The right to tender with all the facts simply explained


That Right to tender is an important component in the leasing business. It states that the lessor, grants the customer the right to purchase the asset at the end of the agreed term. However, this does not mean that the lessee is obliged to purchase the leased vehicle.

The right of tender grants the lessor the right to sell the leased vehicle to the lessee at a previously defined time to one at the beginning contractually fixed price to sell. Since the lessee pays only part of the acquisition costs of the leased asset in the case of partial amortization agreements, the right of tender can result in high additional costs (comparable to a balloon loan).

The right to tender is a provision included in many lease agreements. Particularly in the case of Partial amortization or residual value leases are subject to the right of tender. usual.

Example right of tender

Of the Acquisition value of the car is 30,000 euros. The lessee agrees on a monthly leasing rate of 350 euros and a contract term of 36 months with the lessor. The residual value amount is thus 17.400 Euro. This is the amount of the vehicle not yet repaid (purchase value - 36 X monthly installment).

With an agreed right of tender, the lessor has the option to sell the vehicle to the lessee at the residual value of 17,400. The Lessee must purchase the vehicleif the lessor exercises its right to sell the leased asset. The current value of the vehicle is not taken into account here. The decisive factor for the price is The residual value calculated at the beginning of the lease alone.

Often the value of the vehicle is significantly lower than the agreed residual value amount due to depreciation. The lessee is then obliged to buy the car at an inflated price. Conversely, the lessee received in return the car during the lease period at an discounted leasing rate.

Exclude right to tender

It is also possible to contractually exclude the right of tender. This protects the lessee from high additional costs due to the "tendering" of the vehicle at the end of the contract. If the right of tender is excluded, the acquisition costs of the vehicle must be paid in full through the leasing installment. The leasing rates of car leasing without right of delivery are therefore somewhat higher. In addition, a good credit rating is required for the right of tender, as the lessor makes advance payments due to the reduced rates. Therefore, a right of tender with the Car leasing without Schufa not offered.

Advantages and disadvantages (from the lessee's point of view)


  • Low monthly rate
  • Conditions are set in advance


  • High price at the end
  • The lessor's right to tender obligates the lessee to purchase
  • The lessor, on the other hand, is not obliged to sell the car in the end
  • The residual value to be paid is usually higher than the market value

Final thoughts

Due to the advantages and disadvantages of the right of tender, it is important to think about whether you actually want to purchase the car before signing the contract. In addition, you should make sure that your SCHUFA file is in good condition during the leasing period. Because with a good credit rating, you can easily get a car loanThis is the case when the lender offers the vehicle and you have to act quickly. Since the lessor already calculates the expected residual value of the vehicle when the contract is concluded, you can inquire about favorable credit conditions for the takeover in advance.

In rare cases, the car may have a higher value at the end of the lease term than originally expected. In this case, the lessor will waive the right to sell. This is a further risk for all those who would like to redeem the vehicle at the end of the term in order to remain mobile with it. Those who are permanently dependent on the car should therefore consider buying it. In addition, it is usually financially more favorable to buy a car with the help of Car loans than to finance it via a Residual value leasing contractsag via detours.

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