not meet
  • Good health and lifestyle required
  • After the donation, another blood test will be performed a few months later. Only if this is positive, you will receive the money for the donation in full.

Make money today for women (and men!): OnlyFans

merit: 150 € per month (average of all Creators)
Payout period:
Monthly payment

Earn money with OnlyFans is usually a bit obscene, but especially for good-looking women extremely lucrative. If you manage to attract followers, you can build up a monthly side or even main income. There is a calculator on the OnlyFans site that you can use to calculate your earnings based on your followers and subscribers.

To earn money with OnlyFans, there are three different ways. You can earn on OnlyFans earn money by:

  • Monthly subscriptions,
  • Live streams or
  • Pay-per-view content.

OnlyFans has more female creators than male. However, there are some prominent male exceptions on the platform. For example Chris Brown or Fat Joe OnlyFans accounts with enormous reach.

Earn money with OnlyFans through monthly subscriptions

As with any social media, it is crucial to have a high number of followers on OnlyFans. With OnlyFans, your earnings scale directly with the number of followers.

The number of subscribers is initially the most important metric for making money with OnlyFans. However, scaling up is difficult and doesn't work right away. The average creator finds building the OF channel too tedious or difficult. That's because the average creator has just 21 subscribers, according to techjury.

Around earn money with OnlyFans you need a high number of subscribers who want to be entertained with quality content on a daily basis.

You can set the price for your OnlyFans subscription yourself. To justify the price, you need entertaining and constantly new content. Successful creators upload new content to the platform daily and notify their subscribers about it. This gives them the feeling of being part of the life of OnlyFans creators.

Who has, is also given at OnlyFans. For many celebrities, the content is hardly decisive for success. Subscribers pay the subscription fee to celebrities even for second-rate content. The feeling of being part of the celebrity's life is enough for many OF users.

Paid live streams and pay-per-view content

  • In live streams and pay-per-view content, you answer current questions about everyday life.
  • Users enjoy entertaining, entertaining and informative articles with a personal touch.
  • Pay-per-view content often does without naked skin.
  • This often works without any problems, as pay-per-view users are interested in a broad spectrum and, as non-subscribers, do not want to commit to a specific type of content.
  • Try to surprise users with creative or unusual content and then convince them with high-quality content.
  • Post guides to losing weight, fitness, or the foodie trend mukbang
  • Promote your channel on social media. Use Onlyfriends, Pinterest and Instagram to draw attention to your paid content.
  • Followers are also the name of the game on Only Fans. If you feel well entertained and want more, you can convert you to subscribers
Make money today as a Mukbang Creator on OnlyFans
Earn money today as Mukbang Creator on OnlyFans? - Here you film yourself eating huge portions of food. The Korean trend offers a hot niche on OnlyFans without you having to bare all.

What are advantages and disadvantages of making money with OnlyFans?


  • OnlyFans is growing rapidly. Many months had 70 % growth
  • On average, Creators earn €150 per month
  • The earning opportunities on the platform are unlimited and top creators earn more than a million dollars a month
  • Monthly payments allow you to build stable income streams
  • You can work from anywhere
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You can build your own brand and earn money with it in other verticals as well. For example, by securing your own domain, which you then promote.


  • Building followers and subscribers is not easy and needs your full dedication
  • Sexual harassment is common
  • Danger from stalking
  • Exclusive content can be leaked and resold by third parties without your consent
  • You will be constantly asked to do more and will do so because of the pressure
  • It could harm your future career
  • You become the product and always have to put your own wishes and ideas on the back burner.

Money for blood donation

merit: Between €20 and €50 per donation; maximum possible is €1,300 per year
Payout period:
2 weeks (positive health check must be available)

Money for blood donation
Earn money today - money for blood donation

For a blood donation you receive an expense allowance of between 20 and 50 euros. With a platelet donation, you receive the most money for the blood donation (calculated over the year). In contrast to whole blood donation, you can donate platelets up to 6 times more often per year, which means that you receive significantly more money for blood donations. When donating platelets, only a part of the blood is used for the donation, which means that you regenerate much faster and can therefore donate more often.

There are three different types of blood donations, which take different amounts of time and are therefore reimbursed differently.

You can get money for donating blood in these 3 ways:

Whole blood donation
Platelet donation
Plasma donation

How much money do you get from donating blood?

Depending on the collection center, you will receive about that much money for a blood donation:

Type of blood donationdurationMoney for a blood donationHow often you can donatePossible money for blood donation annuallyMoney for blood donation per hour
Whole blood donationDuration: 10 minutes + 30 minutes recovery25 €Women: 4 times in 12 months Men: 6 times in 12 months150 €38 €/h
Platelet donationDuration: 60 - 90 minutes + 30 minutes recovery50 €26 times in 12 months1.300 €50 €/h
Plasma donationDuration: 45 minutes + 30 minutes recovery20 €60 times in 12 months1.200 €27 €/h
Money for blood donation: Effort and expense compensation of whole blood donation, platelet donation and plasma donation

The money that blood donor services pay you for blood collection is considered to be Expense allowance to understand. This is because the amount of remuneration is also based on the effort involved.

Money for blood donation - Is it worth it?

You have the best "chances of earning money" with platelet donation. Although the donation takes a little longer than whole blood or plasma donation, the chances of earning money are significantly higher. Another advantage of platelet donation is that only a part of the blood components is taken. These are the platelets responsible for blood clotting and a small part of plasma.

This allows you to donate blood every two weeks, because your body regenerates much faster than with the classic whole blood donation. If you donate platelets every 2 weeks, you can earn about 1,300 euros a year.

Since you don't need any previous experience to donate blood, it's well worth it financially. Therefore, people who want to earn money today should consider blood donation as an alternative.

Money for a blood donation: Advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • Your blood donation can save lives!
  • You can read or play on your smartphone while donating blood
  • After donating blood you often get drinks and a small snack
  • Earn up to 100 euros per month as a regular blood donor


  • You cannot donate for infectious diseases (rare)
  • You should not be afraid of needles
  • You have to stick to fixed deadlines

Micro jobs from home

merit: 10 to 20 € per week
Payout period:
After reaching the minimum amount

Earn money today - micro jobs from home
Earn money today? - With Micro Jobs from home you may get an easy start

Earning money with Micro Jobs from home is possible via a smartphone application by doing small tasks. Most of the time, these are tasks that you can do without any previous experience. Common tasks include taking photos or filling out surveys. Rewards are given in the form of cash credits, bonus points or vouchers.

Earn money on the side through micro jobs from home

Micro jobs from home are characterized by small-scale work that is done by the micro jobber via app on the smartphone. The minimum wage is circumvented by task-based remuneration and is also often not achieved with microjobs. For this reason, microjob portals are criticized by consumer advocates.

Some jobs are done in a few seconds and are often paid only a few cents. Other jobs are more time-consuming and the remuneration corresponds to a low euro amount.

Micro-jobbers are also often referred to as Clickworker which describes your job quite well. On the smartphone, clicking and swiping performs tasks for which you have previously applied with your profile in the app.

The time management is almost entirely up to you. The same applies to how many jobs you do as a clickworker. The only restriction here is that after accepting a job, you must adhere to a time window until completion.

Also part of the time commitment is researching new jobs. The better the pay, the higher the competition from other applicants. So you'll have to do some trial and error to see which jobs are worth applying for and which aren't.

A credit account is set up with the provider or agent of Micro-Jobs. Once you have reached enough points or a certain amount of money, you can request a payout of the credit.

If you want to earn some money on the side today, you can register on some portals. You can find tips on this in the next section.

Micro jobs from home: providers at a glance

There are now countless portals where you can earn money as a clickworker today. If you are interested in this kind of work, take a look at the following microjob providers. Before you sign up with a microjob portal, you should check whether the provider is reputable. The consumer advice center warns against dubious providers in the Clickworker scene, which are listed again at the end of the article.

1. micro jobs from home: Ysense (formerly also known as Clixsense)
Earn some money with YSense today? - The consumer protection agencies at least do not directly advise against the portal, but the experience reports are mixed
Still earning some money with YSense today? - The consumer protection agencies at least do not directly advise against the portal, but the experience reports on the Internet are mixed.

YSense is a worldwide program that lets you earn a few cents or euros in money by clicking on advertisements (paid-to-click or PTC) today. The program also offers surveys. The Trustpilot rating of 4 stars are mixed. While many users report that they have been receiving payouts for months or years without any problems, there are some testimonials that put YSense in a strange light.

Consumer advocates, however, have YSense not on your "Red List which is why I still think it is worth signing up. However, to prevent bad experiences, you should take precautions and withdraw your money from the platform as soon as possible once the withdrawal limit is reached.

2. micro jobs from home: Spare5
Earn money today with microjob app Spare5
Earn some money with Spare5 today? - Up to €20 per week is realistic. The payout threshold is possible from one euro and thus very low.

Spare5 is suitable for earning a few cents in your free time. The payout is already possible from very low amounts via Paypal possible. Typical tasks with Spare5 are categorizing or describing image content. The tasks are simple, but they still require precision and an eye for detail. Here is an example of a typical Spare5 task:

Earn money today with microjob app Spare5 Image Crop
If you want to earn money with Microjob App Spare5 today, simple tasks like categorizing images are part of your everyday work.

For a task at Spare5 you get a cent amount, which is usually between 1 and 5 cents. There are also higher rewards at Spare 5 of up to 50 cents, but these are rare.

Therefore, you can't really earn a lot of money with Spare5. It is often difficult to predict how much money you will earn with Spare5. It can happen that you receive many tasks in one week and the next week the pipeline of tasks remains empty.

In summary, with Spare5 you can still earn some extra money on the side with little effort, but the earning potential is low and the hourly wage does not reach the legal minimum wage in Germany.

3. micro jobs from home: fanslave and PaidLikes
FanSlave: Earn money today with likes on social media
Earn money with Paidlikes Today with Likes on Social-Media

Paidlikes and Fanslave are two platforms where you can earn money by liking content on social media. The platforms offer paid likes and followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. In the process, you get between 2 and 6 cents for a Like or Follow. Likes are meant to influence the algorithm of social media platforms and are therefore frowned upon among influencers.

4. micro jobs from home: earn money today with Streetspotr and appJobber

The services appJobber and Streetpotr arrange microjobs around shopping. Your tasks will include the documentation of product placements in shopping markets and Mystery Shopping. But also the placement of advertising materials or checking them for correct placement are part of the tasks.

Unfortunately, the spot cannot be reserved before you arrive on site. Thus, you always have to work off tasks directly after they appear, which often involves a lot of time. The payout sometimes takes 30 days, which is clearly too long for people who want to earn money today.

To earn money with the portals today, you have to pay attention to absolute accuracy, which is often not in proportion to your earnings. If the pictures were taken obliquely, darkly or from too far away, they are often rejected. In addition, you have to be careful not to get into legal trouble by taking unauthorized photos in the markets. Although the providers claim that the photos are legal and do not fall under espionage, you cannot check this as a microjobber. You don't find out how and by whom the pictures are ultimately used.

5. micro jobs from home: EuroClix
Micro jobs from home: Euroclix
The Euroclix portal

Euroclix is a cashback provider for online purchases. Via a Chrome extension for your browser, you can get a part of the money back as compensation while shopping. Most of the time, the amounts are in the low cent range.

But there are other ways to earn money at Euroclix. These include:

  • Earn money by participating in paid surveys (link via email)
  • Receive advertising mails
  • And of course the mentioned shopping at more than 1500 partner stores of euroclix and collect points.
6. earn money from home with EntscheiderClub
Earn money from home through online surveys as a micro job with Entscheider Club
Earn money from home through online surveys as a micro job with Entscheider Club

EntscheiderClub is a portal that specializes in online surveys. You can withdraw the credit or donate the amount to charity. The ratings on Trustpilot are with 3.5 stars not exactly the best signboard to be able to earn money easily today.

Increasingly, there are problems and delays in payouts. One user who tried out the portal for a few weeks reported an hourly wage of about 3 euros. The money was paid out to him without any problems.

7. do micro jobs from home with Swagbucks
Another provider of paid surveys is Swagbucks

The portal Swagbucks is comparable to the Decision Makers Club. However, there is a difference in the payout. With this provider, you cannot request a direct payout, but receive bonus points for your purchase, which you can redeem at partner stores.

8. micro jobs from home with Crowdguru, Clickworker and Mechanical Turk

CrowdguruClickworker and Amazon's Mechanical Turk are three more portals where you can earn a small amount of money with just a few clicks today. The micro jobs are used to train AI models and include web research, classifying images or keywording texts. But checking links or transcribing videos and audio files are also part of everyday work at the three microjob portals.

9. better not to use as micro job from home: Cash cow

The app Goldesel received a rebuke from the consumer advice center and is therefore not recommended for earning money with microjobs today. For example, a voucher for 5 euros was not paid out even after months of waiting.

When asked, Goldesel's customer service replied that the delivery of a voucher may take some time.

Other ratings and reviews come to a similar conclusion about Goldesel. Instead of money in the account, there is apparently only annoying advertising.

With micro jobs from home, earnings are low - but there are few obligations

Basically anyone can without prior knowledge of micro jobs from home Earn money. Many portals have hardly any restrictions and allow students, retirees and even teenagers from the age of 14 to earn money from their living rooms. The flexible, free time management is particularly attractive here.

the main conditions to earn money with micro jobs from home is, a punctual completion within the agreed time window, as well as a strict adherence of the conditions set for the job.

If you have to make test purchases to complete micro jobs, you should make sure that the provider covers the costs. Furthermore, you should take critical comments and ratings from other users seriously. To avoid becoming a victim of unwanted phone calls and advertising emails, you should always be sparing with your own data when using apps for micro jobs. Having your own email address also pays off quickly if you want to earn money from home with micro jobs.

In general, you should keep in mind that there is a real and There is no such thing as a plannable extra income with micro job apps. If you adjust your expectations and are satisfied with small vouchers or amounts of money, micro jobs can be a nice pastime with additional earnings. You should also be aware of tax liability if you regularly generate income with micro jobs.

What are advantages and disadvantages of micro jobs from home?


  • Earn some extra money with small micro jobs from home without previous experience
  • Already suitable for teenagers from 14 years
  • You can register with several portals at the same time


  • Earnings are often below the minimum wage
  • There are some dubious providers who delay payments

Earn money delivering buns

merit: about 15 €/h less all costs (134 € for 7-9 hours of work)
Payout period:
Monthly payment at the end of the month

Earn money today - delivering bread rolls
For early risers: earn money today with the independent delivery of bread rolls

If you have your own car and don't mind getting up early, you can earn money as a bread delivery person by delivering baked goods on your own. On weekends, an income of more than 100 € per day is realistic, as the sample calculation below shows.

Another idea that you can use to earn extra money starting today is a bread roll delivery service. A bread roll delivery service delivers fresh bread rolls and baked goods to the doorstep of private households in the morning. These come from a local partner bakery. It is worthwhile for the customer, as he saves himself the morning trip to the bakery. That's why many people are happy to indulge in this luxury, especially at the weekend. This gives customers a little more time with their families.

In a little more detail, it works like this:

  • You are self-employed as a bread delivery person, delivering baked goods from a local bakery in your home town
  • Turn to a franchise company that already has a ready-made concept for setting up your delivery service. Brötchenbursche or Beckmann brings's are the first places to start.
  • Then, together with the franchise company, you look for a local bakery that is interested in cooperation.
  • Because of the franchise's experience and the quantity purchased, you often get the baked goods at half the store price.
  • In addition, you will receive a delivery fee, which will increase your earnings a bit more.
  • Once you have found a bakery, the next step is to acquire customers. For this purpose, you can use door signs, which you first place on the door handles in your delivery area.
  • You advertise this with a free trial delivery for all new customers.
  • After you've done the free trial delivery, call the customer that evening or a few days later and ask them how they liked the rolls and if they were satisfied.
  • If he answers in the affirmative, you can ask him if you should supply him with rolls daily or weekly in the future.
  • Building a customer base of 60 to 100 regular customers takes about two to three months using this method.

Low barriers to entry and costs

Due to the low entry barriers, the business field is suitable to start today and additionally build up a side income. Profit from a concept that has been tried and tested for many years and become your own boss. Besides your own car, you don't need much more to start earning money as a bread delivery driver.

Is a bread delivery service worth it as a franchisee?

You can earn money with the bread delivery service in two ways. First, you get the rolls cheaper than other customers, because you buy large quantities. You can then add the discount back on. Secondly, you receive a delivery fee. Thus, the following income is realistic after a training period:

One bag of bread costs on average approx.7 €
You pay at the bakery3,50 €
Revenue roll bag3,50 €
+ Income travel expenses2 €
= Total revenue per customer5,50 €
X Number of customers per day40
= Total revenue per day220 €
- Travel costs (40 customers X 2 km way X 0,2 €/km)– 16 €
- Cost franchise– 70 €
= Total earnings per day134 €
What you earn as a bread delivery man

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a bread delivery service as a franchisee?


  • You get the know-how from many years of business activity of the franchise company
  • Personal contact for problems
  • You get access to our web-based management software from the franchise company (you don't have to count cash, that goes through the software too)
  • The franchise company supports you in finding a suitable partner bakery.
  • You benefit from the radiance of the franchise's brand and your optimized website
  • Entry on a part-time basis possible at weekends for a trial period


  • You have to get up early, because the rolls have to be delivered before 6.00 a.m.
  • Own car required
  • You take the risk if it doesn't work out (but you get support)
  • The franchise company earns withmoney

Earn money with affiliate marketing

merit: 10 - 100 € per sale
Payout period:
Most affiliate programs pay out every 14 days.

Make money today - earn money with affiliate marketing

Making money with affiliate marketing is and remains one of the best ways to make money with an existing reach via blogs, YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. To make money with affiliate marketing, you use your web presence and draw attention to products or even actively promote them. How much you earn depends on the niche and the number of visitors. Since you can make money with affiliate marketing even with older posts (but sporadic updates are necessary), affiliate marketing is a "semi-passive" way to make money online.

You can earn very good money as a blogger, YouTuber or TikToker. Thereby works Earn money as an affiliate on all platforms equally. One of the main pillars is affiliate marketing, where money can be earned through links. To earn money with affiliate marketing, a large reach is therefore a must. Only if many links are clicked, you earn a lot of money with the links.

What are affiliate links anyway?

Affiliate links are referral links that content creators use to draw attention to products. If a reader buys the product, the creator receives a share of the sales revenue.

Affiliate links are often longer than normal links. Mostly, an addition that has the structure "&tag=AffiliateID" is simply attached to the back of the link. The purchase is then tracked by the affiliate software via a cookie. If a purchase is made, the content creator earns money by clicking on the link. Some affiliate networks pay the content creator even if he has only registered on the platform without making a purchase.

Here are five examples about affiliate links. All of them have tracking via an attached URL parameter, which is easy to recognize:

What is an affiliate link? - 5 examples from Amazon, Awin, Bon-Kredit, FiannceAds and NordVPN
What is an affiliate link? - 5 examples from Amazon, Awin, Bon-Kredit, FiannceAds and NordVPN

How to create an affiliate link?

To earn money with affiliate links, you must first register with an affiliate network. Some stores have their own affiliate networks like Amazon or NordVPN. Here you can only create links to products of one provider. Other providers use portals that allow you to create affiliate links for multiple providers. In German-speaking countries, Awin is one of the best-known affiliate portals. In the area of finance, FinanceAds and Financequality have established themselves as affiliate portals.

The payment models to earn money with affiliate marketing

There are two different payment models to earn money with affiliate marketing:

  • Pay-per-lead and
  • Pay-per-sale

In the pay-per-lead model, the reader must click on the link and usually perform other actions for you to earn money with Link. Most of the time, the potential customer has to register on the platform with their email address in order for you to receive money.

However, unlike the pay-per-sale payment model, the customer does not have to make a purchase. The customer does not have to pay anything, but he has to enter his email address. With the pay-per-sale model, however, the customer must make a purchase in order for you to earn money as an affiliate.

Getting a Pay-Per-Sale commission is more difficult as an affiliate. Only rarely are potential customers ready to make a purchase. Instead, they first want to get comprehensive information about the product and then -maybe- buy it later.

Vendors are aware of this difficulty, and compensate Pay-Per-Sale commissions much better than Pay-Per-Lead.

Some affiliate networks also combine both payment models, which is often particularly lucrative for the advertiser. Thus offers bon credit* a pay-per-lead for each potential customer of the loan provider. If the customer actually concludes a loan, the affiliate earns money again from the link clicked in the past.

How does the compensation differ?

The pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead categories are huge, and within them there are big differences in terms of compensation for paid referral links. At Awin, for example, you get roughly between 5 and 10 percent of a buyer's shopping cart.

With Amazon, on the other hand, you get less. In many Amazon categories, an affiliate link earns only two to three percent of sales. For indirectly generated sales, you get 1.5 percent on Amazon. These are sales that a user generates after he has clicked on your affiliate link, but then does not buy the product advertised by you, but another product. You can find an overview of the somewhat confusing compensation of Amazon affiliate links in the Amazon Compensation Catalog EU.

The remuneration also differs in the credit sector. While many providers pay out between one and two percent of the loan amount in commission, you will receive over bon credit* An additional commission for each lead.

What do I do if I want to link to an online store?

First you look for a suitable affiliate program. On the provider's site, you search for affiliate program or affiliates. Many providers have joined larger partner portals and do not operate their own portal. These can be providers such as Awin, Financeads or their own portals such as Bon-Kredit.

Earn money with affiliate marketing credit portal
Earn money with affiliate marketing - You can usually find the affiliate program via the navigation of the page, like here at Bon-Kredit.

Alternatively, you can also search for the affiliate program on Google. To do this, enter the following into Google:

Affiliate program site:

If you don't find anything, you can still try this search in addition:

Affiliate site:

For example, if you were to search for the Bon-Kredit affiliate program that I recommended, the following input on Google would take you directly to the lucrative affiliate program of the provider* Lead:

Affiliate program

Have you found the affiliate program you are looking for? - Very good! On the partner network page, you register and select an online store to promote. This is already done with a few clicks.

If you are logged in as an affiliate with a partner, you select the appropriate product from a catalog and then generate the affiliate link by clicking on it.

Earn money with affiliate marketing generate links example Bon-Kredit
To earn money with affiliate marketing, you first have to generate affiliate links. This is usually very easy to do via the corresponding portal. (Example: Bon-Kredit)

Should I join multiple affiliate networks?

Yes, you should definitely join multiple affiliate networks. Thereby, several networks are often required quickly anyway, because different stores can be found in different partner programs.

When you join multiple portals, you also reduce your risk. Therefore, several affiliate networks are better suited to successfully earn money with affiliate marketing in the long term. Because programs are always cancelled and new ones are set up. If you put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to affiliate marketing with just one store, this can jeopardize your chances of making money with affiliate marketing in the future.

You can find out which affiliate networks you should join by going to the store's site and searching for an affiliate program there. Alternatively, you can use the Google Queries described above.

How do I find the best affiliate programs to make money with affiliate marketing today if possible?

The best affiliate programs to start making money today are usually not the ones with the highest commission rates. It is also important to have a high close rate.

You can achieve a high completion rate through two measures:

  1. You must definitely choose programs that fit your readers
  2. You need to choose programs that pay out your commission with just a few details from the readers

The more details people have to provide on the Internet, the more likely they are to bail out. And this is where there are big differences in affiliate programs. Ideally, only name and email are required for the lead to be remunerated, but there are many programs that have much higher requirements, such as a positive credit check. Even if the compensation for such links is high, they are not always worth it because they are rarely confirmed.

To find suitable affiliate programs, you can also display Google Adsense ads on your website. Then, with a few clicks in the Google Adsense backend, you can find out which ads were clicked by your readers. Often the providers that display ads also have an affiliate program that you can then apply to. Adsense is free to join and is readily available with almost all new blogs.

Of course, you can inquire about suitable affiliate programs at sites similar to yours.

Should you tag affiliate links?

Yes, you should tag affiliate links. Often the readers know anyway that it is an affiliate link. If you explicitly tell them this again with a short explanation, you will appear more trustworthy.

In addition, a clear labeling of affiliate links also protects you legally. The IT-Recht-Kanzlei provides information on when it is necessary to mark a link.

Accordingly, the advertising label is approximately required,
(1)if the affiliate places product links in predominantly editorial articles. Without the advertising label, the link could be misinterpreted as part of the editorial content (so also the LG Munich I, judgment of 26.02.2019 - Az.33 O 2855/18).
(2)if the affiliate compares products according to seemingly homogeneous criteria and sets links that are actually sponsored based on success.

(How) must affiliate links be marked? - IT Law Firm

Since the first point should apply to most blog posts, I would generally recommend marking affiliate links. In addition, it is advisable to mark the links correctly for the Google crawler. For this purpose, the "sponsored" attribute should be used.

Are affiliate links worth it?

Yes, affiliate links are worth it. Very much so. But it always depends on your own reach. The better it is, the more clicks are generated and the higher the earnings. However, you should be careful not to be too promotional, as this is usually perceived as unpleasant by readers.

In addition, it depends on whether your readers are currently ready to make a purchase. If you have a dog blog and write an article about "The Best Dog Food for Rottweilers", people who want to inquire about dog food are probably ready to buy it (otherwise why would they want to know which is the best dog food for Rottweilers). An affiliate link to dog food, would have a very high chance of being clicked in such an article.

On the other hand, if the article is more informative in nature, making money with affilaite marketing becomes more difficult.

How to make serious money with affiliate marketing

If you are serious about being a Affiliate earn money I recommend the affiliate program of bon credit*. Because the affiliate program offers very good commissions, a clear dashboard and in case of problems, you will get help quickly from Thomas.

Thomas, a passionate affiliate manager, manages the Bon-Kredit affiliate program and is happy to share his knowledge. He is also an old hand in online marketing and has seen many SEOs come and go in his 20 years of experience.

Thus, he can optimally support you in your growth strategy. That the Payments on time and regularly is a matter of course for a premium affiliate program. You can get started immediately with the Bon-Kredit partner programby clicking on the banner!

What are advantages and disadvantages to earn money with affiliate marketing?


  • High revenues are possible
  • Your earnings do not depend on the time invested, so if you have good ideas, you can earn a lot
  • Affiliate marketing links are often less annoying than display ads like Google Adsense
  • You still earn money with older contributions, in which you hardly have to invest any time
  • Affiliate links are platform independent and work everywhere: WordPress, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram...


  • You already need a certain reach to start making money today
  • Link maintenance required as programs may close
  • Risk of coming across as a salesman instead of an independent blogger

How good is affiliate marketing for making money today?

If you already have some reach, affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog and earn money from now on. There are several affiliate programs that will pay you €50 or more for a sale or lead.

How can I get started with affiliate marketing to make money today?

Making money with affiliate marketing today requires a certain readership or audience. If you don't have that yet, you should work on your reach first.

Earn money with trading

merit: With a deposit of 100,000 euros, 10,000 euros profit per year is feasible.
Payout period:
Still possible today

Make money today - Earn money with trading
Earning money with trading can be very lucrative if you are willing to take risks and learn the ropes.

There are two strategies to make money with trading: You can bet on rising prices by buying the security or you can bet on falling prices by going short. This way there is a 50/50 chance to make money with the trade. Furthermore, you can significantly increase your trading profits by choosing the right entry or exit times. Here you either let profits run, or limit your losses by dumping the paper.

It does not work without risk

To earn money with trading, you always have to take a risk. Generally, the possible profit increases with the risk. The higher the risk, the higher the possible profit.

Earn money with trading example
Make money with trading: Here it worked flawlessly - The Netflix warrant shot up by over 100 %.

is possible if you are willing to take appropriate risks. In order to successfully earn money with trading, you must reduce the risk of suffering losses to the lowest possible level. It is essential to set clear limits beforehand and to be ready to accept losses if the limit is broken. Throwing more and more "good money" after already lost "bad money" is not a sign of successful traders.

Today still Earn money with trading is definitely possible!

But if you can manage your risk, you have the chance to earn money with trading today. The following points are important:

  • Making money with trading is definitely possible
  • You do not have to make money with every trade and you are allowed to make losses.
  • It is enough if you earn money with trading on average
  • You can't make money on the stock market without taking risks
  • However, risks must be calculated.
  • about the company and the market situation as a whole are absolutely necessary
  • The risk must be managed to really make money with trading

Earn money with trading: Advantages and disadvantages!


  • Earn money online from home
  • Only a few clicks needed to execute a trading strategy
  • High profits possible
  • Earning money with trading is possible as a digital normade


  • You can lose money
  • Continuous training and high interest in the stock market necessary
  • Startup capital necessary

How can I start trading?

If you are inexperienced, it is important to build up knowledge so that you can manage your risk. What is also very helpful in the beginning is to practice with a demo account. Here you have a certain amount of game money with which you can test your strategy.

At the provider eToro you get a free demo account for trading that is filled with 100,000 € play money. You can sign up for a demo account via this Link closer about the eToro demo account* inform.

79 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with eToro.

Earn money today as an extra or extra for film or advertising

merit: approx. 15 - 25 € per hour
Payout period:
Still possible today - Often directly on the day of shooting

Earn money today as an extra or extra for film or advertising

If you need to earn money quickly and would like to be seen on television, the job as an extra could be a good fit for you. The earnings as an extra are often very good. For a five to eight hour shoot you get between 100 and 150 euros. You do not have to speak. Especially in the film cities of Cologne, Munich, Berlin, there are countless jobs as an extra with which you can still earn money today. Because the payment is often made directly after the shoot in cash.

Simple supporting role without speech part and preparation

As an extra or extra, you play a supporting role in a film or commercial. The role is usually very small and for many jobs you don't have to say anything. Nevertheless, the agency pays attention to a certain appearance, to which you must adhere as an extra. Payment as an extra is usually made very quickly after the shoot. Many producers even offer a cash payment after the shooting is finished. A Berlin production company writes in its advertisement:

Payment is made in cash or by bank transfer on the day of shooting.

Fast same day payouts are common when working as an extra

You can find such jobs as an extra on portals like:

  • Jobwrk,
  • and
  • Stagepool

easy to find. On the platforms, you can view available jobs as an extra and filter them by filming location and day. You can apply either directly by e-mail with a photo of yourself or via the portal itself. The portals also have a notification function that contacts you when a suitable job is posted online.

Jobwrk - Earn money as an extra today
With the Jobwrk portal you can filter for suitable jobs as an extra in your area

Also suitable for shy people

If you want to earn money and would like to be seen on television, the job as an extra could be a good fit for you. Many extra jobs are also good for shy and introverted people, as they don't involve any talking. However, extroverts and quick-witted people have a wider choice of jobs as extras, as they are often booked for a smaller acting role.

High earnings possible

The earnings as an extra for a five to eight hour shoot are between 100 and 150 euros and are therefore very lucrative. Especially in the cities in film cities Cologne, Munich, Berlin there are countless jobs as an extra with which you can quickly earn some money. In addition to the remuneration as an extra, many producers also cover the travel costs.

You can earn a lot of money as an extra. A baby food manufacturer pays a family 6,700 euros for a shoot in Munich.
You can earn a lot of money as an extra. A baby food manufacturer pays a family 6,700 euros for a shoot in Munich.

Today still earn money as an extra or extra for film or advertising: Advantages and disadvantages!


  • High hourly wage
  • Often immediate transfer or payment in cash on the day of shooting
  • Many roles do not require speaking
  • Travel costs are often additionally covered
  • Possibility to be visible on television


  • In rural areas, the nearest set is often far away

Take home cash as a waiter on the same day

merit: 12,50 € per hour
Payout period:
Payment of the tip possible on the same day

Today still earn money as a waitress

Most waiters:inside earn daily tips to spend immediately. In addition, some restaurants and cafes also offer a daily payment of wages, which is why waitressing is a good way to earn money today. On average, a waiter:in with tips can earn between 12 and 15 euros per hour.

In any medium-sized city you can usually quickly find a job as a waiter:in, because restaurants and cafes abound. Especially since in the gastronomy since Corona at all ends and corners lack of staff. In addition, waiters usually receive daily tip. Some restaurants and cafes also offer a daily payout of the salary. Therefore, the job as a waiter also deserves a place in the list. You can take home or spend part of your earnings directly in cash.

In higher-priced restaurants and hotels, the tips are more generous. But even where there are many business travelers, waiters can often earn quite a bit in tips alone. This is because business travelers can deduct tips from their taxes and are therefore often more generous.

Today still earn money as a waiter:in: Advantages and disadvantages!


  • Daily payment of the tip
  • Daily paycheck available at some restaurants
  • For people who like to work with people


  • Often poor working hours
  • Flexibility required for spontaneous work assignments

Day events

merit: 13 € per hour
Payout period:
Payment of wages possible at short notice

Earn money today with day events

Earn money at short notice as a trade fair hostess at daytime events such as trade fairs. But you can also fill in as a warehouse helper, cashier or hostess at the appropriate agencies, often at very short notice.

Earn money with your own car


  • Advertising space: 30 - 300 €,
  • Workshop tester: about 200 €,
  • Private car sharing: 100 €,
  • Uber: 10 - 30 €/h,
  • Carpooling: 18 € /100 km

Payout period:

  • Advertising space: monthly,
  • Workshop tester: after HU/AU date
  • Private car sharing: monthly
  • Uber: Immediately after the ride
  • Carpooling: Immediately after the ride
There are many ways to earn money with your own car. You can use your car as advertising space, test garages or earn money with car sharing, car pooling or Uber today with your own car.

There are many ways to earn money with your own car. You can use your car as advertising space, test garages or earn money with car sharing, car pooling or Uber today with your own car.

To earn money today without much effort, your car is also suitable. Here you have several options with which you can earn money with your own car.

Earning money with your own car works through these 5 ways:

  1. Rent car as advertising space
  2. Workshop tester
  3. Car sharing
  4. Uber
  5. Carpools

1. earn money with your own car by renting it out as an advertising space

You can earn money with your own car by renting it out as advertising space. In this case, a specialist workshop places company logos on the vehicle. The logos usually remain on the car for 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. You receive remuneration for this time.

You can contact an intermediary platform to earn money with your own car as advertising space or approach smaller entrepreneurs directly. The remuneration for renting out the car as advertising space depends on the vehicle model and the annual advertising budget. Mileage. But also where the kilometers are driven plays a role. You can earn the most money with your own car if you have a newer model that is driven many kilometers as close to the city as possible or even in the city center. This is where most people see it. The earnings are between 30 € and 300 €.

2. earn money with your own car by testing garages

You can also earn money as a workshop tester on behalf of TÜV or Dekra. TÜV Süd gives workshop testers a discount of up to 100 % on the inspection. At TÜV Rheinland, on the other hand, you can earn up to 200 € as a workshop tester with your own car.

The workshop test is carried out in several steps:

  • First, you make an appointment with a TÜV service technician who will prepare your car with defects. Of course, the TÜV will not install any safety-critical defects in the vehicle.
  • Then you make an appointment at the test workshop and bring the prepared car over.
  • Now a new appointment with the TÜV service employee is necessary to check what defects the workshop has found.

If you're short on cash and your car is due for its next MOT, testing a garage is a great way to save money on the inspection.

3. earn money with your own car through car sharing

Private car sharing is a special form of classic car sharing. Private car sharing is a simple way to earn money with your own car. You arrange the use of the vehicle via a private contract with an acquaintance or a neighbor. It is common to receive money from the neighbor for kilometers driven or for the duration of use of the car.

Especially in urban areas, you can create a pretty decent extra income through private car sharing. Services like getaround have professionalized private car sharing.

4. earn money with your own car as UBER driver:in today still

Many cities need Uber drivers. That's because the ride-hailing company is an affordable alternative to cabs. As an Uber employee, you can work as a full-time driver or only occasionally take on driving tasks. Thus, you can also start part-time with a side income as an Uber driver. Especially in the beginning, it also makes sense to offer existing rides anyway and thus earn some money. The earnings as an Uber driver are between 10 and 30 euros per hour, depending on the route and time.

5. earn money with your own car through carpooling today

Carpooling is also a great way to earn money with your own car. Simply register on the appropriate portal (e.g. BlaBlaCar) and take a passenger with you on your next long trip. For a 500 km trip prices of about 30 € per person are common. If you take 3 passengers with you, you can earn 90 € with your own car. This corresponds to 18 cents per kilometer, which already completely covers fuel and wear and tear for many cars.

What are advantages and disadvantages of earning money with your own car?


  • You have many opportunities to earn money with your own car starting today
  • You can combine several ways (or all of them!) to increase your earnings with your own car
  • Meet new people by giving rides to others via ride-sharing services or Uber
  • Get to know your neighbors better by carpooling, which also earns you hard cash
  • Learn more about cars and automotive technology by testing for TÜV or DEKRA workshops (without prior knowledge)
  • Interesting advertising on your car is a popular "small talk" topic that you can use to strike up conversations with neighbors, friends and acquaintances.


  • Not all cars can be covered with advertising.
  • The advertising might be too intrusive, or not to your taste (check beforehand!)
  • Looking for a passenger takes time
  • Carpooling and Uber rides may require small detours

How good is your own car for making money today?

Your own car offers you many opportunities to earn money, starting today. If you need the money quickly, ride-sharing portals such as Uber or BlaBlaCar are suitable for earning some extra money without any problems. More lucrative ways to earn money with your own car, however, are often stickering it with advertising and private car sharing. The advantage of these two options is that you earn money month after month with your own car. But also the testing of workshops in the context of a HU/AU for the TÜV or DEKRA are well remunerated activities with which you can earn something extra with your own car without prior knowledge.

So find out what opportunities are available in your area and find out which one suits you best to earn money with your own car.

Earn money with games

  • merit: 5-10 € the hour
  • Payout period: After reaching the disbursement threshold

The best apps and games to earn money with games are big platforms like or Swagbucks. However, the hourly wage to earn money with games is rather low. It easily took me over 10 hours to unlock the €50 Amazon voucher at Swagbucks. An hourly wage of €5 is rather low compared to the 200 euros, which is available at Robethood* just like that gives not really attractive.

However, anyone who has some money to invest should also take a look at Copy trading deal. You can earn better than with or Swagbucks. However, you also have to bear the risk of losing money if a trade goes in the other direction than predicted.

Attention: Don't fall for data collectors if you want to earn money today!

To make money today, I present you both online and offline ways to make money. But not all offers to earn money today are serious. There are also some data collectors on the road, who have no or hardly any jobs, but whose business model lies rather in the use of the data of the registered persons. The most important criteria to earn money today are therefore:

  1. That the job serious and legal is,
  2. you with the money earn Start immediately can
  3. No data collectorswho have no jobs anyway
  4. that you can do with the job as earn a lot of money can.

According to these three criteria, this article lists several ways you can earn money today. Unfortunately, most of the time you have to declare the earned money in your tax return. An exception is the Matched-Betting is a gamble. The (lucrative!) earnings thus generated count as gambling winnings and are thus completely tax-free.

Conclusion: Which method is optimal to make money today?

Hopefully the article could give you some alternatives to the thought "I need money, no matter how!"show. If you want to make money as quickly as possible, you should test out several options for yourself or even operate them in parallel over the long term. The possibilities with matched-betting, copy trading and Affiliate marketing earn money are the most rewarding of the paths listed here. In the article "Double money in one month"I will go into further possibilities with which you can greatly increase your income in a short time. With a little startup capital and a willingness to take risks, doubling your money is achievable.

*Affiliate link: If you use one of these links to go from my website to a provider, I may receive a commission. There are no additional costs for you. For using these links a ❤️ THANK YOU! ❤️

Disclaimer: This is well researched but non-binding information.

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