Current account – what is important?

the essentials in brief

A checking account at a branch bank is often expensive: account management fees, transfer fees, withdrawal fees,... the list goes on. The Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg has a List of prices and services for private customers with 83 positionsOn the other hand, various direct banks often offer free accounts on good terms. But free does not always mean free: Banks have recently been charging more and more fees for withdrawing cash, for example.

What to do

You can find the right checking account in the comparison calculator. The following article provides you with further information on how to find the best current account for your specific circumstances DKB cash current account (on receipt of money), Comdirect and Norisbank.

In the eurozone, this is also the case with the ING possible. Since this account has other advantages, it is particularly worthwhile for people who rarely or never leave the euro zone

Which account is best for you depends, among other things, on the receipt of money. But also whether you want to withdraw money outside the euro zone. If the selected bank does not want to open a current account, check your Schufa rating.

Get free Schufa information - how do I do that?

Also a basic account can be a way out.

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