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Author: Sascha Hunt
Author: Sascha Hunt

Under the motto "Arrange Finances - Create Wealth" I help people to become more financially literate. So you learn to make your own and informed decisions! is your financial advisor for all money-related topics: In addition to articles on the topic of credits, accounts, depots and robo advisors the site also has an ever-growing category of knowledge articles and "How to's" as well as guides to cars.


Popular at are advisors on loans that are paid out the same day. Often even despite negative Schufa. At 30 min credit, the money is in the account in less than an hour. But also the question "Which bank gives credit despite negative credit bureau?"is asked again and again. Often, these are difficult cases, because in addition to negative Schufa entries are usually other obstacles in the way of a loan. The list of banks which grant loans despite negative Schufa was even published in an article of the "Westdeutsche Zeitung" on the topic of "creditworthiness". Credit despite negative credit bureau mentioned.

At a credit in difficult cases often a low freely disposable income is added to the bad credit rating. This is often limited due to other obligations such as maintenance payments or high costs. But there can be many more cases why a Credit with bad credit is rejected. To give one last example, suspicious postings on the bank statement should be mentioned. Which includes return debits increased gambling or payments to collection agencies. Many banks then refuse to lend based on the account statement off. The last resort is then often a Swiss credit. In the List of the best Swiss loans find the best provider for Swiss loans without Schufa.

car loans

If the car is to be purchased, you can pawn the car in difficult situations. if you Vehicle registration document as collateral for the loan deposit with the bank, the bank will usually reward this with good interest rates.

But beware! Not all banks still participate in this type of car financing. Which banks take a car as collateral you will find out in this article. Also, you lose to one Car financing without a car letter but you lose some flexibility.

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