Tutoring: What you can earn


Tutors are in high demand especially for math and science subjects and your performance is well rewarded especially for solo tutors. Therefore, giving private lessons for older pupils and students, is a good way to build up a side income. But also many professionals find fun and joy in teaching younger people. If you tutor on your own, it is also financially rewarding. With tutoring, you are often paid directly after the lesson and therefore it is a good way to earn money in the short term.

How much money do you earn as a tutor?

The salary as a tutor is about 13 € per hour in agencies. If you tutor without an agency, you earn 20 to 25 € per hour.

Mastering the subject is not enough to provide tutoring services

As a tutor, you must be proficient in your subject. Furthermore, you must also be able to explain complex issues in simple terms. This requires patience, empathy and persistent motivation. Explaining facts is not something you learn at school. That is why many tutors grow from this challenge. Afterwards, tutors not only understand the material better themselves, but are also better able to find new explanations for topics through tutoring.

Give private lessons via agency or independently

Basically, you can distinguish between two different types of tutors. First, you can go out on your own and find new students via tutoring and job platforms such as eBay Classifieds. The alternative, on the other hand, is to work for a tutoring agency such as Schülerhilfe or Easy Tutor, which requires part of the profit for administration. Solo tutors therefore almost always have better incomes than tutors with an agency. To earn money as a tutor, it is therefore often better to place an ad online yourself.

What are advantages and disadvantages of tutoring


  • Good hourly wage
  • The feeling of doing something meaningful
  • With tutoring you can earn money online or in person
  • You hone your soft skills and learn how to communicate knowledge
  • You often understand the material much better yourself afterwards
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You get to meet a lot of new people.


  • Some students are exhausting and strain your nerves
  • In agencies, you often have to teach many students at the same time and may feel that you can't do justice to everyone.
  • Even with good preparation, it can happen that you don't know an answer. Learn to deal with this confidently and provide the answer promptly if necessary.

How good is tutoring for earning money?

If you are or have been doing well in school, tutoring, especially for young people, is often a good way to still today with the money earning to start. Draw attention to yourself on a few portals and maybe even offer a free trial lesson to keep students loyal.

The earnings from tutoring are significantly better than those of product testers or mystery shoppers. However, the requirements are also higher. To prepare high school students for exams, you need to have a good command of the material. In addition, didactic skills are required to convey the material.

However, the effort pays off. Good tutors become better known by word of mouth and therefore need less and less time to acquire new students. In addition, over time you become more experienced in imparting knowledge and working with other people.

So after some preparation time, tutoring is a good way to earn money.

How do I set up a tutoring session?

To begin, you can follow along with the assignments that students bring. Let the student explain a lot and ask questions about the topic. Through the conversation, you will find his weak points and can then target them with specific exercises. Praise the student not only verbally, but also in between the smaller progress.

Here are some other tips you can follow if you need to set up a tutoring session without the student bringing assignments or having already completed them all.

It is important that you base the structure of a tutoring session on the student's needs and abilities. Let the student talk a lot and ask about tasks and problems. This will help you get closer to the weak areas and you can work with the student to fix them. Give the student regular feedback on his progress and help him overcome difficulties.

At the end of the tutoring session, you should summarize what you have learned and make sure that the student understands the material. Make it clear to him what else he can do to improve his learning.

How can I start tutoring to earn money?

If you have the necessary qualifications and want to earn money from home with tutoring, you can directly place an ad online. To earn extra Earn moneyThe job as a tutor is well suited for you because of its meaningfulness, the earning potential and your personal development.

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