Netbank Experience 2022: Test Report on netbank Girokonto


In the following test report, you can read about my experiences with the free checking account of the netbank. How reputable is the bank and what does it offer? The netbank current account is not completely free compared to numerous other online current accounts. Can it make up for this disadvantage with better performance?

At a glance - the short check of the netbank current account

  • Withdraw cash worldwide free of charge: With the Mastercard Debit 1 x per month, with the MasterCard Premium 3 x per month
  • Deposit cash free of charge throughout Germany at Reisebank AG
  • Pay worldwide with the MasterCard, 1 % fee for foreign currency
  • Account management 1 euro with monthly receipts of at least 400 euros, otherwise 3.50 euros/month
  • Overdraft interest: 8 %
  • Free credit card

netbank checking account: is there an account management fee?

Unfortunately, the netbank current account is not free of charge and costs 1 euro per month from a regular incoming payment of at least 400 euros per month. In the case of lower or non-existent monthly cash receipts, the account management fee is 3.50 euros per month.

netbank current account: Withdraw cash free of charge – WORLDWIDE

Cash withdrawals with netbank Mastercard Debit: With this you can get at all ATMs worldwide 1 x free cash per month. All other disposals cost €3.00.
Cash withdrawals with netbank Mastercard Premium: With this you can get at all ATMs worldwide 3 times a month free cash. All other disposals cost €3.00.

Deposit cash at the netbank

If you want to pay cash into the netbank, you can use the cash-in machines of the nationwide Reisebank. netbank customers can pay into their netbank account at Reisebank free of charge as often and as much as they want. At Reisebank, customers of the ING deposit money.

>> Link to the machine search of the Reisebank<<

netbank: Google Pay/Apple Pay integration

netbank does not currently support the Google Pay or Apple Pay payment services. Cashless payment is even faster with Google Pay/Apple Pay and your credit card. Take a look at the test reports N26, o2 banking or the comdirect over if these services are important to you. The Visa card no longer has to be dug out of the wallet. All you have to do is pull out your smartphone and you can pay in seconds using the smartphone app. You can pay at any contactless terminal. If the amount is less than 25 euros, it is sufficient to switch on the smartphone display. Amounts over 25 euros must be released by password or fingerprint.

>>Test report N26, To the N26 Bank<<

netbank test report: giro and credit card

In October 2017, netbank revised and simplified its card model. The ec card and Mastercard Classic that had existed up until then were replaced by the Mastercard Debit. There is also the Mastercard Premium with an extended range of functions at a higher price. The table below compares the two cards.

Mastercard debit Mastercard Premium
Annual fee for account holders with incoming incomeEUR 0.00EUR 100.00 per year
Annual fee for account holders without incoming incomeEUR 10.00 per yearEUR 100.00 per year
default limit/EUR 5,500.00 (depending on creditworthiness)
Cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide1 x per month EUR 0.00, all other disposals EUR 3.00 3 x per month EUR 0.00, all other disposals EUR 3.00
Cashless payment abroad (does not apply to transactions in euros) 1.00% from sales1.00% from sales

The services of the netbank account summarized

The table below summarizes the main features of the account. You can easily compare different accounts as all reviews include this table.

Account tipbasic pricecash receiptInterest chargesFree credit cardbankingoverdraft facilityFree cashbonus
net bank 1 €From an incoming payment of €400/month: free of charge, otherwise €3.50 per month 0 %free master card 0 €8 % pa Master-Card Debit: once a month free of charge,

Master-Card Premium: free three times a month,

All other disposals EUR 3.00
no bonus

Alternatives to the netbank giro

Compare the most important features of the netbank current account in a direct comparison with numerous other current accounts. Which feature is important to you? The comparison calculator provides comprehensive information!

Alternative suggestions to the netbank giro

Option 1 : If free cash withdrawals worldwide are important to you, this is an alternative N26 account under consideration. That N26 (Review N26, To the N26 Bank) Current account is also very good for people who travel a lot. However, it has the disadvantage that a fee is due when paying in foreign currency (1.7 %). You will be informed of any account activity immediately by email or app. This is a safety bonus especially when traveling. To a certain extent, the decision remains a matter of taste. You can't go wrong with either account!

Straight to
N26 bank

To the test report

Option 2 : Another alternative is this comdirect account You can also withdraw cash worldwide free of charge from comdirect. A small drop of bitterness with the comdirect account are the fees incurred when paying in foreign currency (withdrawing is also free with comdirect worldwide!). In return, comdirect is currently awarding attractive opening bonuses! Have a look in the Test report by comdirect.

To the test report:
comdirect bank

Alternative 3 : Another alternative is this DKB cash account You can also withdraw cash worldwide free of charge from the DKB. The advantage of the DKB account is the lower overdraft interest. Furthermore, account management at DKB is free of charge even without a minimum payment.

to the DKB

To the test report


liked that

The account offers very good cash availability worldwide. Another unique feature of netbank is the cooperation with Reisebank AG, which allows customers to deposit cash free of charge at numerous important hubs in Germany (next ATM of the Reisebank - Link). Although the number of monthly free cash withdrawals is small, there are only comparatively low fees for using foreign currency of 1 %. Furthermore, the bank can score with a customer service that is available around the clock

Didn't like that so much

Other accounts offer a larger package of benefits with completely free account maintenance. For example limit
DKB Cash or N26 not the number of cash withdrawals per month.

Overall, netbank scores well in the test report of with 3 out of 5 stars. One point is deducted due to the minimum deposit required for the discounted account management. Another point is deducted for the limited cash availability with only 1 or 3 free withdrawals (depending on the credit card) per month. On the other hand, the cooperation with Reisebank as a depository for cash was very pleasing. Thus, one enjoys a similar comfort as a branch bank customer. As an alternative to netbank, I recommend the free checking accounts of the comdirect or the N26 as well as the DKB Cash. However, the first two mentioned have the disadvantage of charging fees for paying in foreign currency (but not for withdrawing them). comdirect scores with an attractive opening bonus and the N26 with modern smartphone banking. the DKB Cash as Test winner in the Travelers and Vacationers category offers excellent overdraft facilities and a long history as a provider of free cash withdrawals worldwide.

Checking account comparison without minimum entry

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