Debt Advice: A Lifeline for People in Financial Distress?

Debt counseling: An effective lifeline for people in financial distress

This page compares the results of four social science studies that examined the effectiveness of debt counseling. In order to assess whether debt counseling is a lifeline for people in financial distress, we compare the effectiveness of debt counseling in four dimensions. The effectiveness of debt counseling is measured in 4 dimensions: economic, financial effectiveness, psychosocial effectiveness, ... Read more

What happens with too much money on the P-Konto? (All possibilities)

Calculate when there is too much money on the P-Konto

With a garnishment protection account or P account, the monthly receipt of money is limited to the exemption amount. The common opinion is that money on the P account above the attachment exemption amount is immediately attached. But that's not true. The money is only transferred to a payout account. The payment account is a sub-account of the garnishment protection account. In this article, you will learn what to do with too much... Read more

P-Konto Increase allowance - How long does it take?

P-Konto Increase allowance - How long does it take?

If you have a P-Konto, it is worth checking if you can increase the allowance. While by law the conversion of the account must be done within four business days, such a deadline does not exist for increasing the allowance. Therefore, many corrected rightly ask "How long does it take to increase the P-Konto allowance?". Normally, it is done ... Read more

Open an account against garnishment: Open a new account despite garnishment?

Hope: Yes you can open a new account despite garnishment

Did you get a seizure order? If the question "Can I open a new account despite the garnishment?" is going through your head, we might be able to make things easier for you. Because you can open a new account despite the garnishment and thus greatly accelerate your debt relief. However, there are a few things to consider when opening a garnishment protection account. In … Read more

P-account allowance exceeded: "How do I get my money?"

Cover P-Konto Allowance exceeded How do I get my money.

You have exceeded your allowance on the P account and are now asking yourself "How do I get my money?". The frustration with the outflow of money is understandable. Because if the incoming money on the P account is higher than the exempt amount, the money goes to the payout account. You will find out when the bank will pay out the money to the creditors... Read more

P account: 2 salary payments in one month (What happens now?)

Cover P-Konto 2 salary receipts in one month

If your employer pays your wages late, you will have 2 salary payments on your P account - in one month. You will probably exceed the monthly allowance. But what happens if the allowance is exceeded due to double receipt of payment? This is a special case of too much money on the P account, because it is actually about... Read more

Credit agreement signed, nevertheless rejected

Credit agreement signed nevertheless rejected

Can it happen that a loan agreement has been signed and then still be rejected by the bank? In this article, we clarify some common misunderstandings between the loan application and the actual loan agreement. These misunderstandings always lead people to think that their loan agreement was still rejected despite being signed. In many cases, this is not the case, ... Read more