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Under the motto "arrange finances – create wealth"At Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de, I help as many people as possible to become more financially literate. Thereby you learn to make your own and informed decisions. Thereby this site is your financial advisor on all topics related to money. Because you will find here articles on the topic credits, accounts, depots and robo advisors. But the site also has a constantly growing category of knowledge articles and "How to's". There are also guides on the financial side of cars to find.

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Credit line without Schufa

Credit line without Schufa: These 13 facts protect your savings

A Credit line without Schufa is a call credit that is granted without checking the Schufa file. A Framework loan is similar to the usually somewhat more expensive overdraft facility with Girokonto. This is because a line of credit and an overdraft facility are lines of credit that you only draw on when needed. In addition, unlike an overdraft facility, a line of credit is not tied to the Girokonto and can be used independently. Read more

Loan collateral car real estate

The pension is safe?

Is the pension secure? What is the pension gap in the future? By what percentage does the last monthly net income before retirement exceed the pension? This figure is regularly recalculated by statisticians at the German Institute for Retirement Provision. The figure is also called the pension gap. Retirement income: 3-pillar model Ideally, retirement income is not based solely on statutory pension insurance, ... Read more

Tax return Is it worth filling in the KAP annex?

How to pay less than 25% tax on dividends

If the taxable income in 2020 is no more than 17,000 euros for a single person and no more than 34,000 euros for a married couple filing jointly, the favorable tax treatment test will save taxes in any case. You can find out how to do this here. What is the favorable tax treatment test? When you receive interest or dividend payments, the bank automatically withholds the final withholding tax ... Read more

Mini loan without SCHUFA

Minikredit ohne SCHUFA? Erhalte trotz negativer SCHUFA einen Kredit! Nach Absenden des Formulars* ist ein Kredit ohne Schufa Vergleich möglich. Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einem Kredit sind, ist es häufig schwer an der SCHUFA vorbeizukommen, denn Banken sind verpflichtet sich eine Auskunft über die Kreditwürdigkeit zu holen. Einen Ausweg bieten Kredite, die zum ... Read more

smava experiences

Loan without SCHUFA experience (SMAVA)

Credit without SCHUFA? Get a loan despite negative SCHUFA entry! After submitting the form, a loan is possible despite a negative SCHUFA entry. On this page you will learn what experiences others have collected with a loan without SCHUFA. We look at the provider SMAVA. Credit without SCHUFA experiences with SMAVA as a financial service provider? The experiences with ... Read more

Person hand reaching body of water. Photo by Lukas from Pexels

How does spousal splitting work?

Marital splitting and other consequences of marriage: inheritance, will, alimony, hospitalization. Are the advantages of marriage obvious? After all, the number of marriages in Germany has been on the rise again since 2003: Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de sheds light on which advantages a marriage offers in terms of tax and law. Are married people given preferential treatment in Germany? And how does the marital splitting actually work? How does the spousal splitting work? ... Read more

Who writes here

My name is Sascha, I was born in 1988 and founder and operator of the site Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de I am an engineer by profession, but already in childhood I had a Soft spot for finance. My parents told me at that time to Merchant be, but somehow I decided to go for a Mechanical engineering studies.


Nevertheless, I like to analyze, compare and optimize all kinds of things - especially financial products.

Combined with my affinity for websites and the online world, this led to putting the financial blog Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de online in 2018.

What makes Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.com

Thereby there are on Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de some special comparisonswhich did not exist in this form before. For example, you will find in the section P account you a comparison of the best garnishment protection accounts, that you should read if you are faced with the decision "Which bank for a P-Konto?" stand. But also in the section automobile you will find many useful tips if you want to finance or lease a vehicle. For example, in the article on the Buy a car on installments despite negative credit bureau found that many offers with a more favorable Credit despite negative credit bureau cannot keep up. Although, of course, these loans are also not cheap, because a negative Schufa entry always drives up costs dramatically.

The most popular comparison and advice articles on Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.com

P account

A P-Konto protects you in the event of a garnishment. The P-Konto offers you garnishment protection of 1,260 euros per calendar month. This can be done with a Allowance increase other amounts are protected. For example, if you have to pay child support.


Popular here are advisors on loans that are disbursed on the same day. Often the payout even despite negative Schufa. At 30 min credit, the money is in the account in less than an hour. But also the question "Which bank gives credit despite negative credit bureau?' is asked again and again. These are often difficult cases, since in addition to negative credit bureau entries, there are usually other obstacles in the way of granting the loan.

Because at one credit in difficult cases often a low income is added to the bad credit rating. In addition, for many, income is further limited due to other obligations such as child support payments or existing loans. But there can be many more cases why a Credit with bad credit is rejected. To give one last example: suspicious postings on the bank statement. Which includes return debits, increased gambling, or payments to collection agencies. Many banks then refuse to lend based on the account statement away. An excerpt of some contributions from the Category credit with poor credit rating:

As the latter way out then often serves a Swiss credit. In the Ranking of Swiss loans you will find the best provider for Swiss loans without Schufa. As a rule, the worse your credit rating, the more expensive loans become. Especially for loans without Schufa, you should definitely keep an eye on the costs. Because most of the time, these loans without Schufa are significantly more expensive. In addition, for loans without Schufa query from Switzerland or Liechtenstein a fixed income is required. You can find out more about this in the guide Swiss loans for Germans more. Here you can find the latest posts from the Category credit.

car loans

On the other hand, if you want to buy a car, the chances of getting a loan are usually better. In difficult cases you can use the car as security. if you Vehicle registration document as collateral for the loan deposit with the bank, the bank will usually reward this with good interest rates.

But beware! Not all banks still participate in this type of car financing. What banks a car as collateral You will therefore find out how to take advantage of this in this article. In addition, you lose out to a Car financing without a car letter also some flexibility.

🚗 ...Driving... without Schufa! 🚗

In the section automobile is all about financing your new or used car. Leasing and car subscriptions are also covered. Particularly popular are the articles on Driving without Schufa. There are four ways to do this:

In the article on the Buy a car on installments despite negative credit bureau found that many offers can not compete with a cheaper loan despite negative Schufa. However, loans with Schufa listing are somewhat more expensive than at the house bank. Finally, drives a negative Schufa entry always drastically increase the costs. If you want to compare yourself, you can find a pre-sorted list of providers in the article "Which bank gives credit despite negative credit bureau?"

Finance used car

Used car loan comparison

Finance a cheap loan for your used car with the current interest rate overview. With the car loan calculator you can compare car financing without obligation. Furthermore, the used car loan comparison of this page: ✅ without obligation ✅ free of charge. By the way: There are also used car loans without depositing the car title. You can finance your used car even with a negative SCHUFA entry through a credit professional ... Read more

Which car bank finances despite negative Schufa

Which car bank finances despite Schufa - Top 15!

When buying a car, financing is often necessary. But a bad credit rating can shatter the dream of owning a car. For this reason, many car buyers ask themselves which car bank will finance the dream car despite Schufa. There are several car banks that offer financing despite a negative Schufa under certain circumstances. Here are the Mazda ... Read more

Buying a car with a car loan without Schufa directly from the dealership

Which car dealer finances despite negative Schufa? - Top 7

The idea of getting financing through a car dealership is an obvious one when buying a vehicle. After all, you know the people at the dealership personally, which often creates a certain level of trust. But if you have a negative Schufa record, it's not easy to get a loan - car dealerships as well as banks reject customers with negative Schufa ... Read more

Buy a car on installments despite negative credit bureau

Top 7: Buy car on installments despite negative Schufa (without bank)

If you have a negative Schufa record, it is not easy to get a loan for a car - most car dealers as well as banks often refuse customers with negative Schufa listing. However, even in difficult cases there are ways and possibilities to buy a car on installments without a bank despite negative Schufa. If you ... Read more

Everything important about used car financing despite negative Schufa in brief

Used car financing despite negative credit bureau

In the articles car buy on installments despite negative credit bureau and Autohaus Finanzierung ohne Schufa we have already pointed out that with negative Schufa a used car for a low 4-digit euro amount is the vehicle of choice to become mobile again. Because financing a car with a bad Schufa is difficult and at worst runs ... Read more

Vario financing What is the cover

What is Vario financing?

In the case of a new or Used car financing without down payment plays the Vario financing a decisive role. With this financing you can buy a car without making a down payment. But What is Vario Financing actually? What does the term Vario financing mean and does Vario financing actually only exist for a car? Important summarized The ... Read more

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Some graphics from this website can also be found on the platform Pinterest. I still have to get used to the format of the platform and not all graphics posted there are successful. One of the most popular pins, summarizes the post Used car financing despite negative credit bureau summarized in a graph by recommending the limit of 15x net income for the loan installment. In addition, with young used cars with an age of 3-4 years, the cost of financing can be reduced by about 50 %. But also the teaser pin to the article Where really gets a loan despite negative Schufa and to the Lightning loan despite poor credit rating are often called and should not be withheld here.


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Konto-Kredit-Vergleich.de is in the Web represented in numerous portals. This includes the rating portals Proven expert, Marketplace for medium-sized companies and the webwiki. After all, we have already been able to help thousands of people to get a favorable Loan to find. But perhaps the help also consisted of paying fees at the Sparkassen through a free checking account to avoid. In any case we are pleased about every further evaluation!

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