How much money to spend on a car?


In a post aimed at low-income people, I presented 11 cars that you can afford even on a net salary of 1000 euros: Which car at 1000 euros net. The comparison shows that for around 200 euros buy a cheap car and finance can. Since my recommendation does not exceed 3 months' salary for a to spend car was relatively cautious, I asked Stephan Kremer, who has been a motorsport blogger since 2009, for his opinion on the subject of How much money to spend on a car asked.

If you want to buy a new car: What costs would you consider to be the absolute pain limit? (as a percentage of the monthly net salary)

Stephan (Racing History): With a new car, my pain threshold is at 30,000 -35,000 euros. That's about 80 percent of my annual income. However, I would not buy a new car, I would rather be on the market for historic vehicles look around. I can get a good youngtimer on the used car market for around 10,000 euros! Certificate and H number are mandatory. This would be interesting for me:

  • Mercedes-Benz 190 E Bj. 1988 – 1990 Approx. 8,000 euros
  • Golf 2 built in 1988 - max. approx. 5000 euros
  • Land Rover year 1986 - max. approx. 16,000 euros

Sascha (account-credit comparison): With costs of around 10,000 euros or just over, Stephan is in the range of the more conservative recommendations of 3 gross monthly salaries for the purchase of a car.

How much money do you spend on a car?

Stephan (Racing History):I don't own a car, but use ShareNow CarSharing in the city. I spend around 100 euros a month on this. fuel, tax, insurance, there are no reserves.

Which car would you buy with a net salary of 1,000-1,500 euros, 2,000-2,500 euros net or 300-3,500 euros net?

Stephan (Racing History): If I had to buy a new car based on income, then the following vehicles would be suitable for me.

  • With a salary of 1000 – 1500 euros per month – Dacia Sandero Price 12,890 euros
  • Between 2000 - 2500 euros per month would come for me Skoda Fabia 20,450 euros or a Hyundai i20 for 19,900 euros.
  • Between 3000 - 3500 euros I would go for one Skoda Kodiaq Diesel price of 35,490 euros

Will you your next car will you cash buy finance or lease?

Stephan (Racing History): The car is basically bought in cash.

How much money to spend on a car?

Thank you Stephen for the interview!

What surprised me was that even a die-hard motorsport enthusiast would not spend more money on a car and would advise older used cars. Because even Stephan would not spend much more than 3 gross monthly salaries for a car. Instead, he has a preference for classic cars built in the late 1980s, such as Land Rover, VW Golf 2 or the E190 from Mercedes-Benz. Stephan's preferences for youngtimers with H license plates are stylish - but they certainly don't appeal to everyone. Appropriate screwdriver skills should also be available. If you don't have any knowledge of mechanics and are looking for a cheap car, you can find it here 11 cheap used cars under 5,000 euros.

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