The highest deposit switching premiums

The online brokers knock out various good promotions at the turn of the year. has checked which provider offers the highest deposit switching premiums. Updated May 2020.

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Depotwechsel zur TARGOBANK – Prämien bis zu 5.000 €

Targobank pays a premium of 0.75 % based on the market value of the securities transferred, up to a maximum of €5,000. A minimum amount of €7,000 must be transferred. Securities can be conveniently transferred using Targobank's depot change service. The maximum amount of €5,000 is available from a deposit of €666,667 to Targobank. After the transfer, the securities must be held at Targobank for at least 1 year. To the action

TARGOBANK - top depot action

Depotwechsel zur Consorsbank – Prämien bis zu 1.000 €

Consorsbank has a great promotion for new customers. New customers can secure up to €1000 in bonuses for transferring their custody account to Consorsbank. The following premiums are paid depending on the transferred deposit volume:

  • from €10,000: €50 cash bonus
  • from €25,000: €100 cash bonus
  • from €50,000: €250 cash bonus
  • from €100,000: €500 cash bonus
  • from €250,000: €750 cash bonus
  • from €500,000: €1,000 cash bonus

The premium will be credited in the 5th month after opening the account. In addition to the cash bonus, all new customers receive 10 free trades for the Tradegate stock exchange. To the action


Depotwechsel zur ING – Prämien bis zu 500 € Prämie

Achtung: ING Prämie zur Depoteröffnung abgelaufen

At ING, there are tiered premiums similar to Consorsbank. Customers can receive the following maximum bonuses when switching custody accounts to ING:

  • from €10,000: €50 cash bonus
  • from €50,000: €100 cash bonus
  • from €100,000: €200 cash bonus
  • from €250,000: €400 cash bonus
  • from €500,000: €500 cash bonus

The transfer of securities to ING must be completed by no later than 15.12.2019 have been carried out. ING evaluates all securities for this promotion. Transferred securities must remain in the ING custody account for at least 6 months. Also great: At ING, investors can buy more than 200 ETFs free of charge. To the action

Switch account to flatex – secure a bonus of up to €200

As a new Flatex customer, you will receive a bonus of €200. A deposit transfer is not necessary here. Instead, investors must make 20 trades in 12 months. After the trades have been completed, the bonus will be credited. Since the evaluation takes place monthly, this is also possible after just one or two months. To the action.

Update on Flatex: After the provider charges a depot management fee. I no longer recommend him. You can find current recommendations here.

Depot opening for 1822direkt – 50 Euro Amazon voucher

It is not necessary to change a deposit account to open a deposit account with 1822direkt. Investors receive an voucher of at least €500 to €50 for opening and executing at least 2 trades. To the action

 Welche Bank bietet die höchsten Prämien zum Depotwechsel. Aktuell liegt die Targobank mit 5.000 € bzw. 0,75 % vorne. Bild von Arek Socha auf Pixabay
Which bank offers the highest premiums for switching securities accounts. Currently the targo bank with 5,000 € or 0.75 % in front.
picture of Arek Socha auf Pixabay

Which depots do I recommend?

In addition to an attractive bonus, one is permanent cheap depot usage and other criteria such as a wide availability of savings plans important. Therefore I recommend the depots of onvista* and Flatex*. I have had good experiences with both and they can convince in the long term with a very favorable cost structure!

There is no such thing as the best depot. It depends on you. What is important to you in a depot? Here you will find an overview of the most important conditions in bullet points.

Depot comparison #1: TradeRepublic * and smart broker*

  • The young vendors Trade Republic * and smart broker* convince in a depot comparison with a clear price structure and fair conditions.
  • In terms of price, they leave all the other providers behind.
  • If you only need a smartphone app for banking, you get it Trade Republic *an unbeatably cheap depot.
  • If you want to avoid the disadvantages of overpriced spreads (accidental trading late in the evening) and value desktop access, you should smart broker* correctly lifted.

Depot comparison #2: Onvista*

  • The onvista bank offers a very good and cheap depot. The onvista depot is particularly suitable for people who want to make individual purchases of securities with a volume of more than 2,000 euros. Especially for higher one-off investments, the onvista depot has simply unbeatable low fees of 7 euros.
  • In addition, there are no negative interest rates and you trade directly on the stock exchange.
  • Savings plans are available for 155 ETFs and are also cheap to run at 1 euro.
  • A small drawback is that savings plans are limited to 500 euros.
  • That onvista* Depot is therefore ideal for direct buying and selling!

Depot comparison #3 DKB* (#1 for Vanguard ETF trailers)

  • Anyone who likes to use savings plans as a vehicle is with the DKB* Depot well served. Although the savings plan here is slightly more expensive at EUR 1.50 than onvista, you have a selection that is almost five times larger, although the popular Vanguard ETFs are included onvista* and DKB* Are available.
  • the DKB* also convinces with features such as junior depot, current account with free cash availability worldwide, long reputation as a fair bank without bait offers and the landlord package.
  • If you want everything from a single source, go to the DKB* correctly lifted.
  • You are also in good hands with the DKB Vanguard ETF savers. With a flat rate fee of 49 cents for Vanguard ETFs, the provider is unbeatable here!

For premium dust collectors targo bank*

  • The Targobank exchange bonus is extremely attractive for people who only trade a little or who even have a second depot.
  • Here you get a whopping 700 euros in cash for a deposit volume of 100,000 euros!
  • As a not so active trader, you can easily overlook the slightly higher trading fee.
  • Especially if you have a second depot to execute the trades.
  • Due to the high premium, the Targobank depot is also ideal as a second depot where papers are stored!
Conclusion on the depot comparison: The best depot 2020. Nomination.
Conclusion on the depot comparison: The best depot 2020. Nomination.

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