Car loan without car title: 6 best banks

Car loan without car letter delivery - keep car letter

Car loan without car registration – A flexible financing model for your dream car. There are banks where you can take out a car loan and keep the car registration. This also includes my recommendation: The ING DiBa car loan without a vehicle registration document. In the case of a car loan without a car letter, there is no security transfer. So you are the owner and owner of the vehicle. In order to … Read more

Vehicle registration document as collateral for credit: use the car as security!

Vehicle registration document as collateral for credit

For a car loan, the vehicle registration document (officially: registration certificate II) must be submitted to some banks. Without a desire to sell, it is even advisable to take out the loan against a vehicle registration document. Many were interested in the question "Which bank takes a car as security?". Therefore, has checked which banks accept the vehicle registration document as a pledge for credit and which do not. ... Read more