Earn money with OnlyFans (as a man or woman)


Earning money with OnlyFans is extremely lucrative for both men and women. If you manage to attract followers, you can build up a monthly side or even main income. The range is from low three-digit amounts to several thousand euros. On the OnlyFans site there is a calculator that allows you to calculate your earnings based on your followers and subscribers. On average, Creators earn only about 150 € per month, but there are also Influencers who earn significantly more than in their actual job at OnlyFans. After all, with OnlyFans you can also earn good money as a man through several channels.

To earn money with OnlyFans, there are three different ways. You can earn on OnlyFans Earn money by:

  • Monthly subscriptions,
  • Live streams or
  • Pay-per-view content.

OnlyFans has more female creators than male. However, there are some prominent male exceptions on the platform. For example Chris Brown or Fat Joe OnlyFans accounts with enormous reach.

Earn money with OnlyFans through monthly subscriptions

As with any social media, it is crucial to have a high number of followers on OnlyFans. With OnlyFans, your earnings scale directly with the number of followers.

The number of subscribers is initially the most important metric for making money with OnlyFans. However, scaling up is difficult and doesn't work right away. The average creator finds building the OF channel too tedious or difficult. That's because the average creator has just 21 subscribers, according to techjury.

To make money with OnlyFans you need a high number of subscribers who want to be entertained with quality content on a daily basis.

You can set the price for your OnlyFans subscription yourself. To justify the price, you need entertaining and constantly new content. Successful creators upload new content to the platform daily and notify their subscribers about it. This gives them the feeling of being part of the life of OnlyFans creators.

Who has, is also given at OnlyFans. For many celebrities, the content is hardly decisive for success. Subscribers pay the subscription fee to celebrities even for second-rate content. The feeling of being part of the celebrity's life is enough for many OF users.

Earn money with OnlyFans via paid live streams and pay-per-view content

  • In live streams and pay-per-view content, you answer current questions about everyday life.
  • Users enjoy entertaining, entertaining and informative articles with a personal touch.
  • Pay-per-view content often does without naked skin.
  • This often works without any problems, as pay-per-view users are interested in a broad spectrum and, as non-subscribers, do not want to commit to a specific type of content.
  • Try to surprise users with creative or unusual content and then convince them with high-quality content.
  • Post guides to losing weight, fitness, or the foodie trend mukbang
  • Promote your channel on social media. Use Onlyfriends, Pinterest and Instagram to draw attention to your paid content.
  • Followers are also the name of the game on Only Fans. If you feel well entertained and want more, you can convert you to subscribers

With mysterious headlines, positive charisma and photos that make you want moreyour fans can't resist you and automatically write to you in private chat. Now you can make real money with the pay-per-view principle. Therefore, consider taking photos and videos especially for the feed so that you don't miss out on this additional income.

Make money today as a Mukbang Creator on OnlyFans
Today still money earn as Mukbang Creator on OnlyFans? - Here you film yourself eating huge portions of food. The Korean trend offers a hot niche on OnlyFans without you having to bare all.

What are advantages and disadvantages of making money with OnlyFans?


  • OnlyFans is growing rapidly. Many months had 70 % growth
  • On average, Creators earn €150 per month
  • The earning opportunities on the platform are unlimited and top creators earn more than a million dollars a month
  • Monthly payments allow you to build stable income streams
  • You can work from anywhere
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You can build your own brand and earn money with it in other verticals as well. For example, by securing your own domain, which you then promote.


  • Building followers and subscribers is not easy and needs your full dedication
  • Sexual harassment is common
  • Danger from stalking
  • Exclusive content can be leaked and resold by third parties without your consent
  • You will be constantly asked to do more and will do so because of the pressure
  • It could harm your future career
  • You become the product and always have to take a back seat to your own wishes and ideas

OnlyFans earnings as a woman

With mysterious headlines, positive charisma and photos that make you want more, you can build up a four- or even five-figure monthly income as a woman with OnlyFans. Because women still earn the best with OnlyFans. Couples are likely to be in second place and men earn the least.

However, the exact earnings as a woman depend on various factors. The number of followers a user has and the subscription price are the most important variables to determine the earnings as a woman on OnlyFans. Moreover, it is also important to note that OnlyFans charges a fee of 20 % of the total earnings. Due to these factors, a woman's earnings on OnlyFans may vary. It is important that users realistically assess their own abilities and opportunities before they start using the platform.

You can easily calculate the OnlyFans earnings as a woman with the OnlyFans earnings calculator if you set followers and subscription price as target.

Earn money as a man with OnlyFans

If you want to earn money as a man on OnlyFans, you can try to create interesting and unique content and build a loyal fan base that is willing to pay for access to your content. With mysterious headlines, positive charisma and photos that make you want more, you can also earn good money as a man with the erotic platform OnlyFans.

Earn money as a man with OnlyFans
Earn money with OnlyFans as a man (or couple?)

As a man, you can use different strategies to earn money on OnlyFans. Here are some tips to make money with OnlyFans as a man:

  1. Make sure that your profile contains a attractive image and is a meaningful description so people know what to expect from you.
  2. Offer a Mix of different types of content such as photos, videos, live shows and exclusive blog posts.
  3. Offer unique content to be appreciated by your audience.
  4. Interact with your fans and build a close relationship with them.
  5. Use social mediato promote your OnlyFans profile and attract new fans.
  6. Experiment with different types of content and experimentwhat resonates best with your fans.
  7. Offer Additional options like exclusive content or personal messages to earn more money.
  8. Supply rNew content on a regular basisto keep your fans on their toes.
  9. Use the Restrict function from OnlyFans to unlock certain content for selected fans only.
  10. Offer special offers and discounts to attract new fans and retain existing fans.
  11. Use the Analysis functions from OnlyFans to see what content is most successful and what improvements can be made.
  12. Be authenticso that your fans can really get to know and appreciate you.
  13. Create a Amazon Wishlist and link them prominently in your profile. Your subscribers can grant you a wish directly and it's much more personal than money.

How much money do you earn with OnlyFans?

It is difficult to say exactly how much money you can earn with OnlyFans, as the revenue depends heavily on various factors. These include, for example, the number of fans, the type of content offered, and the frequency of publishing new content.

In general, however, the earnings can be substantial, especially for those who manage to build a large and loyal following. Some users report earnings in the range of several hundred to several thousand dollars a month, while others are less successful. The average earnings of all OnlyFans creators are around 150 euros per month. It is important to note that OnlyFans is a platform that allows users to earn money, but does not guarantee that you will be successful with it. It is also important to note that OnlyFans charges a fee of 20 % on all revenue generated by users.

Calculate earnings with the OnlyFans calculator

On the OnlyFans page you can calculate the expected earnings as a creator on the platform. To do this, move the first slider to the number of users you are aiming for. With the second slider you set the price for a monthly subscription. At OnlyFans, the price for a monthly subscription is a minimum of 4.99 $ and a maximum of 49.99 $. The calculator will then calculate your earnings as OnlyFans Creator by assuming the subscriber rate.

Calculate earnings with the OnlyFans calculator
Calculate earnings with the OnlyFans calculator

To calculate the earnings, the calculator assumes that 1 -5 % of followers subscribe. How to increase your subscribers and increase your subscription rate is described above.

You can also roughly calculate your earnings as an OnlyFans Creator yourself. The following formula serves for this purpose:

OnlyFans Earnings = # Followers X Subscription Rate X Monthly Subscription Price

Add to that paid messages and maybe sending private photos? You can charge between 3 and 10 euros per photo for this.

How is the earnings with OnlyFans in Germany?

There are also some very successful OnlyFans Creators in Germany. The earnings with OnlyFans in Germany can be seen in the following table:

inkedsophiiew10.5 $/month206021630 $/ month
aurora.redw0 $/month371710.000 - 15000 $/ month
Much too smallw15 $/month??3.000 - 8.000 $/ month
Igor_Drgnm0 $/month22673.000 - 8.000 $/ month

How can I get started with OnlyFans?

On onlyfans.com you can register with just a few information to get started. First you need to register using your email address, your Twitter account, or your Google account. To get started with OnlyFans, you only need to disclose your identity to the platform and verify it with recent photos. The verification on the platform, however, is somewhat cumbersome due to ID, photos and verification of other social networks. Many creators report problems on Trustpilot with the initial verification on the platform. This user also had problems:

OnlyFans experience: verification is difficult
Verification at OnlyFans is multi-step and lengthy

However, anonymous registration is possible, where no one but the platform knows your real name. Once you have created your account, you can start uploading content.

Next, you can set the prices your followers will have to pay to access your content. It's important when starting out with OnlyFans that you keep your followers up to date with new content. For this, you need to publish posts on the platform on a regular basis. This way, you can build your audience and earn money by sharing content on OnlyFans.

How to stay anonymous at OnlyFans?

1. as creator

To remain anonymous on OnlyFans, you can take several actions, such as:

  • Use a pseudonym instead of your real name when registering on the OnlyFans website.
  • Use a photo that doesn't show your face as your profile picture.
  • Do not post personal information, such as your address or phone number, on your OnlyFans profile.
  • Be careful who you give access to your content and do not share your OnlyFans content on other social media platforms.

However, it is important to note that there is always a certain risk that your identity will be revealed when you share content online. Therefore, you should always be careful.

Bookings to your account will also appear without anonymization as "OnlyFans" or "onlyfans.com" or simply via abbreviation "OF".

But as a creator, you can't remain anonymous to the platform either. The verification process includes several recent photos, a connection to other social networks, and a check of your ID card. However, only OnlyFans Support can see this information, and it is not visible to your fans or anyone else.

2. how to remain anonymous as an OnlyFans consumer?

As an OnlyFans consumer, you can remain anonymous. All you need is an e-mail address to register. The However, payment is not possible via anonymous payment methods. Although OnlyFans used to accept the anonymous Paysafecard in the past, this is now no longer possible. Other anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies or gift cards are also not available. Currently OnlyFans only supports: VisaMasterCardDiscoverMaestrodebit cards and some Visa prepaid cards.

OnlyFans bookings appear on the credit card statement without anonymization. OnlyFans" or "onlyfans.com" or simply the abbreviation "OF" appears there as the payment recipient. So if your partner has access to this information, he or she can easily classify these payments.

How do I become known on OnlyFans?

There are several ways to become known on OnlyFans. One way is to regularly post interesting and entertaining content to attract the attention of potential subscribers. It can also be helpful to be active on other social media platforms and build a presence to draw attention to your OnlyFans page. It can also be helpful to support other OnlyFans users and share their content to build a good network and be supported by others.

To become known on OnlyFans, you need a posting strategy for Instagram, TikTok and OnlyFans. The most important thing here is continuity. So be sure to post content regularly to become known. As with other social media, the principle of becoming known on OnlyFans also applies:

Regularity before quality. 

In order to quickly gain notoriety on Onlyfans, the following is a guideline

  • Instagram and TikTok: Daily Posts
  • OnlyFans: Posts every three days.

Try to generate interactions in your posts, as the algorithms value this positively. Then also reply to comments and DMs and engage your audience in a dialogue that will bring them back to you again and again. Use mysterious call-to-actions that make them want more in the captions. If you don't have an Amazon Wishlist yet, create one and link it prominently in your profile.

Taxes when earning money with OnlyFans

When you earn money with Onlyfans, it is taxable income. When you are just starting out, you are exempt from business and sales tax up to 24,500 euros profit per year. But Income tax falls when earning money with OnlyFans from the very beginning.

Taxes when earning money with OnlyFans

These are the most important regulations regarding taxes and accounting when earning money with OnlyFans via a small business:

  • Income tax (always)You pay income tax on the profit of the OnlyFan channel. Income tax is calculated at your personal tax rate. The income tax does not apply if you make a loss instead of a profit. But also in case of losses carried forward from the past, no income tax is due. gives. If losses occur, they are offset against later profits.
  • Trade tax (only from € 24,500 profit): As an OnlyFans Creator, you also pay trade tax in addition to income tax if you exceed the tax-free amount of €24,500 per year.
  • Value added tax (not applicable in case of small business regulation): Third, you have to pay sales tax when you earn money with OnlyFans. However, you can also use the small business regulation as an alternative, which eliminates the sales tax.

Income tax most important when making money with OnlyFans

The most important tax when earning money with OnlyFans is the income tax return. This is based on the determination of profit on the basis of an income surplus calculation. To do this, you have to add up all your income and subtract the expenses from it. The profit is then taxed at your personal tax rate.

31.01.23Payment from OnlyFans381,88 €
15.01.23Canva Pro12,99 €
28.02.23Payment from OnlyFans423,29 €
15.03.23Canva Pro12,99 €
total805,17 €25,98
Revenue surplus (= profit)779,18

Can I also earn tax-free money on the side with OnlyFans?

No, you can't. However, there are 3 typical cases where some taxes do not apply when earning money with OnlyFans:

  • Trade tax = 0 if you take in less than €24,500 a year.
  • Sales tax =0 if you choose the small business rule to make money with OnlyFans.
  • Income tax = 0 if you do not earn any income or make a loss. The income tax does not apply if you have made losses in previous years and carry them forward with a loss carryforward.

OnlyFans cash out money

You can withdraw your OnlyFans earnings to your bank account as soon as the minimum amount of €20 is exceeded. You can also withdraw your balance automatically on a weekly or monthly basis once you have exceeded the minimum amount. Please note that OnlyFans will deduct 20 % of the balance as a fee when you withdraw the money. You can only withdraw the money to your OnlyFans account. Bank account pay out. An anonymous payout via cryptocurrencies, voucher cards or other anonymous withdrawal methods, is not possible.

OnlyFans Earn money: Experience

OnlyFans Make Money: Experience- The reviews Trustpilot are bad

Experiences of users who have earned money with OnlyFans or tried it are rather negative. On Trustpilot, the company achieves the grade insufficient. Here, reviews from creators and consumers were taken into account. On closer inspection, it is noticeable that most of the negative reviews of OnlyFans were created by video consumers. Thus, there are only a few testimonials from people who earn money with OnlyFans.

Creators, on the other hand, often have problems with account verification, as does this user:

OnlyFans Earn money: Experiences - Problem with account verification at OnlyFans.
Problem with the verification of the account at OnlyFans

OnlyFans experience: verification is difficult
Once again there are problems with verification

OnlyFans agency experience
This marketing agency from Cologne, however, is satisfied with the support for their Creators

Conclusion: Earn money with OnlyFans

On OnlyFans, the average earnings are around €150 per month. At the same time, Topperformers in Germany achieve between €5,000 and €20,000 per month. Nevertheless, all beginnings are difficult and the minimum amount has to be reached first. This already starts with the initial verification on the platform, which is complicated by ID, photos, and verification of other social networks. Once that is mastered, however, you can earn in two ways: You can earn money via OnlyFans subscribers and the pay-per-view model at the same time. With mystery headlines, positive vibes and free photos that make you want moreYou'll attract your fans to your paid content and make a tidy profit in the end. Since you earn money with OnlyFans like a professional, you pay taxes on your income. In the beginning, this is possible through a simple income-expense calculation via the income tax return.

You don't feel like dropping the laundry, but still need money urgently? No problem: You can find alternatives to earn money with OnlyFans in the articles: Earn money today and Double money in one month and in the category Earn money.

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