No BAföG? Finance your studies without BAföG


Numerous students do not receive BAföG for various reasons. So there must be a solution or Alternative to BAföG being found. Because whether fate is self-inflicted or not: The course is also possible without BAföG finance. The BAföG money tap was often turned off at the change of semester and students are faced with the question "No more student loans, now what? confronted. If you find yourself in a similar situation and no BAföG receive more, I present it to you here 9 BAföG alternatives in front.

No BAföG? – Finance your studies without BAföG!

You get no more BAföG or yours BAföG application became rejected? First of all, you should know that not every rejection letter is justified. If you question the rejection, you should first try to get to the bottom of the matter together with your BAföG clerk. Definitely add to this objection in writing within 30 days a. The office will then check your decision again. You don't need a lawyer for this.

No more BAföG what now?

Since most of the ways to study without BAföG seem to be little known, you will find one below Overview of 9 alternatives, how you your Studies without BAföG can afford. The situation "No more BAföG what now?With good preparation and information about alternative financing options during your studies, it is not necessarily as critical as it sounds at first. If you no longer receive BAföG, you have the following alternatives your Financing studies without BAföG:

  • scholarship
  • student jobs
  • student loans
  • Housing allowance for students
  • Unemployment benefit 2 (Hartz IV, ALG II)
  • Unemployment benefit 1 (ALG I)
  • child support
  • child supplement
  • Parental support during college

If you want to finance your studies without BAföG, a rejection notice is helpful for many BAföG alternatives

Even if you have already written off the BAföG, you should still apply for it in many cases! Because even if your Finance your studies without BAföG want is a rejection notice for many BAföG alternatives helpful. In most cases, the rejection notice from the BAföG is necessary for the application for other funds. This applies in particular to this Housing allowance for students but also Hartz IV for students.

Finance your studies without BAföG – 9 alternatives to BAföG

If you do not or no longer meet the BAföG requirements, you must alternative financing find for your studies. Quitting your studies due to lack of money is rarely necessary and certainly not sensible. After all, there are now many ways to get student financing off the ground even without BAföG. The alternatives to BAföG are used by both state side, as well as from private page granted. But your own parents are also legally obliged to support you in financing your studies.

This article was published as a guest article by writing. Click on the link to view the article Finance your studies without BAföG to read there. Here you can find it guide to credit as a student.

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