Advance interest – explained in a nutshell

What are advance interest

With credits and loans one does not get around the topic interest. There are many forms of interest. After all, interest is the most important source of income for a bank. In the case of advance interest, the bank charges the agreed interest for a loan disbursed earlier. However, since advance interest is not included in the installment plan due to the earlier disbursement, it sometimes provides ... Read more

Rental deposit: Best providers in comparison

Rental deposit

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What is depreciation and what are the methods?

Depreciation Credit Lexicon

Depreciation refers to the loss or reduction in value of various assets, such as real estate. As a consumer, you can claim this loss in value for tax purposes. When calculating the annual sum of depreciation, the one-time production or acquisition costs of the object are taken and distributed over the useful life of the object. There are two types of depreciation: the ... Read more

Assignment of land charge: Everything you need to know!

Assignment of land charge. An explanation in the credit lexicon

An assignment of a land charge is an important step in home financing. When a land charge is assigned, the land charge is transferred from one bank to another. This usually happens when the existing real estate loan is moved to another bank, for example, because a more favorable financing offer was found. The assignment of the land charge takes place in ... Read more

Change repayment during term at Sparkasse, Volksbank & ING

Repayment change during the term

If your financial situation changes, a change in repayment allows you to adjust the monthly installment of the loan to the new situation. This is also referred to as changing the repayment rate if the repayment is to be changed during the term of the loan. The right to change the repayment during the term must be agreed in the loan contract. Changes in the repayment rate are usually ... Read more

Follow-up financing for real estate loans - 10 years of savings

Follow-up financing: What do I need to consider?

Anyone looking for follow-up financing for their property in 2021 will benefit from the low interest rates. The low-interest phase should be used to repay the real estate loan with a higher repayment. In the long run, a loan is a burden and it is therefore better to pay off the remaining debt quickly. It is therefore cheaper to use the low interest rate to pay off the remaining debt with the ... Read more

Home loan comparison online calculator

Successful house construction with favorable construction financing thanks to comparison

Mortgage financing comparison Many Germans cherish the desire to live in their own four walls. The desire is particularly strong among those over 35 years of age. The home ownership rate is very low compared to other European countries. Less than half live in their own home. With the construction financing comparison, helps future homeowners to realize their dream of their own … Read more

What house I can afford?

How much house can I afford?

"How much house can I afford?" Based on the net income, the table gives a rough indication of the amount up to which a property can be reasonably financed. As can be seen in the table, the real estate price is 100 times the monthly net income. How much house can I afford? The monthly net income multiplied by 110 gives the ... Read more