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Trade Republic counts according to our ranking in the depot comparison the best depots for small investors. Nevertheless, there are other providers that you can use as an alternative to Trade Republic. I present two good alternatives here. Possibly the depots smart broker* or JustTRADE* more suitable for you. After all, both could in the objective comparisons Smartbroker vs. Trade Republic and justTRADE vs Trade Republic the provider Trade Republic clearly defeat. So that you can find a useful alternative to Trade Republic, the next section lists the essential functions of the three providers Trade Republic, Smartbroker and justTRADE.

Alternative brokers to Trade Republic in comparison

What you can learn here

Clicking on the JustTRADE logo will take you from the JustTRADE vs Trade Republic page directly to JustTRADE!

✔️ Big offer

✔️ justTRADE is primarily aimed at active traders

✔️ App and desktop access

✔️ Derivatives trading possible

✔️ Trade across multiple exchanges

✔️ Deposit at SutorBank

✗Higher entry hurdle, since orders are only possible from a volume of 500 €

✗Negative interest

✗ Not yet available: ETF savings plans, securities account transfer, exemption order

Click on the Trade Republic logo to go directly to the supplier!

✔️ Well suited for smaller depots

✔️ Sufficient range of functions for occasional traders and small investors

✔️ Completely newly developed app

✔️ Extremely low barriers to entry, as many things are free!

✔️ Well suited as a second depot for gambling

✔️ Depot at SolarisBank

✗ Order from €1 volume

✗ App sometimes with weaknesses during busy trading days

Clicking on the Smartbroker logo will take you directly to Smartbroker from the Smartbroker vs Trade Republic page!

✔️ Large offer for ETF savers as well as traders.

✔️ Derivatives & Wikifolios trading possible

✔️ Trade across many stock exchanges

✔️ Trading on margin with securities credit for experienced investors

✔️ Depot at the long-established DAB BNP Paribas (e.g. also Consors Bank)

✔️ no system weaknesses during the trade-intensive corona crisis

✗ no own app

✗ Customer service rather slow, but Smartbroker is working on it

To the provider:

To the provider:

To the provider:

JustTRADE as an alternative to Trade Republic

 JustTRADE* is in ours Comparison of justTRADE and Trade Republic front and is therefore one viable alternative to Trade Republic. The broker convinces as Alternative to Trade Republic through several trading places as well as an app and desktop access. Thus, JustTRADE offers active traders cheap access to the global stock market. for ETF savers, however, justTRADE is not an alternative to Trade Republic. Also for Buy & Hold customers Trade Republic* the better choice of the two app brokers. In particular, because with Trade Republic 1,000 shares can be saved free of charge as a savings plan. Trade Republic also offers securities account transfers: a feature that is not (yet) available with justTRADE.

Smartbroker as an alternative to Trade Republic

If you value a fully-fledged broker, you should go to the smart broker* grasp. After all smart broker won the comparison with Trade Republic 9:3! This is because Smartbroker offers a much larger range of functions.

What Smartbroker offers

Smartbroker has a very good offer for ETF savers as well as traders. In addition, trade in derivatives possible. smart broker also offers Wikifolios which can be traded for as little as one euro at the Lang & Schwarz trading venue. In addition, about many stock exchanges traded. even one Securities Loan is aviable. Behind Smartbroker is a depot with the long-established DAB BNP Paribas (e.g. also Consorsbank), whereby Smartbroker also has a serious and confidence-inspiring impression awakened.

If you're serious, get a full-fledged broker right away

If you value one full broker you'd better go to smart broker instead of Trade Republic or JustTRADE. That full commercial offer and the cheap prices are at smart broker simply convincing. In addition, I have been me so far no system weaknesses during the trade-intensive corona crisis famous. I couldn't find any bad reviews about it on the internet either. Smartbroker is the better alternative to Trade Republic if you want to trade on real exchanges!

If mobile trading via app is important to you, Trade Republic is the right place for you. The app also creates one playful access to the subject of stocks to get! You can also do banking with Trade Republic and the N26 account* outsource completely to mobile phone.

If you value a full-fledged broker, you'd better go to smart broker* grasp.

Trading on real stock exchanges, extensive range of savings plans, many extras such as foreign currency accounts, Wikifolios or Securities loans. When comparing the functionality Trade Republic has no chance against the Smartbroker

*Affiliate link: If you get to a provider via one of these links from my website and open an account there, I may receive a commission. This does not result in any additional costs for you. ❤️ THANK YOU for using these links! ❤️

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