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While the DKB is turning up the cost screw in 2021, the ING is using its profits to offer offers such as a free savings plan! in the depot comparison there are now some brokers who offer a savings plan for 0 euros in fees. The ING already has over 150 savings plans available free of charge. However, thanks to a good financial year, the bank is now following suit. So are from April 2021 all savings plans at ING free of charge. With that, around 800 ETF savings plans be bought for free. With the free savings plan, ING offers new brokers such as smart broker*, Trade Republic*, Justtrade* and Co successfully the forehead.

Meanwhile, the DKB is turning up the cost screw

While ING is investing its surpluses from 2020 in improving its offer, its competitor DKB is apparently taking a different route. The DKB account was a convincing thing for many years thanks to the free Visa credit card with which you could withdraw money free of charge from any VISA machine worldwide. And the purchase of ETFs for a volume of €0.50 to €1.50 to €100,000 was also impressive!

But as it currently looks, the DKB is trying to tighten the cost screw upwards. First steps in this direction have already been taken. The Vanguard ETFs at the DKB have no longer been action ETFs since 2021. Even if the price increase from €0.50 to €1.50 is small, it is not exactly a joy either. And even worldwide free withdrawals are no longer possible with the DKB without additional conditions. For this you must now have a monthly salary of 700 € via the account.

Unfortunately, that's not all. For example, beta tests are currently running at the DKB, which check how customers do it Giro and Mastercard fees react. €1 per month for the Girocard and €2.50 per month for the credit card are tested. This is really ugly and makes ING, which shares its profits with customers, even more attractive in 2021. Even if these are only tests, the outcome of which is uncertain, it shows where the journey with the DKB will lead sooner or later.

Unconditional free current accounts without minimum deposit you will also find in the newly revised Account Comparison.

Robo Advisor at ING

If support is required when investing in shares and securities, ING will offer an additional service in the future: With the comfort system you will receive an investment recommendation in just a few steps from a Robo Advisor. This will be yours Willingness to take risks, financial situation and your investment horizon determined by a small test.

The one spoken by the robo investment recommendation manifests itself in one of seven ING funds spread around the world. It is based on 20 ETF and index funds. The investment service thus covers over 10,000 stocks and bonds from 50 different countries. be there social and ecological companies are given special consideration. If possible, investments are only made in companies that ESG criteria for the top 25 percent belong to the respective industry.

But a coach can also be accessed via video. The cost of the ING Robo is 0.99 % of the average market value. There are no further custody account management and transaction costs. The comfort system is currently still in the test phase. The offer will start in the second quarter of 2021.

How I plan to use the free savings plan at ING in 2021

Since I have an account and custody account with both the ING and the DKB, my behavior will not change much for the time being. It shows once again that it can be advantageous for depots not to put everything on one card/one provider. This gives you flexibility and allows you to adjust your investment behavior if necessary.

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