Top 7: Buy car on installments despite negative Schufa (without bank)

Buy a car on installments despite negative credit bureau

If you have a negative Schufa record, it is not easy to get a loan for a car - most car dealers as well as banks often refuse customers with negative Schufa listing. However, even in difficult cases there are ways and possibilities to buy a car on installments without a bank despite negative Schufa. If you ... Read more

Which car bank finances despite negative Schufa? - Top 15!

Which car bank finances despite negative Schufa

Autobanks can offer financing and the associated new car from a single source. However, car banks are tied to one brand. Added to this are the inflexible terms and conditions of car bank financing. These include 3-way financing with the requirement of a down payment and a final installment. The high final installment at the end makes financing with negative Schufa thereby difficult. ... Read more

Mileage contract: Everything you need to know (Credit glossary)

KKV Kreditlexikon: Financial terms simple

The mileage contract in leasing is a safer form of contract for the customer. This is because by specifying the mileage at the beginning of the contract and billing at the end of the contract on the basis of the actual kilometers driven, the customer is protected from unexpected costs. In addition, he is freed from the risk of the used car market, since the mileage is fixed in advance. Thus, with a kilometer contract, the customer knows in advance the costs incurred for car leasing eganua, which greatly facilitates planning and control.

What are the requirements for a car loan?

Prerequisites car loan sports car

Would you like to take out a car loan? Then you can find out here which criteria exist for taking out a car loan. The essential requirements for a car loan include: income, place of residence and the general creditworthiness of the borrower. Car loan what is needed - One of the most important requirements for a car loan is a minimum income of 1,300 euros, which is about the 3 last payslips ... Read more

Car loan protection contribution: what is it?

What is the protection contribution in the car loan - cover picture

The protection contribution for the car loan is the fee for the residual debt insurance. The residual debt insurance covers the cost of the car loan in the event of certain strokes of fate. The risk of death, illness, unemployment and incapacity for work are covered by the protection contribution for a car loan. Term life insurance is an alternative to residual debt insurance for car loans because it covers similar risks. Paying off a car loan... Read more

Basic leasing: definition and mode of operation explained

Basic leasing Credit lexicon

The word "leasing" is derived from the English word "to lease". In the case of basic leasing, an asset or commodity is used for a limited period of time in return for a fee. Leasing is often used for vehicle financing as an alternative to a car loan. In companies, other equipment such as printers, copiers, fax machines and the like are also frequently leased. This leaves ... Read more

Car loan without submitting a vehicle letter (keep the vehicle letter)

Car loan without car letter delivery - keep car letter

Car loan without car registration – A flexible financing model for your dream car. There are banks where you can take out a car loan and keep the car registration. This also includes my recommendation: The ING DiBa car loan without a vehicle registration document. In the case of a car loan without a car letter, there is no security transfer. So you are the owner and owner of the vehicle. In order to … Read more

Vehicle registration document as collateral for credit: use the car as security!

Vehicle registration document as collateral for credit

For a car loan, the vehicle registration document (officially: registration certificate II) must be submitted to some banks. Without a desire to sell, it is even advisable to take out the loan against a vehicle registration document. Many were interested in the question "Which bank takes a car as security?". Therefore, has checked which banks accept the vehicle registration document as a pledge for credit and which do not. ... Read more

The right to tender with all the facts simply explained

Credit lexicon Right of tender

The right of tender is an important element in the leasing business. It means that the lessor grants the customer the right to purchase the asset at the end of the agreed term. However, this does not mean that the lessee is obliged to purchase the leased vehicle. The right of tender gives the lessor the right to sell the leased vehicle to the lessee. Read more

Car leasing without Schufa: 7 suppliers for car leasing without Schufa

Car leasing without and despite negative schufa

Here we talk about car leasing without Schufa and car leasing despite Schufa. We will look at the possibilities of whether and where you can conclude a lease with a small credit check. However, leasing without a credit check is not possible from any provider, because of course every lessor somehow ensures that the installments can be paid. Nevertheless, there are ... Read more

Which car dealer finances despite negative Schufa? - Top 7

Buying a car with a car loan without Schufa directly from the dealership

The idea of getting financing through a car dealership is an obvious one when buying a vehicle. After all, you know the people at the dealership personally, which often creates a certain level of trust. But if you have a negative Schufa record, it's not easy to get a loan - car dealerships as well as banks reject customers with negative Schufa ... Read more

Car subscription without Schufa or despite negative Schufa: Top 5

Car subscription without Schufa

There are only a few providers who do not carry out a credit check with the Schufa when concluding a car subscription. Car subscription providers who offer a car subscription despite a negative Schufa entry usually require other proof. Examples of other evidence include sufficient income, a guarantor, or additional security deposit. With many providers, customers are… Read more

What does the powers-sound in the car do?

what leads to power sound in the car

A frequently researched question on the driver's license test is, "What does 'power sound' in the car lead to?" This refers to listening to music at a high volume. Power sound leads to distraction in road traffic. According to the road traffic regulations, other road users must not be harmed or inconvenienced. In addition, your hearing must not be impaired. StVO § 1 para. 2: "(...) ... Read more

How much does a small car cost per month?

You ask yourself "How much does a small car cost per month?" A small car can be maintained for less than 200 euros per month. This includes all costs for fuel, maintenance, taxes and insurance. These costs, also known as the maintenance costs of your car, amount to around 160 euros per month for a small car. In addition, there is the loss of value, which with a ... Read more

car insurance

car insurance

You can find the cheapest car insurance with providers like Check24. Use the embedded rate calculator to check if you are paying too much for your car insurance. Read more: What does "power sound" in a car lead to? Car loan without car title submission (keep car title) What are the requirements for a car loan? Which deposit for whom to buy car cash finance or lease? Which ... Read more

Sell a financed car – Here's how

It is possible to sell your financed car. Even if the bank has kept the vehicle registration document as security. If your circumstances have changed fundamentally, selling the financed car can make sense. shows how it works! With a loan without depositing the vehicle letter, the matter is quickly clarified. Various banks now offer the car loan ... Read more

Used car loan comparison

Finance used car

Finance a cheap loan for your used car with the current overview of interest rates. With the car loan calculator you can compare car financing without obligation. Furthermore, the used car loan comparison on this page is: ✅ non-binding ✅ free of charge. By the way: There are also used car loans without depositing the vehicle registration document. You can also finance your used vehicle with a negative SCHUFA entry via a credit professional... Read more