How a loan rescheduling succeeds even in difficult cases


With providers like Credimaxx, a loan rescheduling succeeds even in difficult cases

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Loan amounts from €4,000 to €60,000

Improve your finances through uncomplicated debt restructuring

Credit without additional contracts such as unnecessary and expensive insurance from other providers

In certain situations in life fast and unbureaucratic need a loan. However, if your credit history is not that good and you are considered a bad credit customer by the banks, this is a loan rescheduling difficult or not possible. In the case of a negative Schufa entry, the uncomplicated one also awards Targobank no credit more. In this article you will learn how credit rescheduling works even in difficult cases. When so-called "difficult case" is not only valid for banks bad credit or negative credit bureau entries. Also self-employed with newly founded company, Hartz 4 recipient or pensioners with basic security have little chance of getting credit. But even when you receive sick pay, your income is significantly reduced and that Credit despite sick pay is only used by a few banks like bon credit* granted.

If in these cases a Loan rescheduling for the broken car or something similar is pending, it can be worthwhile via the Swiss credit for Germans to think about. Thus, a Swiss credit slightly different rules. A negative Schufa entry in the Wiesbaden index is not yet a reason to give up prematurely.

Loan rescheduling in difficult cases
Credit rescheduling in difficult cases - With some providers this succeeds quite unproblematically

Of course, the banks also check whether the Swiss loan is granted. However, the credit check is carried out without checking the Schufa file. If you have a negative entry in the Schufa, but still have enough money left for the loan, you can usually apply for this loan without any problems.

However, it succeeds Credit rescheduling in difficult cases mostly too with a Schufa query. If you don't want this, you can explicitly create one credit without Craving. However, this is neither advisable nor necessary, because:

With a loan without a Schufa query, the costs for the installments increase without a cheaper loan having been checked with a Schufa query. It is therefore better to make a normal request to providers such as Credimaxx* and get advice accordingly. This is how a loan rescheduling succeeds even in your very personal “difficult case”.

When a loan rescheduling makes sense in difficult cases - and when not

Just at significantly lower interest rates debt restructuring of existing loans can make sense. With debt restructuring, the old loan is replaced by a new loan. Depending on the type and amount of the existing loans, the loan installments can fall by considerable amounts. Another benefit of credit remortgage is the improved overview about financial obligations. With just one monthly debit you have everything directly in view.

Benefits of a debt restructuring

Debt restructuring is worthwhile if you use it to household budget relieve can. Even in difficult cases, only a few documents are required to reschedule an existing loan. Especially if you apply for a loan rescheduling with the same intermediary or the same bank and have paid on time so far. So the lender knows that you are reliable when it comes to repaying the installments. Therefore, the approval of a credit increase goes in most cases uncomplicated and fast.

Disadvantages of debt restructuring

With a debt restructuring, another loan is usually taken out. This can result in the household budget not being relieved if the new loan taken out is too large. So it can happen that you have to pay higher loan installments after the debt restructuring.

A loan rescheduling only makes sense if you are able to pay the higher loan rate. The overdraft facility should not have to be used to repay existing loans.

Advantages and disadvantages of borrowing in difficult cases with existing debts

You can find in the post "Which bank gives credit despite debts?In addition to the advantages and disadvantages presented here, an intensive examination of the topic of whether a loan rescheduling is worthwhile despite the existing liabilities.

Advantages of taking out a loan despite debt

  • It kicks immediate relief of the financial problem.
  • You also have the option of a cheaper loan through debt restructuring to get existing debt
  • Despite lower interest rates, this is also lucrative for the new bank, since the loan amount for the debt restructuring is higher than for a new loan
  • Debt restructuring also allows you to get old ones Residual debt insurance about a special right of termination to cancel. These are often overpriced, and debt restructuring is worthwhile for that reason alone.
  • the According to the law, the old loan can be terminated at any time possible
  • Fees for canceling old loans are capped by law at 1 % of the outstanding loan amount
  • Rescheduling existing debts is worthwhile from an interest rate difference of 0.25 percentage points

Disadvantages of taking out a loan despite debt

  • There is a risk more and more debt accumulate ("chain credit").
  • you should get through Review your income and expenses consider whether you can even afford the loan despite your debts.
  • In order not to debt spiral You should definitely refrain from borrowing money that you may not be able to repay.

Credit rescheduling even in difficult cases

Your loan rescheduling was rejected by the bank? You may belong to a group of people who consider banks as difficult cases describe. If you take credit as:

need, it is difficult, a loan rescheduling at a bank to get approved. Whether you have the money for:

  • the repayment of other liabilities,
  • to replace a car or
  • need to redecorate an apartment,

plays only one when applying for a loan subordinate role. On the other hand, it is much more important that you can afford the installments from your net income and pay them back reliably.

But even if you can credibly assure the bank of this, you sometimes still belong to a risk group. The younger “risk groups” include the banks, trainees and students.

How the loan rescheduling succeeds for trainees and students

trainees and students do not yet have a stable income. Nevertheless, they need one due to numerous purchases Credit for low earners. Therefore, it is precisely these people who are dependent on financial injections. A loan as an apprentice may be necessary to buy a car. Many trainees cannot do without it because they drive to work. To save your budget, you will find 11 cheap and reliable ones in this article Cars under 5000 euros. Nevertheless, the loan, in order to be able to earn money in the first place, is often not approved with reference to the non-existent income. In addition, a loan for the master school may also be necessary.

As a student, you have to find another source of money if the BAföG is not enough and the parents cannot cover the costs. Except Part-time job or scholarship comes in too student loan in question. This can either be awarded by KFW on favorable terms. If a loan rescheduling is pending as a student, however, private providers must be used, as this is not offered by KFW.

provider like credimaxx* are at the Credit rescheduling in difficult cases, even for trainees and students more flexible than most banks. In this way, the provider also opens up the possibility of a loan if life is not yet going in a straight line. Since the loan request from Credimaxx is free of charge, the loan is ideal for young people such as students or trainees: if the request for loan rescheduling is rejected, you will incur no costs.

A credit debt restructuring in difficult cases is not possible, if your own Income not for the loan installments enough. provider like credimaxx* count that child support Although added to the income, lending is not possible if child benefit is the only source of income.

How the loan rescheduling succeeds during the probationary period

Banks classify the probationary period as uncertain. Therefore, a loan rescheduling is rejected by almost every bank during the trial period. A Credit despite probationary period Obtaining it is therefore challenging for many people. It is precisely during this time that money is often needed. Life circumstances often change during this time. Whether it's moving to a new apartment or a new car: a lot of purchases have to be made, especially during the probationary period.

For the loan rescheduling during the probationary period, only a regular income is necessary. Consent to the credit check is optional, but advisable due to improved interest rates. You will find out in a few minutes whether the loan can be granted despite the trial period. If the loan rescheduling is not possible during the probationary period, you will not incur any costs. One Credit rescheduling despite a trial period grant providers like credimaxx* in many cases. Should it still come to a cancellation, you can find it in the guide to Credit with bad credit rating 3 options How to make a loan rescheduling clear. In the same guide you will also find tips on how to Improve Schufa score if you were rejected due to negative characteristics.

How the loan rescheduling succeeds with a fixed-term employment contract

In a fixed-term employment relationship, conservative banks have little chance of approving a loan rescheduling. Most banks only lend money to people who are employed. A Loan with fixed-term employment contract Many banks only grant temporary employees against collateral such as real estate or a vehicle registration document.

Today, however, many workers face the problem that they cannot get a permanent job and therefore can only apply for a loan to a very limited extent. who one Credit for a fixed-term employment contract required, can be found at providers such as credimaxx* an alternative to the house bank. This provider also helps people in poorer starting positions to get a loan. If you can pay the loan installments, Credimaxx will not put any obstacles in your way with a fixed-term employment contract.

How the loan rescheduling succeeds as a pensioner

A Credit for pensioners can make many wishes come true in old age. Pensioners with a good credit rating can use a regular one installment loan apply. In the case of a credit as a retiree the principle applies: the older, the more collateral banks require. Collateral is, for example guarantors or second applicant. Of course, the are also suitable Motor vehicle registration certificate or one land charge on the property as security. This collateral can make loan rescheduling possible even in difficult cases. Providers such as Credimaxx represent an alternative to the savings bank for pensioners with low income or basic security. credimaxx* also helps people in sub-optimal financial circumstances to get a loan without any problems - often even with the possibility of to reschedule old loans cheaply. Since the provider has specialized in people with poor credit ratings, it can do without many of the usual loan collaterals in return for an interest surcharge.

How the credit rescheduling succeeds for the self-employed

The self-employed are confronted with the problem that banks use their evidence for a loan not acknowledge. Another challenge for the self-employed is that banks often request proof of income for several years if they accept the proof.

The self-employed, on the other hand, usually need capital beforehand: the start-up phase is characterized by numerous purchases to get the business up and running. A good loan for the self-employed therefore only requires proof of income over a short period of 6 to 12 months. The providers Auxiliary* or ferratum* have the fewest hurdles when applying for the self-employed of credit needs in the start-up phase.

The following table compares the requirements of different providers for loans for the self-employed:



If the credit rating is correct, the loan is possible from a private person and without proof of income or proof of salary.
Simple requirement for self-employed


If the creditworthiness is good, the loan is possible without proof of income or proof of salary.Simple requirement for self-employed
bon credit*

bon credit

Income tax assessments showing your income for the last two or three years.
Medium requirement for self-employed


Income tax assessments showing your income for the last two or three years.
In individual cases, annual financial statements and income tax assessments for the last three to four years are required.
Medium requirement for self-employed


Income tax assessments showing your income for the last two or three years.
Medium requirement for self-employed


Self-employment of 4 years or more:
Income tax assessments from which income and current business evaluation (BWA).

Self-employment shorter than 4 years:
Additional collateral is required. Suitable collateral is, for example, pension, life insurance, building society contracts or savings. The security must correspond approximately to the loan amount.
Strict requirement for self-employed

How the unemployed get a loan in difficult cases

The situation on the credit market is difficult for the unemployed with ALG II or Hartz 4. The Hartz 4 standard rate is below the garnishment allowance. Banks are therefore unable to seize loans in the event of late payment. Therefore, they refrain from granting loans from the outset. Also Swiss loans are not given to the unemployed because their income is too low. At Credit despite Hartz 4 there are still the four possibilities to get a loan despite Hartz 4.

The following options exist for getting a loan despite Hartz 4:

1. Hartz 4 credit from the state

the cheapest option getting a loan as an unemployed person despite Hartz 4 is interest-free Loan from the job center. The interest-free loan can be applied for informally at the job center. The premise is that it is necessary. The job center speaks in the usual bureaucratic language of "irrefutable need".

  • An unavoidable need represents a defective Washing machinea defective refrigerator or a broken-down car. For these purchases, the loan is approved by the job center.
  • The job center approves the loan not for the purchase of a new Televisionto replace a defective dishwasher or to replace a dryer. These items are not an unavoidable need from the Jobcenter's point of view.

2. Credit despite Hartz 4 from relatives, friends and acquaintances

In addition kcan Relatives, friends and acquaintances a loan despite Hatz 4 grantn. Asking people you know for money is easy and without the complicated applications of the job center. However, you have to keep in mind that the relationship with the lender can be strained if there are difficulties with payments.

3. Credit despite Hartz 4 with guarantors

Another way to get a loan as an unemployed person is to Credit jointly with a guarantor apply with good credit. The guarantor is jointly liable for the loan, which enables good conditions with a good credit rating. However, defaults on loan installments can put a strain on the personal relationship with the guarantor. Because the bank collects the money from the guarantor in case of doubt. With a guarantor with a good credit rating, a loan from many German banks is possible despite Hartz 4. You can find lots of great deals at credit comparison.

4. Mini loan up to €1,000 despite Hartz 4

Another possibility mini loans These are loans of up to €1,000 and a term of one to six months. With providers like that Ferratum Bank* Unemployed people with Hartz 4 can still get a loan of up to €1,000 for one to six months, even in difficult cases. In order to get the Ferratum loan as cheaply as possible, you should repay the money within 30 days. Expensive but optional additional services are also not recommended.

Hartz 4 Aufstocker and ALG 1 recipients have better credit opportunities

Hartz IV top-up with a permanent job and the unemployed, the ALG 1 usually have significantly better chances of getting a loan - also with many German banks. As an ALG 1 recipient, you can start a request for an installment loan in a Schufa-neutral manner. You can find many cheap providers in the credit comparison.

How to increase existing Loans in difficult cases succeeds

In conclusion, it can be said that an increase in existing loans is also successful in many difficult cases. Of course, the income must be high enough to cope with the higher loan rates after the increase. For example, with €100 of disposable income at the end of the month, you can afford an additional loan of €1,500. With a free income of €200, it is twice as much.

For debt restructuring of an existing loan are also used in difficult cases only a few documents necessary. If you have applied for the loan from the same intermediary or the same bank, the essential documents are already available. You also have a good chance if your payments have been complete and on time so far. Since the lender already has everything, the approval goes to one Credit rescheduling is uncomplicated and quick in most cases that appear difficult.

Credit rescheduling in difficult cases is best achieved with a partner with extensive experience

credimaxx* is a reputable credit broker for loans at bad credit and with negativeSchufa entries. The provider has many years of experience in credit brokerage and has had many thousands of customers during this time Allows credit rescheduling in difficult cases.

The provider can often also offer cheaper financing alternatives from Germany. When engaging Credimaxx, the customer does not take any risks, because the agency fee is only payable in the event of success. If there is no credit brokerage, there are no fees.

In addition to Credimaxx, there are a number of other reputable providers. In the Swiss credit ranking the most famous are presented. When choosing, you should look carefully, because black sheep there are more than enough for loans without credit bureau. In particular, make sure that no fees are incurred before the loan is paid out. Just like credimaxx* you should only have to pay once the loan has actually been granted.

To the provider:

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