How big is your pension gap?

Um welchen prozentualen Anteil übersteigt das letzte monatliche Netto-Einkommen vor Renteneintritt die Altersversorgung? Diese Zahl wird von Statistikern des German Institute for Old-Age Provision regularly re-determined. The number is also called the pension gap.

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Retirement income: 3-pillar model

Ideally, retirement income is not based solely on statutory pension insurance, but is based on the following three stable pillars:

  1. Statutory pension insurance
  2. Company pension scheme
  3. Additional private pension plan

Welches Einkommen benötige ich im Alter?

The income required in the retirement phase varies from person to person. As a rule, however, it is below the income required during active working hours. There are mutliple reasons for this:

  • There are no costs related to work. These include, for example, travel expenses or the second car purchased especially for this purpose.
  • Contributions to pension schemes are no longer necessary: You are already retired!
  • Due to the lower income, there are also fewer taxes

For the sake of simplicity, like many statisticians, you can assume a need of about 80 % of your last net income

Warum wächst die Rentenlücke in Deutschland?

The German pension is a pay-as-you-go insurance. This system works cost-neutral as long as the population remains constant. If the number of young contributors decreases, the ratio of pensioners to pensioners deteriorates. As a result, the pension insurance contributions must increase. Another influencing factor is the development of productivity. A certain decline in the labor force and the higher life expectancy of pensioners can be compensated for by increased productivity.

Find and close your pension gap in four easy steps

Needed time: 10 mins.

You don't yet know how big your pension gap is and how you can close it. In just 10 minutes you will know more after following the four steps.

  1. Determine your pension gap

    Du möchtest wissen, wie viel Geld dir im Alter voraussichtlich fehlen wird? Hierzu gibt es im Internet diverse clevere Tools, um dies zu bestimmen.

  2. Have an investment proposal made for you

    Now you have a goal: You should save the amount calculated in step monthly. In the second step you need a suitable investment strategy. If you already know them, you can now join us the right depot direkt loslegen und ETFs einbuchen.

  3. invest money

    Nun kannst du direkt mit dem Sparen für später beginnen. Dein Depot eröffnest du in Windeseile per Video-Legitimation. Nachdem alles bei VisualVest eingerichtet ist, brauchst du nun bis zu deinem Ruhestand nichts mehr weiter zu unternehmen. Die Anlageexperten kümmern sich um dein Depot, führen Rebalancing durch und sorgen dafür, dass deine Strategie richtig umgesetzt wird.

  4. withdraw money

    After you retire, you can have the amount paid out in monthly installments or as a one-off payment. For many years now, your money has increased due to compound interest. The payment is not linked to the statutory retirement age. This means that you can have part or all of the amount paid out at any time beforehand. It is also possible to pause, increase or decrease the savings rates. In this way, the old-age provision adapts completely to your living conditions. And not the other way around.

Rentenlücke jetzt bestimmen!

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How big is your pension gap?
How big is your pension gap?
short description
Um welchen prozentualen Anteil übersteigt das letzte monatliche Netto-Einkommen vor Renteneintritt die Altersversorgung? Diese Zahl wird von Statistikern des Deutschen Instituts für Altersvorsorge regelmäßig neu ermittelt. Die Zahl wird auch Rentenlücke genannt. Neben einigen Grundbegriffen zur gesetzlichen Rente in Deutschland werden vier einfache Schritte gezeigt, wie du deine Rentenlücke ermitteln und auch schließen kannst.

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