Advance interest – explained in a nutshell


at credits and loans there is no avoiding the subject of interest rates. Interest rates come in many forms. After all, interest is a bank's most important source of income. In the case of advance interest, the bank charges the agreed interest rate for a loan paid out earlier. However, since advance interest is not included in the installment plan due to the earlier payment, it sometimes makes borrowers feel uncomfortable.

Already knew? – In fact, interest on loans is the only fee allowed by law, which is why serious loans without Schufa have to make do without any upfront costs

What is advance interest?

When redeeming one installment loan Each installment contains the interest for one month, which always has 30 days at banks. If the first installment is collected later than 30 days, the period exceeding 30 days will fall. advance interest on. The interest rate of the advance interest corresponds to the agreed rate borrowing rate. Thus become no additional fees due, since the borrower has borrowed the money for a longer period of time.

Vorlaufzinsen werden von Banken verlangt, wenn der Kreditnehmer ein Darlehen schon vor dessen geplanten Beginn am Monatsanfang erhält. Da der Vorlaufzins dem Kreditzins entspricht, hast du keinen Nachteil daraus. Zwar zahlst durch die längere Duration insgesamt mehr Zinsen, allerdings hast du den Kredit auch entsprechend länger.

Vorlaufzinsen fallen oft an, wenn ein Darlehen in der Monatsmitte ausgezahlt wird. Denn Banken buchen die erste Rate oftmals nicht gleich am darauffolgenden Monatsanfang ab. Stattdessen erfolgt die Abbuchung in der Regel erst einen Monat später. Bei Auszahlung des Darlehens in der Mitte eines Monats, also etwa erst 6 Wochen nach der Auszahlung.

Die in die Rate eingerechneten Zinsen wären dann jedoch nur für den vollen Monat. Die verbleibenden Tage des ersten Monats berechnet die Bank gesondert als Vorlaufzinsen. Dadurch verlängert sich die Laufzeit des Kredits um den halben ersten Monat. Denn in dieser Zeit erfolgt keine Tilgung, sondern lediglich eine Zinszahlung in Form des Vorlaufzinses.

Vorlaufzinsen sind nicht zu verwechseln mit …

1) Commitment interest

Prepayments are the opposite of Commitment interest, which one mainly from construction financing knows. With the commitment interest, the bank charges a fee for having reserved the money for you and not paying it out until a later date than planned. On the other hand, the advance interest is an interest that has to be paid due to the earlier payment of the loan.

2) advance interest

Prepayments are also not included advance interest to confuse. This means fees for accounts. The bank charges interest on the advance if the cash account or fixed-term deposit account is closed prematurely.

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