What does the powers-sound in the car do?


A frequently researched question in the driver's license test is: "What does 'power sound' in the car lead to?This means listening to music at high volume. Power sound leads to distraction in traffic. According to the road traffic regulations, other road users must not be harmed or bothered. In addition, your hearing must not be impaired.

StVO § 1 para. 2: "(...) (2) Anyone participating in traffic must behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, endangered or obstructed or inconvenienced more than is unavoidable under the circumstances.

Road traffic regulations (StVO) § 1 paragraph 2, (1)

StVO § 23 para. 1: "(...)(1) The driver of the vehicle is responsible for ensuring that his vision and hearing are not impaired by the occupants, animals, load, equipment or condition of the vehicle.(...)".

Road traffic regulations (StVO) § 23 paragraph 1, (1)

What does the powers-sound in the car do?

✅ Signals from other traffic - especially Martinshorn - are not heard
This answer is correct, because "Power Sound" means that you can no longer hear important traffic signals. Especially with the siren, a quick reaction is prevented by the power sound. It is best to only listen to music at a reasonable volume
✅ Others are bothered by noise even when the windows are closed.
This answer is correct, because even when the windows are closed, deep bass tones in particular are still emitted to the environment and bother other road users. It's better if you only turn the music up so loud that you don't disturb anyone.
✅ Driving mistakes caused by distractionThis answer is correct, because "power sound" k disturbs concentration. Attentive and anticipatory driving is no longer possible with power sound. The loud music distracts you and you are more likely to make mistakes while driving.

What is power sound?

power sound is listening to music in the car at high volume. Power Sound means that you can no longer hear very important traffic signals, such as the siren, and react too late. Since you are distracted with Power Sound, you make more mistakes while driving. Furthermore, other road users even with the windows closed annoyed because deep basses still reach the outside. It is better if you automobile listen to music at a reasonable volume. Then you won't bother or hinder anyone.

More episodes of listening to music with extreme bass in the car

Listening to music with extreme bass through aftermarket subwoofers with high output can even damage the car. Subwoofers with a size of 12 inches and more can even be used while standing damage to the vehicle cause.

The following Damage from excessive bass are possible on the car:

  • lamps burn faster because of the bass pressure through
  • loosen screws itself because of the high sound pressure due to power sound
  • cracks in the disc grow faster or even arise
  • Damage to the welds by the increasing stress
  • opening the sunroof
  • wearing out of door hinges
  • parts of the body come loose and fall onto the street

Inexpensive first car with low maintenance costs without power sound

If you are looking for a cheap car, you should not only pay attention to the purchase price alone. It is also important to keep running costs low. In addition to avoiding speeding tickets due to power sound count here in particular Carts with a long service life and low insurance premiums also. In the article How much does a small car cost per month I calculated that inexpensive small cars can be maintained for less than 200 euros per month. Some concrete proposals on cheap Cars that you also have below an income of 1000 euros can be financed in another article.

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